Sam Raimi Sells Three New Shows to Three Major Networks

According to a Deadline report, Spider-Man director Sam Raimi and producing partner Joshua Donen have sold three hour-long projects to Fox, ABC, and CBS through their production company, Stars Road Entertainment.

The three new series - which are all produced by Sony TV - represent three of the most popular television genres: the police procedural, the law drama, and a high-concept sci-fi show. Stars Road Entertainment's TV Head Tom Zotnowski played a major role in bringing each project to fruition.

Check out descriptions of each of the shows, courtesy of Deadline, below.

The ABC project hails from Dee Johnson, with whom Zotnowski worked on The Good Wife. Last year, Johnson served as executive producer/showrunner on the first 13 episodes of the CBS legal drama. The new project centers on a top female prosecutor in Los Angeles, whom Zotnowski describes as a "female vigilante with a law license."

The Fox project, Smokers, comes from comic book and TV writer Brian K. Vaughan, best known for creating the comic book series Y: The Last Man, and for his work as a writer on ABC's Lost. The high-concept drama, based on an original idea by Vaughan, is about a documentary crew following working class heroes who exterminate alien threats in deep space.

The third project, set at Zotnowski's former home, CBS, is Lancaster, from writer Andrew Lipsitz (CSI, CSI:NY). It centers on a Scotland yard detective who joins the LAPD. With broadcast selling season wrapping up, Stars Road is turning its sights on cable where it plans to pitch next.

I'm not sure about the CBS and ABC projects, but the sci-fi show actually sounds fairly interesting. Brian K. Vaughan is one of the best writers in comics today and his work on Lost makes him an instant favorite among a huge segment of TV viewers. The faux-documentary style can be hit-or-miss (the new cop show Detroit 187 uses it to good effect, while the drama My Generation faltered), but I definitely think that there's potential in Smokers.

Besides TV, Vaughan is also no stranger to the film world, with his popular comic book series Y: The Last Man currently in development as a feature film by New Line and director D.J. Caruso (though the last we heard the movie was stuck in a production delay.)

I've always admired Sam Raimi's work as a film director, but it's great to see him investing time into TV production as well. I'm just amazed that he has the time at all, considering he's attached to so many movie projects - World of Warcraft; Earp: Saints for Sinners; Oz, The Great and Powerful; and The Shadow.

We'll have more details on these TV shows as they enter production in the future.

Source: Deadline

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