Sam Raimi Promises Spider-Man 4 Will Be Better

Sam Raimi last talked about Spider-Man 4 early last month, where he gave us details about such things as whether he was planning both the fourth and fifth Spider-Man films at the same time (he's not), as well as how difficult it is to go back to a franchise after time has passed.

Today, in an interview with our friends over at Cinematical, Raimi talked some more about Spider-Man 4, and went a bit more specifically into his plans and goals for the fourth movie, including how it will differ from the disaster that was Spider-Man 3. Here's what he had to say:

"I learn lessons on every single picture I make... I learned a lot on [Drag Me To Hell], about timing, and that you don't have to give up any character at the expense of horror. It's just an excuse that maybe I've used in the past. As far as Spider-Man, I've learned a lot of lessons about what people didn't like and missteps that I'd made. But I learned those lessons on the previous two, I was just a little quieter about them. I made a lot of mistakes, and it's part of the reason I so want to make this next story of Peter Parker."

"I really think I know in my heart who the character is... I would like one more chance at it [that character]. [With] the Spider-Man films, I've made mistakes, but I really do look at them as things that I've learned, and hope that when I apply what I've learned to this next one, I really make a film that people enjoy and is really true to the character in a fresh, original way. That's my goal."

Even with the horrible way Raimi handled Spider-Man 3 (folks - he was the director, it was his movie, and it is his fault it sucked. There's no excuse...), these latest thoughts from him just further solidify the fact that he really does love the character and is willing to put his all into bringing us another Spider-Man movie that's on par with the first two.

It's good to hear that Raimi has taken a look at what he did wrong with Spider-Man 3, admitted his mistakes, and is planning on doing what he can to make sure the same mistakes aren't repeated in Spider-Man 4. He needs to carefully plan this one and not, for example, rush into such things as having a villain in there just because the fans love them so much (*cough* Venom! *cough*).

Whatever you do, Mr. Raimi, no more Mary Jane talking about her bloody career problems!

What do you make of Sam Raimi's plans so far for Spider-Man 4? Are you glad he's apparently learned from his past mistakes?

Spider-Man 4 is planned to be released on May 6th 2011.

Source: Cinematical

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