Interview: Sam Claflin Talks 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

British actor Sam Claflin is quickly becoming one-to-watch in Hollywood. After completing his acting training at LAMDA, and doing a few roles on television and one smaller film, Claflin managed to land a coveted part in one of the most well-known franchises today, Pirates of the Caribbean. We had the chance to speak with the actor about his character Philip (the missionary lost in a sea of ruthless pirates) in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at the Los Angeles press day for the film. Stay tuned for our coverage from the event.

During the course of our conversation, we also touched upon the two (notable) films that Claflin has signed on for, following his turn in Pirates. The actor will star opposite cinematic icon Jeff Bridges in The Seventh Son (though production has been delayed on that film); he will also portray none other than Prince Charming himself in one of the two upcoming twists on the Snow White legend, Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman. Claflin joins Kristen Stewart as the ever-in-peril-but-always-victorious Snow, and Charlize Theron as the beautiful and deadly (some might say reactionary) Evil Queen.

Armie Hammer, who gave a standout performance in The Social Network as the simultaneously attractive and repellent Winklevoss twins, will play the part of the prince in the other interpretation of the classic tale, Snow and the Seven. When we asked Claflin who would win a Prince Charming "throwdown," the actor laughingly responded:

"He'll definitely outdo me! Undoubtedly! Hopefully, and I'm sure, we'll both portray two very, very different Princes. But being humble, I'd have to say that he would do a very, very good job and probably 'smash it' more than I will. But I'm going to obviously put my heart and soul into that, as much as I have for this ("Pirates") and try my hardest to beat him."

Perhaps as a result of Kristen Stewart's involvement in the film, some fans are beginning to liken Snow White and the Huntsman to Twilight, and speculate that there will be a love-triangle between Snow, the Huntsman and the Prince. "It depends really who plays the huntsmen I suppose," Claflin mused.

"Because there were rumors that it would be Viggo Mortensen or Hugh Jackman, (if it were) someone like that with Snow White being Kristen Stewart it wouldn't be as much of a triangle. However, if it's someone like Chris Hemsworth (who is rumored to be in talks to take on the role) yes, maybe it would be more of a love triangle."

As to whether a love-triangle between the three is inherent in the script Claflin replied:

"Not necessarily. I don't want to divulge too much into it, but no...It's  still early days, I mean they're set to start shooting not too far away - at the same time, who knows what can happen in a short space of time. I think a lot depends on the casting. At the same time, I believe that the director (Rupert Sanders) is a genius, he's an absolute genius, and I know he's working very, very hard at getting the final script down and ready as well as the final castings.

Given the comparisons to Twilight, we felt compelled to inquire if Claflin (who provided a generous and diplomatic response) is a fan of the franchise.

"Honestly I've only ever seen the first one, and it's not because I'm not a fan, it's just because I...I did enjoy the first one and I'm a fan of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and everyone involved. So, with the new movies coming out, I'm looking forward to seeing all of them (the films) as a whole."

Of the two live-action interpretations of Snow White currently in development, Snow White and the Huntsmen is reportedly the "darker take" on the tale. Claflin (who was apparently destined to play Prince Charming) had the opportunity to read some of the scenes from the other film when he auditioned for the role that Armie Hammer is now set to play. The actor said he couldn't make a full comparison on the two films, but that his interpretation of what Rupert Sanders (the director of Snow White and the Huntsman) is creating, is that, "it is Gothic and dark."

snow white prince charming by X_Arielle Deviant Art

The actor did confirm that the sci-fi thriller, The Seventh Son (which he is slated to star in along side Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges) has been, "pushed back," but added that he did not "know the full details" about the timeline for production. He is anxiously awaiting his opportunity to be on-set with Bridges saying:

"After watching him in The Big Lebowski when I was young, the guys a hero. I've actually just recently watched "Tron" and "True Grit" and he really is an absolute inspiration. People say he is the Dude."

Claflin said he couldn't be brought to request that Jeff Bridges say a few lines from Lebowski during the course of their work together. We must admit, there would be no such shame in our game. The actor is likely far wiser than we, however, and is quickly making use of said wisdom and talent to find his way into several of Hollywood's biggest films.

Snow White and the Huntsman is scheduled for release on December 21st, 2012.

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Snow White & Prince Charming artwork by "X-Ariele" @ Deviant Art

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