Sailor Moon’s Senshi Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Harry Potter fans might not agree on everything, but there is one thing even non-fans find fascinating: Sorting characters into their Hogwarts houses. Sorting fictional characters has become a fun way for fans to discuss the personalities of their favorites. With a group of heroes, like the Sailor Senshi of the Sailor Moon franchise, it might be tempting to sort them all into the house of the brave and the bold, but it doesn’t quite shake out that way.

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For the uninitiated, Hogwarts has four houses for its students: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Gryffindors are brave and brash, Ravenclaws are wise and curious, Hufflepuffs are loyal and hardworking, while Slytherins are cunning and ambitious. The Sailor Senshi, surprisingly, sort pretty evenly amongst the four houses.

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Sailor Mercury Ravenclaw
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10 Ami: Ravenclaw

Sailor Mercury Ravenclaw

If ever there was an embodiment of the Ravenclaw house, it’s Ami. Sailor Mercury is clearly the smartest member of the team, but she doesn’t come by that intelligence without a lot of effort.

Ami spends all of her free time studying, reading, and learning about computer programming. She’s always ready to learn more and use that knowledge to help make the world a better place. Some might be tempted to sort her into Slytherin due to her strategic mind and deceptive powers, but Ami is a much better fit for Ravenclaw.

9 Minako: Slytherin

Sailor Venus Slytherin

Characterized by their ambitious natures, Slytherins often seek out more power. While not power hungry, Minako is certainly the most ambitious of the group.

In addition to her role as the leader of the Inner Senshi, Minako has a lofty dream. She wants to be a pop star. It’s not just the singing that she loves, but the attention and fame. In every version of the Sailor Moon story, she makes a climb for fame - and sometimes, she succeeds.

Sailor Venus is also more cunning than she lets on. A master of disguise, she spent a long time pretending to be the Moon Princess to lure out enemies before she met the rest of the Sailor Senshi.

8 Chibiusa: Gryffindor

Sailor Chibi Moon Gryffindor

Technically the oldest of the Sailor Senshi, her stunted powers and growth cause Chibiusa to appear to be a small child. The only one of the group to take on time travel, she might just be the bravest of them all.

Sailor Chibi Moon journeyed to the past to save her kingdom, searching out a way to defeat the Black Moon Clan. She did that without even having access to her Sailor Senshi abilities. Willing to be the bad guy to save her people, she probably would have taken on Sailor Moon and her friends singlehandedly if she didn’t eventually realize they were all on the same side.

7 Makoto: Hufflepuff

Sailor Jupiter Hufflepuff

Makoto is physically the strongest of the Sailor Senshi. She intimidated a few classmates when introduced, but she’s one of the gentlest of the bunch.

Today, we might call Sailor Jupiter “the mom friend.” She’s the first one to look out for her friends, ready to cook them a meal, and ready to take the brunt of any attack thrown their way. Her can-do-it attitude and her willingness to always put the team first makes her a true Hufflepuff. That is the Hogwarts house that prizes loyalty above all.

6 Hotaru: Hufflepuff

Sailor Saturn Hufflepuff

Sailor Moon fans don’t spend quite as long getting to know Hotaru. That might cause some surprise that she’s sorted into the same house as Makoto. How could the Sailor Senshi of Destruction be a Hufflepuff?

Much of the time spent with Hotaru, and not the entity Mistress 9 that takes over her body, demonstrates that her loyalty is with Chibiusa. Despite not knowing everything about her past, she relies on her connection to her fellow Sailor Senshi to do the right thing. Sailor Saturn even finds a way to use her power of destruction without decimating the whole world in order to keep them all safe.

5 Rae: Slytherin

Sailor Mars Slytherin

Rae is actually one of the hardest Sailor Senshi to sort. Different adaptations of the source material completely change her attitude. One thing remains consistent across the adaptations: Her desire to be the best.

It’s that desire, or ambition, if you will, that has Sailor Mars sorted into Slytherin. Of the Sailor Senshi, she’s the one most likely to rely on herself instead of the team. Teamwork takes a little time for her to learn. She’s also the one most likely to believe herself capable of leading the women when the team finds itself in a sticky situation.

4 Haruka: Gryffindor

Sailor Uranus Gryffindor

Haruka entered the Sailor Moon franchise as slightly mysterious and a little snarky. Some fans might have been quick to sort her into Slytherin at first glance. While she can execute a well thought out plan, she isn’t particularly sneaky or intentionally deceptive.

Instead, Sailor Uranus is the kind of Senshi who charges in head first, intent on making sure she can eliminate the threat before anyone gets hurt. That kind of bravery is all Gryffindor. She’s not the one to formulate her plans, and her loyalty can change depending on the bigger threat, so Gryffindor is absolutely the best fit for her.

3 Michiru: Ravenclaw

Sailor Neptune Ravenclaw

Typically, the one thinking things through amongst the Outer Senshi is Michiru. She’s Haruka’s partner in every sense of the word, and it’s Michiru who often figures out the next step in their plans.

She’s also a bit more curious and creative than Haruka. In addition to her time as a member of the Sailor Senshi, she’s a musician and a competitive swimmer. Sailor Neptune likes to work out her brain as much as she does train for the next step in their protection of the world.

2 Setsuna: Hufflepuff

Sailor Pluto Hufflepuff

Like Haruka, it’s tempting to sort Setsuna into a different house at first glance. As the master of time and doorways into new dimensions, she’s got to have a good head on her shoulders, so Ravenclaw might be the first instinct. Setsuna’s view of the world, however, is very limited to her duty.

Sailor Pluto sets her duty to guard the doors of space and time above all else. Her only real friend is Chibiusa. Only Chibiusa asking for help could get her to break the rules. That’s true loyalty and friendship, the heart of a Hufflepuff.

1 Usagi: Hufflepuff

Sailor Moon Hufflepuff

If any member of the Sailor Senshi is 100% a Hufflepuff, it’s Usagi. She embodies the determined and loyal spirit of a Hufflepuff perfectly - as long as we’re not talking about completing a school assignment.

When Usagi first became Sailor Moon, she wanted to give up every step of the way, not believing she was strong enough. No matter how hard things got, she always got back up and into the fight. She never asks her friends to put themselves in harm’s way unless she’s willing to do it first. Usagi is also always willing to forgive the villains and find a way to get them a second chance. A true Hufflepuff.


Did we sort the Sailor Senshi into their correct Hogwarts houses? Tell us where you think the Sailor Moon characters would end up.

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