Wild Poster For Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me To Hell'

Despite the fact that the first trailer for Sam Raimi's upcoming (and much overdue) return to directing horror called Drag Me To Hell, wasn't as scary I had hoped it would be, this brand spanking new one-sheet suggests differently.

It's an intriguing, undoubtedly striking piece of imagery that does what a poster for this type of film should do - startle, grab attention, intrigue, and give off a creepy vibe. But don't let me convince you, have a look for yourself (click on the image below for high res):

As I said above, the trailer for the film didn't scare me as much as I had hoped. There are parts of it that feel like they've aimed at having that comedy/horror feel similar to Raimi's Evil Dead series had, but they just don't come off quite right (and fellow Screen Rant writer Sabrina kind of confirmed this when she saw a rough cut of Drag Me to Hell).

But even though it may be a bit underwhelming, it still has promise because of a couple of extremely effective moments in the trailer, plus it's Sam Raimi who's directing it. Although he took a beating from fans with Spider-Man 3, he's no different from just about every other filmmaker on that front - everyone has a bad day at the office once in a while.

I remain looking forward to this one, and just hope it's not a disappointment, particularly because the man directing it has shown many times before that he has truckloads of talent.

What do you think - is that a cool poster or what? Hopefully the film lives up to it.

Drag Me To Hell opens on May 29, 2009.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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