Sam Worthington Confirmed for 'Dracula: Year Zero'

Sam Worthington has led numerous armies into battle, traveling to countless foreign lands, in order to conquer the box office: post-apocalyptic America, ancient Greece, and the jungles of Pandora.

Today, we're getting confirmation that the go-to action hero is preparing to lead a new revolt - in Transylvania. Worthington is officially on-board to play the titular blood-sucker prince in Dracula: Year Zero.

Australian magazine Encore dropped the news earlier this morning in a post that has since been removed (though a mirror is still available).

According to the original report:

During his presentation at the AIMC, Universal managing director Mike Baard said Universal plays “an active role in developing new Australian stories for Australian audiences” and said the studio would partner with Alex Proyas on the large scale Dracula: Year Zero, which will be shot here, with local crews, locations and cast (with Sam Worthington in the lead role).

While the initial Encore article only made casual mention of Worthington's involvement, Baard was quick to plug the leak - seemingly corroborating its validity.

“I would ask please that all reporting of our presentation be removed from your website with immediate effect and that no reference is made to it in any future publication of Encore Magazine or on your website. Universal Pictures reserves its rights in this matter.”

If you're still not convinced, Collider has stepped into the ring as well - confirming that Worthington has the titular role in Dracula: Year Zero. Although they were reticent with regard to their source.

We first got word of Worthington's potential involvement back in January, shortly after director, Alex Proyas (I, Robot) mentioned Year Zero would probably be his next project.

Dracula Bela Lugosi

While Worthington might not initially sound like the ideal choice to don a cape and tuxedo, ala Béla Lugosi, the plug-n-play action lead is right in line with the direction of the Year Zero story:

"Dracula: Year Zero explores the origin of Dracula, weaving vampire mythology with the true history of Prince Vlad the Impaler. It seeks to depict Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war."

Proyas is still attached to direct - with a script penned by screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Interestingly, Sazama and Sharpless are also responsible for the Flash Gordon script - in which Worthington was, at one time, rumored to star.

An imperfect soldier taking on an army of evil robots, I mean aliens, I mean Gods, I mean the Ottoman Empire, definitely sounds right up Worthington's alley. He's the obvious, although uninspired choice, which is unfortunate because Year Zero could have been an interesting, character-driven, story.

Sam Worthington Terminator Salvation

Instead, it's going to be the ultimate box-office mash-up, Clash of the Titans meets Twilight, starring the least versatile actor in Hollywood. Hopefully Worthington will at least be able to channel Dominic Purcell's "Dracula" (aka Drake) bad-assery from Blade: Trinity.

Dracula: Year Zero is slated for a June 2011 shoot (though it's still in the early production stages) - so anything can change. We'll keep you updated with further information and casting additions as they are announced.

Source: Encore [via Collider]

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