Sailor Moon: 15 Things You Never Knew About Queen Serenity

When it comes to Sailor Moon characters, everyone has their favourite. Usagi is the easiest choice, being the loveable heroine of the story. Powerful yet endearing, Usagi makes Sailor Moon the amazing manga-anime franchise it is. However, there’s another Sailor Moon character who is just as cool, strong, and endearing as Usagi: her mother Queen Serenity.

Rarely seen, save for short flashbacks, Queen Serenity is a bit of a mystery. That’s probably why Queen Serenity is never a fan’s first choice when it comes to choosing a favourite character. To most, Queen Serenity is just some unseen mother figure who doesn’t really add much to the story.

There are, however, little hints and clues to Queen Serenity’s reign as the benevolent ruler of the Silver Millenium, which proves that isn’t the case. Queen Serenity may be a minor character in terms of appearances, but she had a major impact on Sailor Moon mythos. Without Queen Serenity, there would be no Sailor Moon, and not just because she’s Usagi’s mom.

Here are the 15 Things You Never Knew About Queen Serenity From Sailor Moon.

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15 She Technically Caused The Destruction Of The Moon Kingdom

Fighting evil doesn’t come without consequences, as Queen Serenity learned the hard way. When Queen Nehellenia, self-made ruler of the Dark Moon, made her appearance at the birth-celebration of Princess Serenity and threatened the peace of the Silver Millennium, Queen Serenity responded in kind. Confronting the evil ruler, Queen Serenity used the power of the Silver Crystal and her Moon Stick to seal Nehellenia inside a dark mirror, supposedly forever.

We know that this wouldn’t be the case, though, since Nehellenia breaks free thousands of years later. However, the evil queen exacts her revenge well before this. When being attacked by Queen Serenity, Nehellenia casts a curse onto the Moon Kingdom-- one that would cause the kingdom’s eventual fall and that Princess Serenity wouldn’t inherit the throne.

Nehellenia’s curse comes to fruition, with the Dark Kingdom and Queen Metaria acting as agents of destruction. One could then argue that, if Queen Serenity never sealed away Nehellenia, there would be no curse and Queen Metaria wouldn’t have destroyed the Moon Kingdom.

14 She Probably Gave Birth To Sailor Moon Asexually

Fathers don’t play much of a role in Sailor Moon, which may not be a big deal since the franchise focuses on strong women. Still, you’d think that a manga and show obsessed with past lives, reincarnations, and an incredibly involved mythology/history would delve into the husband of Queen Serenity. Or, in other words, the identity of the father to the original Princess Serenity would have been revealed.

There is an easy answer to this, though: Princess Serenity doesn’t have a father. Queen Serenity gave birth to Princess Serenity all on her own.

When it comes to physiology, the people of the Moon Kingdom defy all the normal rules. Their lives extend hundreds of years. Queen Serenity is also unique for the fact that she is a goddess, and deities don’t really need to reproduce like us normal folk.

If you know your Greek myth, you know that the gods can have kids in some really weird ways. Athena is the best example, a goddess who literally sprang from the head of her father Zeus. Queen Serenity probably did something similar to give birth to Princess Serenity, with many theorizing that the queen conceived her child through the Galaxy Cauldron.

13 She Was Nearly Replaced With A Fairy

All Sailor Moon fans know that, when the Sailor Senshi first visit the moon, they’re greeted by Queen Serenity. Well, not Queen Serenity in the flesh, but a digitized version of the deceased queen. Queen Serenity then delves into the history of the Moon Kingdom and the battle with Queen Metaria’s dark forces.

Originally, however, Queen Serenity didn’t play the role of greeter and historian. Sailor Moon’s creator Naoko Takeuchi has originally intended a “Moon Fairy” by the name of Diana to greet the Sailor Senshi.

Only now found in the Materials Collection and the Sailor Moon Anime Album for season one, Diana was scrapped during the production of the manga. Diana was supposed to be an energetic sprite who loved to chat and didn’t mesh very well with Luna.

However, again, the character was scrapped and Takeuchi opted to have Queen Serenity welcome Sailor Moon at the ruins of the Moon Kingdom.

12 She’s Technically Only 18

Queen Serenity’s age is something of a mystery. No one really knows when she was born, when she became queen, or how long she ruled for before the collapse of the Moon Kingdom. Given the incredibly long lives people from the Moon Kingdom have, one could reason that Queen Serenity is thousands of years old, presiding over the Moon Kingdom throughout the Silver Millennium.

Strangely, the Materials Collection art book for Sailor Moon says that Queen Serenity is only eighteen years old, but how can this even be possible? Sure, those hailing from the Moon Kingdom live a long time but that doesn’t mean they just stop aging entirely, right?

Well, it’s hard to answer this last question, but we do know that Queen Serenity is the bearer of the Silver Crystal, so it’s theorized that, once she became its official user (likely at the age of adulthood, so 18), she stopped aging completely.

Physically, then, Queen Serenity is only 18, despite being incredibly old chronologically by the time she dies. It’s also worth noting that the anime has Queen Serenity seem a bit older, appearing to be in her mid-twenties.

11 She Might Have Had A Star-Crossed Love Affair

No one really knows who Princess Serenity’s father was (if she had a father at all, that is) but some fans have a fun theory about Queen Serenity’s husband. Some fans have posited that her father is from another solar system.

It’s hinted that Queen Serenity also hails from another solar system. So the theory goes that Queen Serenity met and fell in love with a man, became pregnant with his child, but then something awful happened, causing the death of Queen Serenity’s lover and forcing the queen to flee her home. Queen Serenity then made a pact with the Galaxy Cauldron that her daughter would share her star seed, before settling on the moon.

There are a few holes in the theory, yes, but it does make some inconsistencies in Sailor Moon make sense. For example, Usagi’s blonde hair would be explained, a trait passed down from her father. The theory also creates some cool parallels between Queen Serenity and her daughter, both going through tragic romances and forced to live on a planet that isn’t originally their home.

10 She Basically Ruled The Galaxy

"Queen" is literally in Queen Serenity’s name, so it’s easy to recognize the character’s royal stature. However, as the ruler of the Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity’s reign extended far beyond Earth’s celestial satellite. We know that the Moon Kingdom had ties to Earth, but the Earth Kingdom had their own monarchy, Prince Endymion’s family.

The rest of the galaxy, though, was probably under Queen Serenity’s rule. We know that the past version of the Inner Guardians lived with Queen Serenity on the moon. The Outer Guardians, however, lived on their respective planets, put on their posts by Queen Serenity herself.

As servants of the queen, the Outer Guardians (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, specifically) guarded the Moon Kingdom from invaders of the solar system. Queen Serenity basically called the shots from Earth all the way to Pluto, so she pretty much ruled the entire galaxy.

9 She’s The Complete Opposite Of Queen Metalia

When it comes to mirror-images or foils of Queen Serenity, Queen Nehellenia is usually the first example that comes to mind. Queen Nehellenia is the ruler of the Dead Moon, after all, so it’s easy to see the character as the evil opposite of Queen Serenity.

However, when it comes to complete opposites, Queen Metaria fits the bill too, and arguably even better. When spelled out in Japanese in the manga, Queen Metaria’s name is misspelled, purposefully, to attach a “kuriso” prefix. “Kuriso” can also be seen as “chryso.” When you add the chryso- prefix to Queen Metaria’s name, the meaning changes, signifying the metal gold. Also, Queen Metaria was born out of a radioactive event on the sun.

When you take all that into account, Queen Metaria is an evil entity from the sun who signifies gold. Queen Serenity, on the other hand, is a benevolent ruler of the Moon Kingdom during the era of the Silver Millennium. See, complete opposites.

8 Her Hair Color Changes Throughout The Series

There are a lot of things different between the original Sailor Moon anime and the newer incarnation of the series, Sailor Moon Crystal. One rather odd similarity, though, is the fact that Queen Serenity’s hair color changes in both series.

Back in episode 35 of the original anime, when we first get to see Queen Serenity, she has blonde hair almost exactly like Usagi’s. Then, in all of her other appearances, Queen Serenity’s hair is white-silver.

A similar switch is made in Crystal. During the opening sequence, Queen Serenity has blonde hair, pretty much identical to Usage. After episode 6, however, the animators change Queen Serenity’s look, coloring her with silver hair and changing her eye color.

As a fun fan theory, some people believe that, when someone assumes the role of queen of the Moon Kingdom, like Queen Serenity and Usagi do, their hair color changes to silver. With this in mind, it’s believed that Queen Serenity’s original hair color was pink, the same as her granddaughter Chibiusa.

7 She (Kind Of) Let Queen Metalia Come Back

After causing the death of her daughter and destruction of her kingdom, you’d think that Queen Serenity would have nothing but hatred for Queen Metaria. She does, which is why the queen of the Moon Kingdom uses the Silver Crystal to destroy Metaria and seal the evil entity away. The thing is, though, that while Queen Serenity is the person who ultimately defeated Queen Metaria the first time around, she’s also the reason Metaria returns.

It’s all due to the Silver Crystal. As an object of immeasurable power, the Silver Crystal can pretty much let its user do anything, which is why Queen Serenity is so powerful. However, there is a catch. To use the Silver Crystal to its full potential, you need to have a pure heart, which was Queen Serenity’s downfall.

Since Queen Serenity’s heart was filled with grief after the death of her daughter, she couldn’t use the Silver Crystal completely. So the seal she placed on Queen Metalia was imperfect, allowing the dark creature to stay alive and return one thousand years later. Of course, this wasn’t intentional on Queen Serenity’s part, but her act did lead to Queen Metaria’s return.

6 She Gave Sailor Pluto Her Sacred Duty

As the Guardian of the Time Door, Sailor Pluto has the most intense mission out of all the Sailor Senshi. Unable to leave her post, it’s Pluto’s job to ensure time is never corrupted. Pluto’s father is also said to be the god Cronos, so Pluto may be one of the oldest Sailor Senshi in the universe. No one really knows how long Pluto has stood guard at the Time Door, but we do know who assigned Pluto to her post: Queen Serenity.

During a flashback scene it’s revealed that Queen Serenity instructed Sailor Pluto, who was a young girl at the time, to guard the Time Door. Before leaving, Queen Serenity outlines to Pluto the three rules she can never break: never travel through time, never leaving the Space-Time door unguarded, and never stop time.

Queen Serenity said that the last rule was the most important, and if broken, it could kill Pluto. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to Pluto when she stops time to save Chibiusa.

5 She Basically Lives In A Computer On The Moon

Even though the Moon Kingdom of the past is shown to be somewhat fairytale-esque, it was an incredibly advanced society. Able to create an artificial climate on the moon, the Moon Kingdom also had a highly advanced computer system dubbed "Eternity Main System.” This computer is so high-tech, in fact, it can literally store an entire personality, as was the case with Queen Serenity.

Thanks to the wonders of Moon Kingdom technology (which may be a fusion of magic and science), Queen Serenity was able to live on past her death, downloading her essence into the computer databanks of the Moon Kingdom.

This is how Queen Serenity is able to greet the Sailor Senshi when they first venture to the moon. Not simply an AI construct or a basic recording, this is Queen Serenity (at least parts of her), which is why the computer-generated queen can have a conversation with the Sailor Senshi and not just spout one or two phrases.

Oddly, we never get to see much of Queen Serenity, even though she’s basically living in a computer on the moon. You’d think Usagi would visit more often to chat.

4 She Can Use The Silver Crystal From Beyond The Grave

The Silver Crystal is, quite literally, the most powerful weapon in the universe. Able to bend space and time, the Silver Crystal grants its user power akin to a god. Even death isn’t a major hurdle for someone who commands the Silver Crystal, as is the case with Queen Serenity, who is able to use the Silver Crystal from beyond the grave.

When Racy, the fifth Cardian ordered by Alan and Ann to accrue power for the Doom Tree, destroys Sailor Moon’s locket during episode 5 of Sailor Moon R, Usagi is rendered defenceless. The monster then sucks Usagi (and Luna) into a portal, and things look grim.

That is, until, Queen Serenity appears. Using the power of the Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity is able to restore and upgrade Sailor Moon’s transformation locket. The Queen also gives Sailor Moon her sceptre, another power upgrade. None of this would be possible if not for Queen Serenity’s death-defying ability to wield the Silver Crystal.

3 She’s The Reason Why Luna And Artemis Are Around

Luna is one of the greatest Sailor Moon characters ever. From the start of the show, Luna is the calm (and sassy) voice of reason who guides Usagi in her transformation from crybaby to independent and fierce warrior. There would be no Sailor Moon if there wasn’t Luna. Oh yeah, and Artemis is cool too, but we wouldn’t have either character if it weren’t for the sensible action of Queen Serenity.

Having already sealed Queen Metaria away and prompting the resurrection of her fallen daughter and friends, Queen Serenity still had one task left. The queen needed to ensure that her reincarnated daughter would have a guide and protector when the Dark Kingdom returned. Quite sensibly, Queen Serenity places Luna and Artemis into stasis so that they can reawaken hundreds of years later when the princess of the Moon Kingdom was reincarnated.

Describing this act as her “last testament,” this is some really solid parenting on Queen Serenity’s part. The queen knew she wouldn’t be around to protect her daughter, so she provided the next best thing: a couple of talking cats.

2 She’s Just As Powerful As Eternal Sailor Moon

When it comes to raw power, no one holds a candle to Sailor Moon, and that’s especially true when she unlocks the full power of the Silver Crystal to become Eternal Sailor Moon. The only person who’s power rivals Eternal Sailor Moon is Queen Serenity.

In the manga, when Usagi first transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon, her power-level is directly compared to Queen Serenity’s. This is saying something, because Queen Serenity is incredibly strong.

When the snow-monster Princess Kaguya attacks, the evil creature says it took her 4.5 billion years to regenerate from Queen Serenity’s attack. Further testament to Queen Serenity’s power comes when a backstory tale in the manga shows her surviving inside of the Galaxy Cauldron. An environment that can eradicate souls and star seeds, Queen Serenity, with the power of the Silver Crystal, is able to retain her physical form inside the Galaxy Cauldron.

Queen Serenity is also able to travel from the cauldron to the moon in the span of 9 months. That’s 26,000 lightyears, so no only is Queen Serenity strong, she’s also super fast traveler. Needless to say, Usagi’s power is definitely an inherited trait.

1 Her Name Is Inspired By Greek Myth

As a godly figure in the anime and manga, it makes sense then that Queen Serenity’s name would be inspired by a goddess. In Greek myth, Selene is the goddess of the moon. A Titan, Selene is the original moon goddess who is later succeeded by the Olympian Artemis.

Selene, in one mythological tale, falls in love with a human named Endymion, and since the goddess knows she’ll outlive her mortal lover, she has him put into a magic-induced sleep. The whole Selene/Endymion relationship is definitely tied closer to Usagi, but Usagi does eventually take up her mother’s namesake.

Queen Serenity’s name also has ties to the moon itself-- or a physical location on the moon, that is. There’s a particular basin on the moon called the “Mare Serenitatis” or “Sea of Serenity” in English. This is actually where the Sailor Senshi meet the digitized memory of Queen Serenity at the ruins of the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity’s name, then, is a fusion of Selene and the Mare Serenitatis.


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