Sam Raimi Takes Ellen Page To Hell

I am predicting right here that Ellen Page is going to win an Oscar this year for Juno.

The reason?

Page has signed on to Sam Raimi's Dragged To Hell - a film that I first told you about a couple of months ago.

I know what you're thinking, Niall's obviously a talented guy, but how can he predict the Academy Awards?

Simple: This is the type of genre film that all Best Actress winners do as a follow up to their Oscar grabbing roles... a film that is aimed at being a crowd pleaser, but in reality turns out to be an all-around disaster!

I know that I'm being harsh on Raimi regarding this movie, but I just don't have faith in the project.

Can you really just pick up a script written 15 years previously and film it?

I doubt it.

What would you think if I got some of my writings from 1993 and posted them here? Just imagine reading my piece on Steven Spielberg's forthcoming Jurassic Park - a film that would use "Atari-busting computer graphics" to create dinosaurs. Not exactly appealing in 2008!!

I could be wrong about all this. Page could lose out on her Oscar, Dragged To Hell could be a minor masterpiece, and my dad might dig out my old ramblings and email them to Vic.

Dragged To Hell goes before cameras on March 17 or Saint Patrick's day to you and me.

Source: Variety

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