Sam Raimi to Direct 'Earp: Saints for Sinners'

Sam Raimi is attached to direct Earp: Saints for Sinners, a futuristic sci-fi/western based on the graphic novel from Radical Comics. Dreamworks recently secured the rights and the deal will be announced officially at Radical's San Diego Comic-Con panel this Thursday.

The comic is a futuristic re-imagining of the Western hero Wyatt Earp that finds him battling outlaws in Las Vegas. It's written by M. Zachary Sherman and Matt Cirulnick with art by Mack Chater and Martin Montiel.

Radical's publishing  strategy has been to develop comics that are essentially pre-packaged for film adaptations. Other titles with movie deals in place include Damaged, Patriots, The Last Days of American Crime (which I highly recommend) and Oblivion. While this has drawn criticism from some readers and other publishers, at least Radical has always been up front about their intentions.

Here's the premise of Earp: Saints for Sinners:

In a world where the American economy has all but collapsed to the levels of the Great Depression, infamous bandits roam the country and the law is as corrupt as the criminals its sworn to stop. Yet one lawman remains a steadfast moral compass for the people: WYATT EARP. Earp has collared more most-wanted men than anyone in history – but after a violent assignment claims the life of his brother, Wyatt sets out to forge a simple life in the only boomtown left: Las Vegas. With gorgeous women and free-flowing money on endless tap, Sin City attracts more people than a modern gold rush. Though Earp no longer wears a U.S. Marshall’s badge, his past is about to catch up to him. With nearly everything to lose, Earp will have to beat the odds stacked against him in order to bring old-fashioned justice to Sin City.

I actually love the concept and of course, anything with Raimi attached immediately grabs my interest. However, to say he's in demand is an understatement and there are a few other projects requiring his attention before he can get to  Earp: Saints for Sinners.

Sam Raimi to Direct Earp: Saints for Sinners

His next film will likely be the Wizard of Oz prequel Oz, The Great & Powerful and just last month he still seemed incredibly interested in tackling the World of Warcraft movie some time in the near future.

He's also involved with new versions of The Shadow, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and about ten million other projects (seriously, look at the in-development section of his IMDb page). So, anyone anxiously anticipating Earp: Saints for Sinners may not want to hold their breath. Especially since at this point Radical seems more interested in announcing deals rather than getting the ball rolling on any of them.

Raimi's last foray into the western genre was 1995's The Quick and the Dead which I unabashedly adore. Are you excited to see what he could do with Earp: Saints for Sinners? What do you think of the concept?

Source: Heat Vision

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