Sailor Moon: 10 Questions About Sailor Uranus, Answered

The Sailor Moon franchise followed a group of teenage girls as they fought to save the world from evil beings. Though most of the story centered on Sailor Moon and her Inner Senshi (Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter), the Outer Senshi (Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) eventually emerged to help save the day.

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Sailor Uranus was reincarnated from the Moon Kingdom’s fall as Haruka Tenou in the present day. She’s forever linked in the minds of fans to Sailor Neptune since the two were introduced as partners both in and out of the fight. Though the original English dubbing of the anime stripped their romantic relationship from the series, the characters were groundbreaking in manga and anime. Sailor Uranus, however, was more than just Sailor Neptune’s partner.

10 Does Sailor Uranus Have Any Civilian Backstory

Sailor Jupiter fights Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon Crystal

As more Sailor Senshi were added to the Sailor Moon franchise, the time spent with them outside of uniform shrunk. Fans only learned bits and pieces of the Outer Senshi’s civilian lives.

In the case of Haruka, all fans know about her is that she’s one year ahead of the Inner Senshi in school, and yet, she’s already made it as a race car driver. Even where her wealth came from, or her parents in this life, are never revealed.

9 How Did She Awaken Her Past Life Memories

Sailor Uranus And Sailor Neptune In Sailor Moon Crystal

Unlike the Inner Senshi, Sailor Uranus didn’t have the help of Luna or Artemis to restore her past memories to her. She had Michiru AKA Sailor Neptune.

Michiru was drawn to Haruka after awakening her own memories through her dreams. She knew Haruka had power; it just had to be unlocked. Sailor Uranus only remembered her past life by meeting and getting to know Sailor Neptune, which likely speaks to their closeness beyond being romantic partners.

8 Is Sailor Uranus Gender Fluid

Haruka Tenou Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi would likely say “no.” She’s made it clear that only women can become Sailor Senshi, and that Haruka is female in interviews over the last two decades. The modern adaptations of Sailor Moon, however, would beg to differ.

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In Sailor Moon Crystal, the most recent anime version for the franchise, Sailor Neptune remarks that Sailor Uranus is both male and female. She’s the first non-binary character referenced that way in the Sailor Moon franchise. While the Sailor Moon Stars arc of the 90s anime saw male pop stars transform into female Sailor Senshi, they were not explicitly referenced as non-binary.

7 How Is Her Blood Type Significant

Sailor Uranus In Sailor Moon Crystal

Sometimes, manga volumes provide additional statistics for characters that wouldn’t otherwise be mentioned throughout the course of the story. Some of Sailor Uranus’ stats appear at the back of manga volumes. A seemingly random one is that Sailor Uranus has the blood type B.

Interestingly, a lot of manga writers do include stats about characters’ blood types (see the Naruto franchise as a good example of it) due to the belief in Japanese culture that different personality types can be influenced by their blood types. In the case of Uranus, type B indicates wild behavior and a little selfishness. 

6 Why Did Viz Media Apologize To Sailor Uranus Fans

Michiru And Haruka In Sailor Moon 90s Anime

In both 2016 and 2019, Viz Media released new English translations of the 90s anime. 2019 saw the company reach the Sailor Moon Stars season of the series. Unfortunately for longtime fans who looked forward to the reappearance of Sailors Neptune and Uranus as a couple, they were in for a bit of a letdown.

The supplemental book that accompanied the release referenced the two Sailor Senshi as friends, and nothing more. Fans began writing to Viz Media to ask for a correction since the romantic relationship had already been eradicated from the 90s anime by the original English dubs. Viz issued a public apology through their twitter account, setting up a new printing of the books and citing a translation error for the incorrect wording.

5 Does Sailor Uranus Have Some Psychic Abilities

Outer Senshi In Sailor Moon Manga

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One of the Sailor Moon musicals in Japan took her slight psychic ability and her love for Sailor Neptune and combined them. When Sailors Uranus and Mercury teamed up, Haruka stopped suddenly because she could actually feel the moment Sailor Neptune was killed in battle.

4 Were She And Sailor Neptune Always A Couple

Sailor Neptune And Sailor Uranus

When Michiru met Haruka, it took some convincing to make the latter believe she was Sailor Uranus. Once the two began working together as Sailor Senshi, however, they were inseparable. While the 90s English dub made them “cousins,” the two were always supposed to be a romantic couple.

What’s not clear is how well they knew each other during the days of the Moon Kingdom. Both Sailor Senshi were stationed on their respective planets at the time as protectors of the outer reaches of the solar system. While fans know that the Inner Senshi stayed on the moon with Princess Serenity once they pledged their loyalty to her, the Outer Senshi did not. We don’t actually know if they even met before being reincarnated as humans in the modern day.

3 What Does Her Name Mean

Outer Senshi In Sailor Moon Crystal

Like all of the Sailor Senshi, Haruka Tenou’s name was created with her Senshi identity in mind. Takeuchi partially named all of the Sailor Senshi after their respective planets.

In the case of Sailor Uranus, her surname has two of the kanji present in the planet’s Japanese name. “Ten” translates to “sky” and “ō” to “king.” In Japanese, the word for Uranus is literally “sky king star” in “ten’ōsei.” On the other hand, “Haruka” translates to “distant,” which could be a reference to the idea of Uranus as the god of the skies far from Earth, but also to Haruka keeping herself separate from the Inner Senshi.

2 How Many Names Did She Have In English Translations

Sailor Moon Outer Senshi For Irwin Toys

Fans today know Sailor Uranus by her original name, Haruka Tenou. When Sailor Moon first received English translations, however, many people outside of Japan didn’t know what her original name was.

The 90s dub saw her as Amara, but that name isn’t the only one to appear in English translations. She had two other names as well. When Canadian company Irwin Toys released a line of Sailor Moon dolls, the names for Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune weren’t yet available to them. Sailor Uranus was listed as Corinn. Likewise, an editing error in the English manga published by Mixx saw her labeled as Alex. The latter was eventually corrected.

1 Does Sailor Uranus Have Earth Or Sky Based Powers

For fans interested in the mythology of the Sailor Senshi’s powers, this question is always an interesting one. After all, Sailor Uranus’ primary attack is “World Shaking,” which would seem to indicate her powers are based in the earth - like earthquakes. That isn’t the case.

Instead, like her “sky king” namesake, Sailor Uranus gets her abilities from the sky. Even her “World Shaking” actually sees her draw energy from the sky and literally throw it at the earth to break it apart.

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