Exclusive: Saint Judy Posters Highlight True Story Inspirational Drama

Our exclusive Saint Judy posters highlight the film's star-studded cast, led by Michelle Monaghan. With a resume that includes roles in movies ranging from cult classics (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) to popular blockbuster franchises (Mission: Impossible) - not to mention, acclaimed TV shows like True Detective and The Path - Monaghan has a pretty impressive body of work under her belt already. However, in spite of that, there haven't been all that many projects where she's gotten first-billing as an actor. That changes with her latest film, which is a biographical drama inspired by the experiences of real-life immigration lawyer Judy Wood.

Saint Judy tells the story of how Judy (Monaghan) helped change the Law of Asylum in the U.S. by representing Asefa (Leem Lubany), a woman who fled her home country after being persecuted by the Taliban for trying to open a school for girls. Monaghan and Lubany (Condor) are joined in the film's cast by Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2) as Judy's superior at her Los Angeles firm, Ray Hernandez, along with Common (John Wick: Chapter 2) and Alfre Woodard (Luke Cage) as Benjamin Adebayo and Judge Benton - two people who prove instrumental in helping Judy with her ongoing battle to take on an antiquated legal system. Fittingly, all five actors have now gotten character posters of their own for the film.

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Screen Rant has the exclusive on the new Saint Judy posters, which you can check out below. We've also included the film's trailer, for those who missed its release last month:

Written by relative newcomer Dmitry Portnoy and directed by Sean Hanish (Return to Zero), Saint Judy begs comparison to similar biographical dramas about women taking on the U.S. legal system, like Erin Brockovich or last year's Ruth Bader Ginsberg memoir, On the Basis of Sex. Like the women in those films, Wood's case took her places she never expected - namely, all the way to the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit - and ultimately had a significant impact. In this end, she was able to change the asylum law for female refugees fleeing to the U.S., and has continued to fight for the rights of marginalized and persecuted women ever since. Of course, this also put a strain on her personal life, which the Saint Judy trailer alludes to.

All in all, Saint Judy seems like a conventional, but worthwhile memoir that deals with pretty timely subject matter and is anchored by a strong cast. It's scheduled for release next month on March 1, where it will open against very different movies like the Neil Jordan thriller Greta and Tyler Perry's A Madea Family Funeral. Those in the mood for a relevant and socially-conscious biopic - one that puts Monaghan front and center for a change - might want to give this one a look, when it arrives.

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