Sam Worthington vs. Ryan Reynolds for Flash Gordon?

News on a new Flash Gordon movie has been scarce and we've not heard of any official developments since nearly a year and a half ago when Neil Moritz acquired the rights to the film and Breck Eisner was picked to direct. That changes this week as rumors surface of who is being looked at to play the lead role. Hollyscoop is reporting that an insider of theirs informed them that Sam Worthington and Ryan Reynolds are up for the role of Flash against two others.

For those unfamiliar with the classic sci-fi tale, the story of Flash Gordon takes place when our planet is hit with a meteor strike. We find out through the story that these meteors are weapons from the planet Mongo sent by Ming the Merciless, their evil ruler. Flash Gordon and friends make their way to the planet and adventure ensues.

The last on-screen appearance by the character was the Sci-Fi show (pre-SyFy), titled Flash Gordon which only lasted one season and didn't meet the expectations of fans. We should see something a little better with this big budget feature.

In the original 1934 comic strip incarnation, Gordon was a polo player but in the 1980 cult film, he was a quarterback of the New York Jets. From what we know of the film project, it is going to be re-imagined and modernized, staying true to the feel of adventure.

The character is an American icon of sorts and so we can expect some friction with the fact that Worthington is Australian-born, the same friction we saw with rumors of Worthington being a possibility for the role of Captain America.

“If he gets the role it would be quite a big deal as Flash is an all-American hero... Right now it’s between Sam, Ryan Reynolds and one or two others for the lead role should the project actually get off the ground.”

To me, seeing Reynolds and Worthington as rumored candidates for the role of Flash Gordon doesn't mean that much. Both of them are on that list of popular dudes discussed for every leading role out there. Also on that list are Star Trek's Chris Pine and The Hangover's Bradley Cooper who along with the aforementioned actors, are rumored for seemingly every upcoming action or comic book flick. Heck, they're probably the other two actors that the "source" is referring to.

Ryan Reynolds may have his hands full with two potential superhero franchises in DC Entertainment's Green Lantern movie and Fox's X-Men Origins: Deadpool flick. Those movies require more than just a several-month shoot, but an abundance of press events to attend. Flash Gordon would be another that would require a hefty chunk of the actor's time. However, it's no surprise if they are looking at him as he's got the fanbase, profile and qualities of a leading action and comedy star.

Worthington on the other hand solidified himself on the A-List last week with success of James Cameron's Avatar and a leading role in the summer's Terminator Salvation. He's also got the Clash of the Titans coming in March and has signed for a few upcoming projects, while being mentioned for every other.

I really love both actors and I can't say I'd be against either for the role. I think the only issue is whether they can actually take the role with them being hot commodities in Hollywood at the moment.

What do you think about a modernized Flash Gordon and who do you think should play the character?

Flash Gordon is aiming for a 2012 release.

Source: Hollyscoop (via Cinematical)

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