Sailor Moon: 20 Powers Only True Fans Know The Sailor Senshi Had (And 10 Weaknesses)

Sailor Moon Inner Senshi 90s Anime

For decades fans have watched Sailor Moon and both her Inner Senshi (named for the planets closest to our sun) and Outer Senshi (named for the planets farthest away) battle the forces of evil on manga pages and on the screen.

In the Sailor Moon franchise, it’s the title character who gets the most power ups and exhibits the most variety in her abilities. This doesn’t mean that her Sailor Senshi are left out in the cold, however.

The Sailor Senshi have energy based attacks just like Sailor Moon does. The majority of what fans see them do in the manga and the anime involves these energy based attacks and hand-to-hand combat. They also each have some specialized skills.

Sailor Venus, as the leader of the Inner Senshi and the one who doubles for the Moon Princess if necessary, has powers the other Inner Senshi do not.

Likewise, the Outer Senshi, meant to each be stationed as a solitary lookout on their home planets, have powers that the Inner Senshi do not. The younger members of the team in Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn, yet again, have abilities the older Senshi do not have.

This variety of power sounds like a good thing when it comes to battling enemies from all over outer space.

As much as the differences amongst the Sailor Senshi provide them with strengths, they can also create some interesting weaknesses. Division amongst the Senshi is often the biggest culprit of creating weakness.

With all of that in mind, we’ve put together the 20 Powers Only True Fans Know The Sailor Senshi Had (And 10 Weaknesses).

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Sailor Neptune And Sailor Uranus Taking Flight
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30 Power: Flight

Sailor Neptune And Sailor Uranus Taking Flight

Some fans might have thought that the Sailor Senshi appearing to glide through the air was simply an artistic choice in the '90s anime. However, this was not the case.

In the manga, readers get to see some members of the Sailor Senshi actually fly. Most notably is Sailor Uranus in Act 29. The Outer Senshi flies away after interacting with Sailor Moon.

All of the Sailor Senshi also possess some serious hovering skills. They’re able to stand in mid air throughout the manga series.

Some of the animation in the anime makes it appear as though the Senshi are able to, at the very least, hover as well, but it never really happes until Sailor Moon Crystal.

29 Power: Teleportation

The Outer Senshi and the Sailor Starlights appear to have a little bit more power than the Inner Senshi. One of those powers is teleporting at will.

In both the manga and the anime, the Sailor Starlights and members of the Outer Senshi are able to vanish in the blink of an eye. It startles the Inner Senshi since they aren’t able to do it the same way.

In fact, the Inner Senshi all have to bond their powers together to be able to teleport at the same time. The act is only done a handful of times.

28 Weakness: Impulsivity

There’s something to be said for having a plan when going into battle. Sailor Mercury might be able to strategize on the fly, but many of the Sailor Senshi act first and think later.

The biggest culprits of this particular weakness are Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars.

Each of them believes strongly in doing the right thing, which causes them to jump into action before determining how big the threat is.

To be fair to each of these Sailor Senshi, backup isn’t usually far behind to help bail them out of whatever trouble they might end up in.

27 Power: Garlic Breath

Inner Senshi Fight A Monster With Garlic Breath

Not every power is useful in every situation. The Sailor Special Garlic Attack is really only helpful if their enemy is a vampire.

This particular ability was only used once in the series by the Inner Senshi. During the Sailor Moon Super S Special, one of the enemies the group went up against was a vampire-like monster.

The four had plenty of garlic in their system thanks to all having Korean barbecue for dinner the night before.

Instead of finding a way to fuel their existing power with garlic, they took the easy way - breathing on their enemy in unison.

It stunned the enemy so Sailor Moon could finish them off.

26 Power: Force Field

Sailor Moon Force Fields Around Crystal Tokyo

Though not often utilized in the anime, the Sailor Senshi are all capable of channeling their power into a force field.

Often, this power doesn’t need to be used in the anime because the first method of attack to keep the enemy at bay is employed by Sailor Mercury. When she creates a mist that obscures the vision of their opponents, they don’t necessarily need a force field.

The force fields created by the Sailor Senshi act as a barrier against their enemies, but each one is slightly different.

For example, Jupiter’s force field is made of lightning, the element most often associated with her skills.

25 Weakness: Their Talismans

Sailor Pluto And Sailor Neptune With Their Talismans

Each of the Sailor Senshi have accessories that appear when they transform. The Outer Senshi don’t just have powerful belts and tiaras, though - they also have talismans that help them channel power.

Sailor Uranus has her Space Sword, while Neptune has the Deep Aqua Mirror, and Pluto has the Garnet Orb. They combine to call forth Sailor Saturn, who also has her own Scythe.

While the Senshi can fight without their talismans (Neptune gives hers to Chibi Moon at one point), they are more powerful with them.

If an enemy ever got their talismans, the group would certainly be in trouble.

Without her staff and Garnet Orb, Pluto would find it difficult to control time.

24 Power: Extra-Dimensional Teleportation And Chronolocking

Luna And Artemis Running Command Hidden In The Game Center Crown In Sailor Moon Crystal

Don’t let the very scientific name fool you. This particular power is more like an extreme version of a force field.

Sailor Mercury used this power in both the manga and the more recent anime, Sailor Moon Crystal. She was able to lock the Game Center, where the Sailor Senshi have their own hidden meeting place, in a safe space.

In addition to placing the Game Center in its own dimensional pocket with a shield, Sailor Mercury was also somehow able to lock it in time, making sure the location couldn’t be harmed.

That’s a whole lot of power for a defensive move.

23 Power: Immortality

The Outer Senshi Find Baby Hotaru In Sailor Moon Crystal

When the original Moon Kingdom fell, Queen Serenity allowed her people to have a second chance at life.

She made sure that her people could be reincarnated in a new civilization. Some of the Sailor Senshi already do that on their own.

Sailor Saturn’s power is so great that when she uses her Silence Glaive to end a world, she is destroyed along with it. This end isn’t permanent, though.

Instead, Sailor Saturn is reborn in a new host every time she uses her ultimate power.

Though this was done with the help of Queen Serenity, it's still a valuable ability.

22 Weakness: Loneliness And Isolation

Black Lady

The Sailor Senshi might be formidable warriors in the fight against evil, but they’re also young women with real feelings. Loneliness resulting from isolation can be one of their worst weaknesses.

Sailor Mars, especially in the original anime, created a harsh exterior that made her slow to trust as a result of her neighborhood treating her differently. People were afraid of her because of her supernatural abilities.

The Outer Senshi created conflict when they isolated themselves from the Inner Senshi after first meeting, doing more harm than good.

Likewise, Chibiusa’s loneliness allowed her to become corrupted by the Black Moon Clan and become Black Lady, one of the most formidable villains the Senshi faced.

21 Power: Telepathic Linking

Sailor Moon Inner Senshi 90s Anime

Though none of the Sailor Senshi are actually telepaths, they can create telepathic links to one another and Sailor Moon.

When the Sailor Senshi find themselves separated from the Moon Princess, they are still mentally connected to one another.

There are times when Sailor Moon, isolated from her friends, has to fight all on her own. When she does, she tends to let fear and doubt creep in.

The Sailor Senshi are able to mentally call out to her and offer her encouragement when this happens. They might not always be able to provide her physical backup, but she’s got their mental support when she needs it.

20 Power: Healing

Hotaru Heals Chibiusa in Sailor Moon Crystal

Fans know that the Moon Stick allows Sailor Moon to heal people affected by evil. At least one of the Sailor Senshi also has healing abilities, though: Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Saturn has a lot of abilities that the rest of the Sailor Senshi don’t have. Some of them she can even access outside of her Senshi form, which is something that the rest of the group isn’t typically able to do.

Before Sailor Saturn was even fully awakened inside of Hotaru’s mind, the young girl found herself with the ability to heal.

She could magically place her hand on an injured Chibiusa and make the wounds disappear.

Of course, it wasn’t actually magic, but Sailor Saturn beginning to surface.

19 Weakness: Boys

Sailor Jupiter And A Posessed Motoki

The Sailor Senshi have a strong bond and they can be lethal in a fight, but boys can always make them pause.

The '90s anime writers went as far as showing this by having Sailor Mars interested in nearly all of the same boys in her civilian form as Usagi was.

They even both dated Mamoru, making their competitive nature even worse.

Of course, on the opposite end, it seems that Makoto and Minato in particular are cursed when it comes to their love lives.

Both are stopped short when anything reminds them of their past tragic relationships.

18 Power: Archery

In her civilian form, Sailor Mars isn’t just your average school girl. Instead, Rei has trained in the ways of the miko. She’s a shrine princess, and with that comes a specialized skill set.

n addition to training in how to interpret visions, sacred cleansing, and more, Rei would have also been trained in archery for her position as a priestess.

Though fans don’t see much of it in her civilian life, we do get a hint of it in her Sailor Mars attack methods.

One of her attacks is that of a “sniper,” where instead of simply aiming fiery energy at someone, she shoots it through a bow and arrow.

17 Power: Sword Use

Fans know that Sailor Uranus has a sword as her talisman, but she’s not the only Sailor Senshi who is good in a sword fight.

In the manga, Sailor Venus knows her way around a sword as well.

It’s Sailor Venus, not Sailor Moon, who ends up being the one to face off against Queen Beryl with a sword in her hand. The anime switched things up and had Sailor Moon do the deed.

The live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon also gave fans another look at sword use.

Sailor Mercury was able to create a sword from water or ice. She made use of it when she was brainwashed into becoming Dark Mercury.

16 Weakness: Body Image

Sailor Jupiter New At School

If a character is a superhero, it might seem strange to think of them as insecure. As fans of Sailor Moon know, though, the Sailor Senshi aren’t just superheroes, but also teenagers.

As a result, the Sailor Senshi can be just as self conscious as any other teenager might be.

In addition to getting lonely or upset when isolated from their friends, they can also be concerned with their body image.

In particular, Sailor Jupiter has issues with her height. Taller than any of her friends, she also stands at least a head above her classmates. She even had to wear a uniform from her old school because she’s too tall for the new one.

15 Power: Psychic Visions

Sailor Moon Crystal - Neptune

Sailor Mars shows her predilection for psychic abilities early on in her time in the series. Her prophetic dreams are part of her civilian life as a shrine priestess.

Though she’s viewed as the only one with supernatural abilities for a long time, three other Sailor Senshi also have psychic abilities.

When Sailor Neptune was introduced, not only did she have prophetic dreams, but she could also feel danger coming.

Sailor Uranus also mentioned as being able to sense danger in the wind.

It was revealed that Sailor Neptune even woke up her original memories on her own as part of her visions.

When Sailor Saturn was introduced later, she too had prophetic dreams.

14 Power: Vision Projection

While Sailor Saturn’s dreams were prophecy, they weren’t the only psychic ability that she had.

In addition to seeing events in her mind’s eye, Sailor Saturn could also make other people see the same events. She was able to project her visions outward to share them.

This particular ability appeared to be unique to Sailor Saturn.

Interestingly, it wasn’t just psychic visions that she could project, and the ability manifested before Hotaru knew the full extent of who she was.

Even as a child, Hotaru could project the stars onto her ceiling just by thinking about them.

13 Weakness: Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn is easily one of the most powerful of the Sailor Senshi. She can, after all, destroy entire worlds if she wants to.

It’s this very strength that makes her a weakness.

She might hold a ton of power in the palms of her hands, but this power sets her apart from the rest of the Sailor Senshi.

The Outer Senshi live in fear of awakening Sailor Saturn and causing her to use her abilities.

It’s this fear of her that causes the Outer Senshi to set themselves apart from the Inner Senshi, splitting the loyalty of the would-be allies.

They fight each other when they should be uniting.

12 Power: Disguise

Sailor Venus Pretends To Be The Moon Princess As Sailor V in Sailor Moon Crystal

When the manga and the anime first began their '90s run, Luna gave Usagi the Disguise Pen. It allowed Sailor Moon to transform in order to investigate a possible monster.

Sailor Moon, however, isn’t the only one who can transform this way.

While, in theory, any of the Sailor Senshi could also disguise themselves, only one did on their own. Sailor Venus also happened to be a master of disguise.

Not only did Sailor Venus use the Disguise Pen herself at one point, but she also maintained disguises before meeting the other Sailor Senshi.

She was Sailor V while fighting bad guys alone. Sailor V also pretended to be the Moon Princess to keep Usagi safe.

11 Power: Memory Restoration

Sailor Saturn Awakens Her Memories In Hotaru

Throughout the series, the Sailor Senshi slowly learn about their past lives. Usually, it is Luna or Artemis who help them to wake up old memories. It didn’t always have to be, though.

Hotaru is the civilian reincarnation of Sailor Saturn. As a teenage girl, just like the other Sailor Senshi, she doesn’t know anything about her past life.

Unlike the other girls, though, no one is interested in waking up Sailor Saturn.

Luckily for Hotaru, she didn’t actually need any help to learn about her past life. Instead, Sailor Saturn can open up Hotaru to her past life memories all on her own.

10 Weakness: Ego

Some of the Sailor Senshi hesitate when first getting their abilities, like Ami. They might not believe they’re strong enough to be heroes. Other Sailor Senshi, though, are sure that they can get the job done with or without any help.

The anime version of Sailor Mars is one such case. In fact, when she and Sailor Moon don’t initially get along, she seems to think that she could do a better job without her.

Likewise, Sailor Chibi Moon, despite being scared of her circumstances in the future, believes that she doesn’t need the help of the Sailor Senshi in the past.

Despite not yet having her own Senshi abilities, she’s determined that she can do everything herself.

9 Power: Closing Doorways Between Worlds

Sailor Pluto

With Earth the target of so many alien beings in Sailor Moon, you would think that the series would travel to other worlds, but most beings travel to Earth.

Once Sailor Pluto was introduced, though, it was revealed that there may have been a faster way to travel to other worlds.

Sailor Pluto didn’t just have mastery over time, but also over space, as she could open dimensional doorways.

When the villain Pharaoh 90 asked to only be destroyed if he could end his life at home, Sailor Pluto obliged, opening the doorway to his world.

Since Sailor Saturn was already swinging her Silence Glaive to destroy him, she also had to seal the door for eternity.

8 Power: Super Jump

The Sailor Senshi manage to jump out of the way in battle quite frequently. This is in the heat of the moment, though, and when they’re powered up in their Senshi uniforms.

They might even be able to complete super jumps in civilian mode as well.

In the '90s anime, Sailor Venus exhibits quite a few skills when she’s out of uniform that we don’t see anyone else do. One of these involves jumping.

Minako is able to jump from the ground up to the second floor of a house in a single try when she goes through Usagi’s window to visit her.

7 Weakness: Love Letters

Sailor Moon Ami Gets A Love Letter

As a mere distraction to someone like Usagi or Minako, a love letter doesn’t seem like a major weakness. Unfortunately for one of the Sailor Senshi, a love letter can be a major downfall.

When the Sailor Moon Super S movie premiered in theaters in Japan, it was paired with an anime short called “Ami’s First Love.”

In it, Ami received a love letter, much to her displeasure.

When faced with the love letter, Ami experienced an allergic reaction. She broke out in hives.

The experience had her briefly confined to her bed as her energy was simply sapped.

6 Power: Rapid Aging

Chibiusa and Wiseman

The Sailor Senshi age very slowly. In the 30th century, they don’t look much different than they do in the present.

If a member of the Sailor Senshi is too young to use all of the power that they’ve been given, though, they can age themselves.

In Chibiusa’s case, she wasn’t aged as a Sailor Senshi.

Though Chibiusa’s growth had been stunted for years, rapid aging occurred when she gave into the darkness of the Black Moon Clan and became the villain Black Lady.

Hotaru, on the other hand, had already been reincarnated as a baby. As a small child, Sailor Saturn awoke again within her and rapidly aged her in order to use her abilities.

5 Power: Super Speed

Sailor Venus Is The Last To Be Attacked For Her Pure Heart In The 90s Anime

None of the Sailor Senshi are in the running to become the next Flash, but at least one of them can run faster than the average human.

Sailor Venus was the last of the Sailor Senshi to be attacked for her “pure heart crystal” in the '90s anime. She had started to feel left out and worried that she didn’t have a pure heart at the time.

In reality, she might have been even stronger without it.

Once her pure heart was extracted, Sailor Venus was able to still get up and fight back, something the other Senshi couldn’t do.

Not only that, but she was also able to outrun a car to get away.

4 Weakness: Memory Gaps

It’s true that all of the Sailor Senshi remember some details from their past lives, but it seems like it’s more of a dream to them. There are a lot of gaps in their memory.

On the one hand, this isn’t a bad thing. Without remembering the entirety of the ancient Moon Kingdom, the young women are able to make decisions based on the people they are now.

On the other hand, it can make for awkward moments.

When Sailor Venus talks about Queen Beryl’s generals being in love with the Senshi in Sailor Moon Crystal, everyone else stops and wonders what she’s talking about instead of finishing the fight.

3 Power: Dowsing

Ami With the Sailor Mercury Symbol

Dowsing involves carrying a forked stick, usually referred to as a “dowsing rod” to locate water.

The idea is that the stick allows the user to focus their energy. It’s often used in deserts by people who make their homes there, but plenty of manga and anime have also made it a special ability.

In the real world, plenty of people think it’s simply a con. In the world of Sailor Moon, though, it definitely exists.

As the Sailor Senshi most associated with water, dowsing is an ability that falls to Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury is able to find water anywhere at any time.

This is pretty useful for someone who manipulates water.

2 Power: Existing Outside Their Bodies

Hotaru And Chibiusa Souls Outside Of Their Bodies

Given that the souls of the Sailor Senshi were able to exist in a new time, existing outside of their original bodies seems like a given.

What is surprising is that they can also exist when their new bodies have been taken over by someone else.

As Sailor Saturn was awakening within Hotaru, her body was taken over by another entity.

Mistress 9 used Hotaru and tried to destroy the Sailor Senshi, but Sailor Saturn bided her time.

Her soul remained in tact, waiting for Mistress 9’s defeat, before she again became a part of Hotaru.

1 Weakness: Sailor Moon

The Sailor Senshi exist as bodyguards to the princess of the Moon Kingdom. It is quite literally their job to keep the princess out of harm’s way so that the Moon Kingdom can flourish again.

This is a little difficult when the Moon Princess has been reincarnated as a warrior herself.

Sailor Moon’s fear of not being strong enough or of not being able to do the right thing often means that her friends head into battle first.

They are all willing to give their lives to make sure that Sailor Moon survives to become the princess she’s destined to be.

This makes Sailor Moon their biggest weak spot.


Did we manage to surprise you with any of the powers or weaknesses that the Sailor Senshi had in Sailor Moon? Ca you think of any others? Let us know in the comments!

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