Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 4 & Evil Dead 4

In an interview with AICN recently at SXSW, after screening his new horror flick Drag Me To Hell, fanboy favorite Sam Raimi spilled some more beans on the much anticipated fourth installments in the Spider-Man and Evil Dead franchises.

Those are two franchises that we all want to see be continued in some form or another, and the news that Raimi would indeed, be coming back for a fourth (and a fifth Spider-Man - along with Tobey Maguire), as well as 20-year long rumblings of him doing another Evil Dead flick, certainly inspires infinitely more confidence than if some random director had taken the reigns of either of them.

Here's what he had to say about each of the movies/franchises:

Spider-Man 4

Raimi revealed that his very next project after he's done with Drag Me To Hell will, indeed, be Spider-Man 4 (i.e. no other secret project out of nowhere that pushes Spidey back even further), and when asked about whether or not he'll be filming Spider-Man 4 and 5 back-to-back, Raimi said:

"No one's talked to me about making part 5 at this moment. Right now I'm hoping to make part 4."

On talking about the progress of the fourth film, Raimi replied:

"Well, it's a never-ending process. Basically we are talking about the story right now, shortly artists will come on and I'll start giving them shots to draw. We are supposed to start talking to a production designer soon, so it will just keep getting larger and larger."

The question was brought up of whether or not it was easier to go back to working on a franchise when he already know so much about it, or whether it was like starting from scratch:

"Some of it is like going back to square one. For instance in the beginning Jim Achenson, our costume designer had to design the Spider-Man suit completely from scratch, but in the second one, we went to probably 25 redesign elements of the Spider-Man suit..."

"In the third picture, we felt that the technology had changed enough that it was time to skin Spider-Man and start him over again, so we actually had to start from the ground up again, but it wasn't so much exterior skin design as much as it was the armature that drove him, so we are going to evaluate when the team comes together, I don't have a visual effects supervisor yet, 'what were we unsatisfied with? What aspects?'"

"...whenever the picture comes out we want to make sure we were shooting above the bar as it currently stands as far as visual effects go and we may or may not make that, but that will be my team's goal when we start."

Evil Dead 4

When asked about the surprising lack of blood in Drag Me To Hell, Raimi responded by saying he didn't want it to be the same as the Evil Dead movies in that respect, and that he does really want to do another:

"There's not a lot of blood [in Drag Me To Hell]. I don't have a problem with the blood, but EVIL DEAD 4 is all about blood and gore and EVIL DEAD movies and I really like the EVIL DEAD movies and I really want to make another EVIL DEAD movie sometime. I don't want to say when, because everyone keeps getting mad at me..."

He went on to confirm that he and Ivan (older brother and co-writer of Spider-Man 3Army of Darkness and Drag Me To Hell) have an idea they've been working on, but basically said "no comment" when asked any more about it. After having the fact that he's doing Spider-Man 4 next brought up, he said that, "it'd be nice to work on it [Evil Dead 4] after that."

It's great to hear directly from Raimi that he really does want to do another Evil Dead movie, and that things are gearing up for Spider-Man 4. It seems like doing Drag Me To Hell might have been just the ticket to spur him onto finally getting going with at least the idea for Evil Dead 4. Only Raimi can make this thing - I'm glad Hollywood didn't try and take the franchise from him just for the sake of getting another one made (or, heaven forbid, do a remake...).

Although Raimi made a disaster of a movie with the last Spider-Man (I'm still having nightmares...), he still was ultimately the guy who gave us the first two. From those two movies we can all see he clearly has a love for the titular character, and I hope he is able to find the creativity he has shown in past movies that he has, and injects a boatload of it into the fourth movies of both franchises.

For the full interview with Sam Raimi you can head over to

What do you make of what Raimi has said about his two franchises? Are you looking forward to Spider-Man 4 and Evil Dead 4?

Spider-Man 4 is currently slated for a May 6th, 2011 release and there is a general release date of 2011 for Evil Dead 4.

Source: AICN

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