Sam Worthington Talks 'Dan Dare' & 'American Crime'

It should come as no surprise to any of you that Sam Worthington's name pops up every time any sort of leading role in an action movie comes along these days. He's already made his mark with movies like Avatar and Terminator Salvation and looks to only widen that exposure with Clash of the Titans (which opens in just a couple of days).

However, what may be a bit surprising to you is the fact that he's yet to appear in a comic book movie. But that's all about to change, when Worthington stars in not one but TWO comic book adaptations, Dan Dare and The Last Days of American Crime. Worthington spoke to MTV recently about his involvement with both projects.

I'll let Worthington do most of the talking, but first, here's just a quick hint as to what he had to say: With regards to his rumored involvement with Dan Dare, Worthington confirmed that he is involved with the film but wouldn't say what his role is (presumably it's Dan Dare himself, no?). But he does talk about the film being based on the darker reboot of the comics as opposed to the incarnation of the character stretching back to the 1950s.

Regarding The Last Days of American Crime - a comic about a team of criminals trying to pull off a theft before crime becomes impossible - Worthington says it's being worked on right now and that the writer of the comic (Rick Remender) is taking a shot at writing a draft of the script.

Here's the video where Worthington talks about about both Dan Dare and The Last Days of American Crime:

Dan Dare is a legendary comic book character in the UK, often being referred to as the British Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon. Like most iconic comic book characters, he was created a long time ago (his first appearance was as far back as April 1950) and it goes without saying that is a lot of comic history to delve into.

If Worthington is going to play Dan Dare (which I suspect he will), he isn't exactly the first guy I'd think of for the character, primarily because he's not British (c'mon, you Yanks, if you can be that way about Captain America... :P ). But the actor has proven himself a solid lead and I'm interested to see what he does with the character.

As for The Last Days of American Crime, I loved the idea of it last year when I read about Worthington being attached, not just because I've got a soft spot for movies where a team of people try to pull off a crime, but also because it puts a fresh spin on the crime genre. Worthington says that there's many actors they've got in mind for the rest of the team (Worthington reportedly will play Kevin Cash, the safe-cracker of the team) - any guesses who the rest of the cast could be?

Are you glad to see Sam Worthington getting so many leading roles or is it getting a bit overloaded? Which of these two comic book projects are you most looking forward to?

Both Dan Dare and The Last Days of American Crime are in the development stages and don't have release dates yet.

Worthington can next be seen in the remake of Clash of the Titans when it opens on April 2nd, 2010 (this Friday!).

Source: MTV

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