Sailor Moon: 7 Sailor Senshi Who Could Take On Saturn (And 13 Who Don't Stand A Chance)

One of the most influential stories in the culture of Japan has to be Sailor Moon, the story of Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Saturn, and all the other Sailor Senshi. It's even more influential for young women, as it's one of the most prominent tales of young female protagonists saving the universe. The story began as a manga but has since been adapted into several anime series, a musical, a live action TV series, and video games. Sailor Moon has become an iconic character from Japan to the U.S.

With Sailor Moon comes several classic characters. These not only include her Inner Senshi, but also the Outer Senshi, guardians protecting the planets all across the milky way. All of the characters are tremendous for social movements - Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were openly gay, Tuxedo Mask, the only guy, was a typical damsel in distress, and the Sailor Starlights were cross-dressers.

Then there's Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Senshi's closest version to the grim reaper. Her purpose in the universe was to serve as a reset button, to reap their planets of evil if everything became too corrupted and dark. Not only was she terribly powerful, but she was also a strong, female character who was scary and yet also a good person. She's original and unique.

Understandably, this makes Sailor Saturn a little intimidating to the other characters. After all, her whole purpose is to destroy everything if the current leaders and Senshi step too far out of line. In the event that she turns on the universe, the Senshi would have to face off against Saturn and it's very unlikely that most of them could handle it.

Here are 7 Sailor Senshi Who Could Take On Saturn (And 13 Who Don't Stand A Chance).

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Sailor Cosmos in the Sailor Moon Manga Illustrations
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20 Could: Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos in the Sailor Moon Manga Illustrations

Sailor Cosmos is the future version of Usagi Tsukino, the young woman also known as Sailor Moon. While her friends fight for truth and justice, and love as teens, it all eventually leads to the utopian future world of Crystal Tokyo. Crystal Tokyo is lead by Neo-Queen Serenity (AKA Sailor Cosmos) and King Endymion, the elder versions of the show's main couple, Usagi and Mamoru.

Sailor Saturn is alarmingly powerful, but Sailor Cosmos is on another level.

She has defeated all the evil plaguing the universe and is the most powerful leader to ever exist. Saturn is meant to be the reset button when things go sideways, but if that ever displeases Sailor Cosmos, Saturn may not be able to fulfill her mission.

19 Couldn't Sailor Mars

Rei Hino is Sailor Mars, one of the most fiery and powerful fighters that the Sailor Senshi have to offer. She's a loyal warrior in battle and as a friend. Between her spirituality and her literal firepower, she's a force to be reckoned with. Her talismans pack a well-known punch and have taken down many fierce monsters on their own.

However, Sailor Saturn is the embodiment of constructive destruction. Despite Sailor Mars' strengths, she's not powerful enough to beat Saturn. Moreover, the anime version of Rei has a blazing temper that would often get the best of her in battle. Manga Sailor Mars may be more serious and calculating, but she still has a slim chance against Saturn. Her glaive is too powerful.

18 Couldn't: Sailor Mercury

Ami With the Sailor Mercury Symbol

The first Sailor Senshi that Usagi found was Ami Mizuno, better known as Sailor Mercury. Ami is hands down the most intelligent of the Senshi, being a top student in school, great with computers, and having a cool, logical mind for battle. She and Luna get along quickly, as they're the two doing most of the legwork to find possible monsters in Tokyo.

Ami's high intelligence would never be enough in a fight against Saturn, though.

It's invaluable in a relatively equal match, but the immense raw power of the reaping guardian. If Sailor Mercury was more powerful, this would be a different story, but as one of the weakest inner Senshi, Ami wouldn't stand an chance.

17 Could: Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto garnet orb

As the guardian of the time door, Sailor Pluto has a bit more tricks up her sleeve than the average Senshi. Not only is she powerful because she has to protect such an important door, but she's also powerful because she can use different aspects of its power. Though it's forbidden, she is able to stop time entirely. Though Setsuna only does this once, it is a fiercely strong ability.

Sailor Pluto is limited by her devotion to protecting the time door, as she only abandons it on occasion. However, in the case of Saturn destroying the universe, Setsuna may make an exception. With the strength to stop even time itself, she has one of the best shots at taking down Sailor Saturn if she deems it necessary.

16 Couldn't: Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Attacks Sailor Jupiter

When it comes to every day life, Makoto Kino is easily the toughest of the Sailor Senshi. Even her baking, love of flowers, and boy-craziness don't make her any less of a formidable teen. She often beats up delinquents in the name of justice. However, in battle as a crystal guardian, Sailor Jupiter is fairly average. Her powers of lightning are impressive, but past that, her abilities are par for the course. Makoto is a striking individual. Conversely, Sailor Jupiter is less unique.

If forced to face off against Sailor Saturn, Sailor Jupiter would be doomed.

Her flower and electric powers can hit hard at times, but they would do nothing to the frighteningly strong Saturn. Makoto is hardly the Senshi to pick to defend the universe from such an incorrigible, destructive power.

15 Couldn't: Sailor Quartet

The Sailor Quartet have been through a lot of frustrating trouble. They were trapped away in stones, corrupted by evil, lost their memories, gained back their memories, and trapped in stones again... It's all been a very difficult experience for them. However, regardless of their strife, these four Sailor Senshi are the bodyguards of Chibiusa and are guardians of the universe. Their purpose was always to protect good from evil.

Despite their noble purpose, though, if Saturn was to turn her reaper powers against the universe, the Sailor Quartet would be helpless. These four barely stood a chance against any of the inner Sailor Senshi, let alone one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Though powerful enough to help keep Chibiusa out of harm's way, they couldn't stand in Sailor Saturn's way without being destroyed.

14 Could: Sailor Chaos

Sailor Chaos is the evil combination of Chaos and the Galaxy Cauldron that eventually manifested into the fierce, menacing adversary that is warring against Sailor Cosmos in the future. The war is so demanding that Neo-Queen Serenity went into the past to try to convince her younger self to destroy both before they combined. However, this would destroy the universe, so she eventually changed her mind and went back to the future to continue waging war.

If Sailor Cosmos is afraid of Sailor Chaos, then her strength must be terribly frightening.

When it comes to Sailor Saturn? Well, if Chaos was such a threat, Cosmos already should have called upon her to help defeat this evil. Assuredly, the continuing war means that Saturn wasn't able to win.

13 Couldn't: Sailor Starlights

The Sailor Starlights are the most unique Senshi in the fact that they are most prominent in the public eye (they're pop stars) and that they are only cross-dressing as men and reveal their female forms to fight battles. They initially show up as adversaries clashing with the Senshi, but eventually band with them to find "their princess," Sailor Kakyuu.

Though they throw some wrenches in Sailor Moon's plans, the Sailor Starlights aren't exactly huge threats. They are just warriors on a rescue mission. The Starlights are a good team with good intentions, but they aren't very strong. If Saturn wanted to wipe them out, their teamwork wouldn't make up for her far superior feats of power.

12 Couldn't: Sailor Kakyuu

Sailor Kakyuu was once the princess of Kinmoku until it was destroyed by the evil Sailor Galaxia. Kakyuu is a kind soul with adept protective and healing powers. Despite the destruction of her planet, her loyal soldiers, the Sailor Starlights, worked very hard to find her afterwards. She was a beloved princess. However, she perished in a confrontation with Galaxia's underlings.

Though a valuable and powerful princess beloved by her people, Kakyuu works best with her defensive abilities, protecting her teammates.

She is hardly the strongest Senshi. Sailor Saturn's destructive forces would completely eradicate her. In the case of Saturn deciding it was time to rewrite the universe, similar to Galaxia, Kakyuu would once again be lost.

11 Could: Dark Sailor Mercury

Unlike her good counterpart, Dark Sailor Mercury is a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Ami's kindness and gentleness is gone, replaced by brutality and malevolence. Combining her intelligence with evil intent makes Sailor Mercury altogether more dangerous. In this corrupted form, Dark Sailor Mercury was able to take out all of the inner Senshi on her own.

With a new power and ruthlessness, Sailor Saturn may find true challenge against this version of Sailor Mercury. She's far more intimidating this way. Saturn is supremely strong, but Ami would know Saturn's limitations because of her age and such, and this dark form would likely use that to her advantage. This Sailor Mercury just might cause more trouble than Sailor Saturn can handle.

10 Couldn't: Sailor Luna

Luna is normally just Usagi's knowledgeable, alien cat, but in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the live-action version of the series, Luna also has the capability to turn into a Sailor Senshi herself. In most iterations of Sailor Moon, Luna is portrayed as an adult. However, the live action series puts Luna in a younger role. When she turns into her Sailor version, she's young like Sailor Mini Moon.

An older Luna might have a better shot against the frightening, destructive glaive of Sailor Saturn, but a young Sailor Luna wouldn't stand much a chance.

She'd be inexperienced, very small, and lack the manpower to do any damage against Saturn. Luna's best bet would be if the reaping guardian chose to spare her, and that's a very unlikely thing.

9 Couldn't: Sailor Chi and Phi

Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi in the Sailor Moon Manga

Many of Sailor Moon villains have lower-tiered underlings to help them in their endeavors. Unlike most underlings, though, Sailor Galaxia's minions are also Sailor Senshi themselves. Two of her strongest companions are Sailor Phi and Chi, the dastardly warriors who slayed the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Lethe, Sailor Kakyuu, and many more.

Sailor Phi and Chi were powerful adversaries for Sailor Moon and friends, causing them lots of trouble and anguish. As the subordinates of Galaxia, they were only a prelude of her power and still were quite powerful. However, against Sailor Saturn, this duo wouldn't pose much a threat. They were evil reapers themselves, preying on the Sailor Senshi's weaknesses to take their Star Seeds. However, Saturn's reaper is far more destructive and blatant. Their machinations couldn't save them from her.

8 Could: Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia was one of the fiercest foes Sailor Moon ever faced. Her aggressive conquest across the universe to dominate all Star Seeds was a tremendous, scary threat. She is the ultimate senshi of destruction who was born on a barren, lonely planet. Her powers are the only ones that rival Sailor Moon's in any way. Galaxia's efforts have taken over countless planets and destroyed many Sailor Senshi. She jeopardizes the entire universe with her plans.

Because of Galaxia's immense strength and destructive abilities, Saturn's own destructive power doesn't stand a chance.

Even as the reset button for the galaxy, Galaxia could stop Saturn in her heels. Saturn may be one of the strongest Outer/Inner Senshi, but she would have a hard time fighting through the strongest explosive force in the galaxy.

7 Couldn't: Sailor Mau

Luna, Artemis, and Diana come from a planet called Mau, where all of the people are dual-formed cat/human people who advise Queen Serenity, the leader of the Moon Kingdom. On their home planet, however, many troubles stirred in their absence. Their planet had a protector, Sailor Mau, but she was slain by Sailor Tin Nyanko for power and in order to gain favor with Sailor Galaxia.

From Luna and Artemis' distress, we know that Sailor Mau was a beloved and revered protector. However, her powers and goodness were not enough to save her from destruction. Though Sailor Mau was a good-hearted hero, falling to Sailor Galaxia's minions proves her inability to face off against someone like Saturn. In the wake of Saturn's handiwork, Sailor Mau would be doomed to fall all over again.

6 Couldn't: Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon Attack Space Sword Blaster by Sailor Uranus

One of the first Outer Senshi that Sailor Moon and friends meet is Sailor Uranus, otherwise known as Haruka Tenoh. Uranus excels in powers of the wind and sky. She's also an expert swordswoman. She fights dutifully side by side with Sailor Neptune, her partner in battle and romance.

As fierce as she is, she isn't one of the strongest Senshi, but she would still protect others until her last breath.

Face to face with Saturn, Uranus would do her best to protect others and stop Saturn's capacity for destruction. However, she hardly could take that kind of firepower head on and win. Saturn's powers would be too great and, ultimately, Sailor Unranus wouldn't stand a chance.

5 Could: Princess Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is most well-known as Usagi Tsukino, but she was once known by a different name: Princess Serenity. As the powerful and kind daughter of Queen Serenity, she used her abilities to protect the universe from evil. However, when the Moon Kingdom fell, so did Serenity and all of her friends. Queen Serenity used the last of her power to save their souls.

At times, instead of transforming into Sailor Moon, Usagi's body can be taken over by Princess Serenity and they can become Princess Sailor Moon. This version is powerful and far more ruthless than the clumsy Usagi can be. Saturn is strong, but she doesn't have the battle knowledge and experience that Princess Serenity does. This version of Sailor Moon could combat Saturn's abilities and put up a good fight.

4 Couldn't: Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon Crystal - Neptune

Sailor Neptune is a dedicated, elegant, and beautiful Sailor Senshi. Her cool head and demeanor give levity to a team full of very passionate, fiery women. Her powers are derived from the sea, but they also extend to precognition.With her partner and lover, Sailor Uranus, Neptune is a powerful guardian.  She has to be, after all, since with Pluto elsewhere protecting the time door, she's the outermost Senshi. When trouble comes to this galaxy, she's the first to face it.

While a strong teammate and guardian, Neptune wouldn't stand a chance against Sailor Saturn.

She simply doesn't have the firepower to fight back. That is, unless her planet has some secret defense weapon. Since this is unlikely, Neptune would not be a good match against Saturn's destruction.

3 Couldn't: Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Chibi Moon

Chibiusa is strange as a character, without talking about her powers. As the future daughter of Usagi and Mamoru, she's got some impressive genes and an interesting backstory. When in her Sailor Chibi Moon form, she is a young warrior who wants to protect the universe just as much as Sailor Moon and the other Senshi. However, being much younger than the other girls and out of her right time, Chibiusa has a bit of a disadvantage.

While it's cute for Usagi to be placed in the role of teacher, Chibi Moon knows too little, is too immature, and is much too weak to ever do well in a fight against Saturn. She needs quite a few more years of training in order to come into her own and stand any chance.

2 Could: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon, the leader and most powerful Senshi in the universe, is, of course, a heavy hitter. Usagi Tsukino may be scatter-brained and clumsy, but she believes in goodness and helping others. Her pure heart makes her a strong hero, as she draws on love to deal serious damage to any menacing foes. Disregarding any Sailor Senshi from the future, she is the ultimate power in her time.

Saturn would still cause Sailor Moon some trouble, but her reaping powers cannot stop the embodiment of love in the universe.

Though Saturn has a logical purpose, Sailor Moon would hardly let her loved ones be reset by a young girl with an intimidating glaive. Per usual, she'd try to save everyone no matter what using her boundless strength, and Saturn can't beat that.

1 Couldn't: Sailor Venus

The strongest warrior of the Inner Senshi (ignoring Sailor Moon) is easily Sailor Venus. Like Sailor Moon, Venus draws her power from love as well as light. If Sailor Moon fell, Sailor Venus would become the leader of them all. She also was the first to discover her powers and immediately became a hero for the people. Spending a year as a guardian under Artemis' sole guidance gave her a leg up in experience and has only added to her strength.

In the face of a power like Sailor Saturn, though, Venus would struggle to keep up the fight. Her expertise and strengths would make her better off than the others, but the Saturn glaive would still tear right through her. Venus may put up a decent fight, but Saturn would ultimately win.


Did we miss any other Sailor Senshi in Sailor Moon who could beat Saturn? Are there any others who couldn't? Let us know in the comments!

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