14They aren't cousins...

Sailor Moon Crystal - Michiru and Haruka

The time has come for these two Sailor Scouts to come out of the fictional cartoon closet! Alright, so most fans probably know that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were a couple, not cousins.

However, it's still quite disappointing that the company that purchased rights to broadcast Sailor

Moon in the United States censored their true relationship-- as well as quite the laundry list of other things in the show. What better way to cover up two girls in love than to say that they are cousins and are just weirdly touchy with each other?

The ambiguousness and transparency of the cover-up on the part of DiC was homophobic but ultimately unsurprising-- American parents in the '90s would not have let that whole gay thing fly on a kid's TV show. Thankfully, Sailor Moon Crystal is making it pretty hard to cover up.

Sailor Moon Crystal - Uranus
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