Supernatural: 10 Things That Need To Happen to Sam Before It Ends

As fans wonder just how we're going to bid adieu to the lovable Moose who's too precious for this world, we also know that Sam Winchester needs to have some resolution during the 15th and final season of Supernatural. It's been a long and winding Road So Far, from Sam's supernatural demon-given powers to his many loves lost to the time he went without a soul and broke all of our hearts running on pure id.

And as much as the brothers have been through, there's still plenty of highway left to travel for Sammy and Dean. There are a few loose ends to wrap up as well as some closure that Sam deserves before he's gone.

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Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural
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10 Gone But Not Forgotten

Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural

Of course, we don't WISH for the end of the brothers, but we all know it really needs to happen if we're going to honor all of their sacrifices and history. What makes the most sense in terms of the world that's been created is that the two would meet their end in a meaningful way, rejoining their parents together in Heaven as heroes.

Having them rid the world of monsters completely would make zero sense, so it would only be natural for the show to end by leading into a new spin-off series with fresh monster hunters taking over where they left off, or even a whole new spin on the series. The brothers also deserve a true hunter send-off with a proper burial.

9 Closure With Bobby

Just where is our original Bobby Singer? We have no idea what happened to him, and we haven't seen REAL Bobby since season 10. All we know is that he broke the rules of Heaven so he may be rotting away in Heaven's prison for all we know. This is a huge unresolved story for Sam and Dean! Bobby is the boys' surrogate father and there's no way we can end the season without some kind of closure regarding not only his whereabouts but Bobby's end, too.

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Many fans believe Bobby got a beautiful send-off the first time he was offed and deserves something no less than that before he's truly gone.

8 Reunion With Jess

Supernatural Sam and Jessica

Jessica Lee Moore might have been the love of Sam's life, but she met her untimely end just by being that in the first episode of the show. Not only does Jess deserve the happiness that was stolen from her all because of Yellow Eyes' scheme, but Sam deserves to go back in time and live the life he dreamed with his fiancee before their missing father, his big brother and an evil demon changed everything.

In a perfect world, Sam would reunite with Jess in a peaceful afterlife. That might be too perfect for Supernatural standards, but it's what they both deserve.

7 Closure With Adam

Remember Sam and Dean's half-brother Adam who was basically told, "Bye, boi!" and left to endure the worst that Hell has to offer for eternity when it was his older brothers who were supposed to be doomed to his fate? It's been nearly a decade since Adam was unjustly left to suffer in the cage and we owe it to him to get him out.

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Fans have speculated for years that this will be resolved in the final season of the show, and wonder if Adam will be involved in the final demise of the brothers somehow. Sammy needs to help atone for Adam's terrible fate and gain closure with his younger brother.

6 Laptop Love

Sam Laptop Supernatural

We all know how much Moose loves his laptop, so there should be one last hurrah this final season regarding his computer. Maybe they'll be a joke about it, but, even better, maybe we'll get the story on his love for Deep Cove Bike Shop. He's got to love something to put its sticker on his beloved laptop, right? Or maybe we'll get an answer regarding all of the many emails Sam gets, like the one from a person called "Ross," whose subject lines include "Important" and "WTF."

Perhaps it was Ennis Ross from the Supernatural: Bloodlines spin-off? After all, Ennis was training for a different career when his fiancee was slain, much like Sam's own backstory. Of course, it's more likely that it refers to Eugenie Ross-Leming, a writer and executive producer on the show.

5 Face Off With Amy's Son

When Dean took out Jacob Pond's monster mother in the heart-wrenching episode "The Girl Next Door," Jacob vowed to return the favor someday. Amy had been under Sam's protection at the time, and it really didn't seem like a fair episode, especially since the brothers have let other monsters, like vegetarian vampires, survive before. Why not use Amy to take out other monsters if she needs to survive that way?

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Some kind of resolution with Jacob is needed, and some fans have even speculated that he'll be the doom of the brothers during the final season of the show.

4 Demon Powers

Many fans weren't satisfied to learn that Sam's demon powers just vanished unceremoniously, especially since, according to Ruby, the demon blood he drank to maintain them was "just a crutch," and like a demonic Care Bear, he'd had the power within him all along. What if those powers remained latent in him all this time?

Going back to the same powers that started this whole adventure would make the story come full circle, and it could lead to interesting plot twists. What if Sam is destined to become the new ruler of Hell? It would be a wild twist but it could also do some good, with him saving people in the process.

3 Resolution With Jesse Turner

Supernatural Jesse Turner

Remember the half-demon, half-human Jesse Turner? We met him in season 5's "I Believe the Children Are Our Future," but he sent himself away when he discovered Lucifer's big plan for him for the Apocalypse... and we never heard from him again.

It's one of the most frustrating dropped plots of the show since Turner has the potential for both good and evil. Who knows what a half-demon is capable of? When last we saw Jesse, he wanted to remain on the side of good, so it would be interesting to see him interact with Sam, a character who has also always wanted to side against evil yet had to battle his own dark side many times.

2 An Epic Prank

Remember when the brothers used to prank each other? Granted, there hasn't been a lot of time for pranks between saving the world and attempting to remain alive, but we haven't really seen many pranks on the show since season five, and those were really Gabriel's pranks. Fans who've followed the cast outside of the show have seen loads of pranks, from Misha Collins' GISH shenanigans to Ellen's world domination bid to all the amazing gag reels we've seen over the years, but the brothers themselves haven't really done much since Dean pranked Sam with itching powder.

It's a little too lighthearted for many episodes, but it would be fantastic to see some of this goofy brother camaraderie one last time.

1 A Family Reunion

After everything Sam has endured with Dean over the years, the man deserves a long, peaceful rest with the people he loves most. Ending up in Heaven with his brother, mother and father--not to mention his fiancee and other friends he's lost along the way--would give him that. It might be too saccharine of an ending after all the darkness we've witnessed over the years, but it's what the hunter deserves after giving up everything he ever wanted to chase the family business to make people safe.

Sure, he messed up quite a bit along the way, as did his brother, but they're only two human brothers facing all of the monsters who lurk in the shadows and the scale should tip in their favor before the season ends.

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