Salem Season 4 Updates: Story, Release Date, Will It Happen?

The series was an intriguing mixture of horror and historical drama but is Salem season 4 going to happen? Salem was the first original drama series by WGN America (Outsiders) and uses the real-life Salem witch trials as a backdrop. The series follows a witch named Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) who actually uses the infamous trials for her own ends, stoking fear and paranoia.

Her former love John Alden, played by Shane West (Nikita), returns to Salem, which makes her plan to summon the Devil himself a little complicated. The success of Salem paved the way for other original WGN dramas like Manhattan and Underground, and the series received strong reviews throughout its run.

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The Adam Simon/Brannon Braga (24) created series also had a strong fanbase, but will that be enough to earn Salem a fourth season?

WGN Canceled Salem After Three Seasons

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WGN pulled the plug on Salem during season 3, announcing before the finale aired that the show wouldn't be renewed. The showrunners knew season 3 would likely mark the end of the show, which gave them time to craft a proper finale for the series, with the final episode "Black Sunday" resulting in some major deaths, including the mortal body of the Devil.

Fans Petitioned For Salem Season 4

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News of Salem's cancelation quickly led to the fanbase rallying behind it, but despite earning a lot of signatures on the petition, it wasn't enough to move WGN to reconsider. The ratings for the series had also noticeably dipped since its season 1 heyday, and this, combined with the cost of producing the historical drama, no doubt led to Salem being wrapped up after three seasons. The showrunners did suggest there was a chance the show could continue, suggesting Salem was shopped to other networks or platforms, but it appears those efforts came to nothing.

What Would Salem Season 4 Have Been About?

The finale didn't appear to leave much room for Salem season 4, or at least not one that featured main characters Mary Sibley or John Alden. Season 3 ended with the pair leaving Salem, while Cotton Mather was left trapped in Hell for all eternity. Adam Simon did suggest one possible future storyline would have involved Samuel Wainwright, played by Stuart Townsend (The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen), escaping from Hell but left deranged by his experiences there.

Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) also proved to be the ultimate villain of season 3, and Salem season 4 likely would have continued her storyline. With little sign of the show being resurrected since it came to an end in 2017, however, it appears the series is finished.

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