Is Sam Worthington Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future?

Sam Worthington has been on the cusp of being “the next big thing” for a while now. The Australian actor had the double whammy of Avatar and Terminator Salvation and he also has Clash of the Titans set for release next month; 3 major high budget and heavy marketed films which threw his face on billboards across the world. Since last year his name has been mentioned for nearly every film in development and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon, as he has now been tipped as the possible star of Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future.

Dan Dare is something of a British institution – the Brit equivalent of Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. He’s been a staple of comic books in Blighty for fifty years and it now seems like Warner Bros. wants to bring him to the big screen in the shape of Worthington.

The Frank Hampson creation was purchased by billionaire mogul Richard Branson a few years ago, with an animated series made shortly after. It now seems that the studio with the famous water tower has now purchased the screen rights in the hope that Dan Dare becomes their next big cinematic franchise. As we know, Harry Potter is getting ready to leave Hogwarts and I don’t think that Christopher Nolan has any intention of continuing the Batman franchise beyond number three.

At this point there isn’t a director (or a writer for that matter) attached to the film, but if the studio has the increasingly busy Worthington attached, then expect that to change quickly.

The main question that I have to ask is; Is Worthington the real deal, with regads to his being a leading man?

He has starred in Avatar – the biggest film of all time and shared top billing with Batman (Christian Bale) in Terminator 4, which was a moderate hit at the box office – but can he carry a film based on his presence or name?

I’m pretty sure that this question may still be asked after the release of Clash of the Titans, as it could be argued that audiences will flock (or maybe not) to the film because of its effects and name status - which is one of the reasons that I’ll be there- aside from the fact that it looks like a damn good time at the cinema!

So, I’m throwing it up to you. Is Sam Worthington a real star, or does he just have a good agent and publicist?

Source: Pajiba

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