Sailor Moon: 15 Things Only True Fans Know About Mini Moon's Dark Side, The Black Lady

When Sailor Moon fans first saw Mini Moon literally fall from the sky in front of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, they had no idea who or what this character was. But one thing was certain: she was most definitely related to them. Fans later discovered that Mini Moon was their daughter from the future and came from a place called Crystal Tokyo, a utopian world that was now under attack by the Black Moon Clan. And Chibiusa needed help in waking her future mother, Queen Serenity, so that her world could become better then.

Things did not go according to plan. When Mini Moon ran back to the future, with the Sailor Scouts right behind her, she fell under the spell of a villain only known as Wiseman, a mysterious cloaked figure that had the power to take Mini Moon's greatest fears and insecurities and turn them against her. This turned her into Black Lady, an older and more evil version of herself. As Black Lady, Mini Moon became part of the Black Moon Clan, which made her an enemy of her family and the Sailor Scouts.

Although Black Lady only survived a short time, there is still a lot that only hardcore fans really know about her.

Here are Sailor Moon: 15 Things Only True Fans Know About Black Lady.

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Chibiusa and Wiseman
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15 How Mini Moon became Black Lady

Chibiusa and Wiseman

In the original Sailor Moon anime, Mini Moon harbors a lot of guilt over things that have happened in Crystal Tokyo. She feels partially responsible for her mother being in a coma and for the Black Moon Clan slowly trying to take over the world. This is because once she travels back to the future, she hears her father, King Endymion, say that the Silver Crystal disappeared right before all this happened.

Mini Moon ran away, but Wiseman found her and began to show her visions that capitalized on her insecurities and fears. In these visions, Chibiusa saw everyone that she cared for blaming her for the fall of Crystal Tokyo. Wiseman told her that only he could tell the others that it wasn't her fault, but that she must succumb to him in order to do that. Mini Moon, being young and impressionable, immediately agreed and fell under Wiseman's spell.

The spell corrupted her soul so that she took on a new form: that of a wickedly-dressed young woman.

It was then that Mini Moon became evil, blinded by the lies told to her by Wiseman. This was the birth of Black Lady (or Wicked Lady as she was known in the anime).

14 Black Lady’s look was inspired by an ad for perfume

In both the anime and the manga, Black Lady has a very specific look. Although Mini Moon was a very young girl, Black Lady is a grown up, and she dresses like one. She wears a low-cut gown that has a slit that goes up the sides of each of her legs. She is the very definition of a gothic villain, although mentally, she still retains a lot of the young girl she once was.

The sleeves and chest of her dress are a transparent organdy with diamonds on the cuffs. She wears high heels and sports black crystal earrings and a diamond-studded collar. What's most interesting, though, is that this look comes from something in the real world: an advertisement for a perfume.

The perfume was Yves Saint Laurent's. A model in that ad wore a dress that is similar to Black Lady's, with the ad's colors being similar to the magentas and dark pinks that the villain sports.

That perfume became controversial not only for its name, but also for even more suggestive ads that featured a lot more skin from its models. Mini Moon's new look was to show viewers that she was not, technically, the same person when she became Black Lady.

13 The creator thought Black Lady’s dress in the anime was too revealing

Black Lady

One of the things that make some fans most uncomfortable about Black Lady's appearance is that she is, essentially, an inappropriate image of someone who is still, mentally, very young. Deep inside that body is Mini Moon, and that is a little weird.

Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi drew her that way for a reason: she wanted to show just how different this new villain, Black Lady, was from the little girl she transformed from, Chibiusa. However, Takeuchi did once say that although she drew the character herself, she later wondered if she had not made the dress a little too revealing.

She spoke about this in Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Volume II and revealed that she was even more shocked about how much more revealing the dress appeared in the anime. "This is my favorite Black Lady picture. I really like to draw pictures like this. It was easy and I could finish it in no time. I was not sure if the slit went too high up or if it was a bit extreme. But, to my surprise, the slit went even higher up in the animation. I watched it every week with my heart going pitter-pat."

12 She snuck past US censors

Tuxedo Mask and Black Lady

When Sailor Moon first aired in the U.S., it experienced a lot of censorship. Not only were relationships changed between some of the characters (for example, the gay couple of Sailors Uranus and Neptune became cousins in the North American version of the series), but entire scenes were deleted for being too provocative. However, what's interesting is that Black Lady experienced very little censorship despite the weirdness involved. Not only that, but her dress had slits that went all the way past her hips, leaving very little to the imagination.

There was even that very uncomfortable kiss between her and Tuxedo Mask, that would probably make some feel that things had gone too far. However the US very strange because its Broadcasts and Standards actually allow for that kind of content on one condition. If the character is a villain, it's totally okay for them to show a lot of skin, even if they're younger.

That's sort of bizarre considering that the gay relationship between Uranus and Neptune got completely deleted, but, apparently, if a someone is a bad guy, it's totally okay to show them in an inappropriate way in a cartoon.

11 Mini Moon was the second protagonist on Sailor Moon to turn evil

Tuxedo Mask and Queen Beryl

It's a good start for an interesting story arc: the good guy somehow gets manipulated into becoming the bad guy and then goes up against everyone he or she loves. There's a lot of room for drama in such storylines, so it's not a big stretch in seeing it a lot in anime. Mini Moon got turned into Black Lady, a villain of the Sailor Scouts, which made things difficult for them because they did not want to hurt her. But this was not the first time that happened in Sailor Moon.

The first protagonist to become a villain was actually Tuxedo Mask.

In the first big story arc of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask falls under the spell of the evil Queen Beryl. And Queen Beryl uses him to attack the Sailor Scouts, which breaks Sailor Moon's heart because this is when she realized that he is her long-lost soulmate; the man that she loved when she lived as a princess in the Moon Kingdom.

It broke her heart again when Mini Moon fell under the spell of evil, because she learned that Mini Moon was, in fact, her daughter from the future - someone she certainly did not want to fight.

10 Her original name

Black Lady Artbook

Any Sailor Moon fan who has seen some of the artbooks knows that Takeuchi spends a lot of time in getting all the details of her characters just right. Although Black Lady doesn't even appear much in the anime and manga, her appearance and personality were all something her creator carefully thought about, right down to what her villain name would become.

Even after Takeuchi knew what the character would look like, she struggled with that name. One of the first name ideas that came to mind was "The Black Queen," but Takeuchi then later settled on "Black Lady," probably because she didn't want to confuse readers with the concept of another queen.

Black Lady is really Mini Moon, who is not a queen, but a princess.

The Queen of the Moon Kingdom was Queen Serenity, after all. It also makes to call her "Black Lady" because when she was Mini Moon, almost everyone referred to her as "Small Lady," so it's a reminder that deep inside of Black Lady is the little girl that the Sailor Scouts love. It's also reminds readers that this is a villain that they cannot destroy because she is still really just an innocent little girl under an evil spell.

9 In the manga, she turns evil because she's a lonely princess

Black Lady manga

It's interesting to note how the original anime series and the manga vary in so many different ways. Perhaps that's because the anime needed a lot of filler to make more episodes than they had story for in the manga, but whatever the reasons, a lot of the story just ended up getting changed when the Toei Animation created the anime series.

One of the key differences was how Chibiusa became Black Lady. In the anime, she runs away after she overhears a conversation that makes her believe that she's the reason for the fall of Crystal Tokyo (she was the one responsible for taking the missing Silver Crystal, after all). Wiseman finds her and then uses this guilt against her to transform her into a villain. Things progressed a little differently in the manga.

In that story, Chibiusa is just really lonely, being the sole princess in the Kingdom.

She's also a character out of time and away from her mother (who is in a coma) and father (who is fighting against the Black Moon Clan). She wanders into a fourth dimension, where she meets Wiseman. Wiseman uses her loneliness against her, which is what turns her into Black Lady.

8 Black Lady summons the evil planet Nemesis


Throughout the course of the Black Moon Clan storyline, Wiseman seems to be the progenitor of the war that led to the defeat of Crystal Tokyo. He is the villain, but he appears cloaked and mysterious, with very little information given on exactly who he is and why he wants to overthrow Crystal Tokyo so much.

After he meets Black Lady, manga readers (and viewers of Sailor Moon Crystal) got more details about who he really was and what he really wanted. Wiseman was once human, but after being kicked out of Crystal Tokyo and sent to the planet Nemesis, he merged his soul with that of the planet and became Nemesis himself.

Nemesis, the 10th planet in the solar system, is full of dark energy, thanks to the evil dark crystals that grow in abundance there. It is these crystals that Wiseman uses to control the Black Moon Clan, as well as Black Lady. When Demande breaks from Wiseman's spell, he manages to take out Wiseman's physical form, but Black Lady just laughs and calls forth the villain's true form, the planet Nemesis.

This is when the Sailor Scouts learn what they're really up against: a powerful villain with a grudge.

7 How Sailor Moon turned Black Lady back into Mini Moon

Wicked Lady

Because Mini Moon was so beloved by the Sailor Scouts, particularly her future parents, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, it was important that the team figure out a way to bring her back to her true self after Wiseman transformed her into Black Lady.

In the original anime series, Sailor Moon struggles to bring Mini Moon back, trying to help her remember who she really is and by telling her that she had people who deeply cared for her. Mone of Sailor Moon's efforts worked. Meanwhile, Wiseman tries to use Black Lady's body as a way of channeling his negative energy to continue his destruction of the world.

It isn't until Sailor Moon pulls out her Silver Crystal and transforms into Princess Serenity that Mini Moon snaps out of the spell.

The power of the Silver Crystal transforms Black Lady back into Mini Moon after she sees the image of her mother through Princess Serenity. This breaks Wiseman's hold over her and she once more becomes a little girl and brings her back to her true self. It is her love for her mother (and Sailor Moon, who will someday become her mother) that brings her back to who she really is.

6 But in the manga and Sailor Moon: Crystal, it was Sailor Pluto who brought Chibiusa back

Sailor Pluto's death

In the manga, and later on in Sailor Moon Crystal, the story of how Black Lady becomes Mini Moon again is entirely different. It is Mini Moon's love for someone other than her parents that pulls her back into herself.

One of Mini Moon's only friends in Crystal Tokyo is Sailor Pluto. She befriends the Sailor Scout after discovering her guarding the door to space and time. The two, having served lonely existences in their respective roles in Crystal Tokyo, soon grow to care about each other. When Crystal Tokyo needs saving from the Black Moon Clan, Sailor Pluto breaks the rules given to her by Queen Serenity and allows Mini Moon to travel back in time to get help. In the manga, it is the passing of Sailor Pluto that gets to Black Lady the most.

This loss triggers her to remember how she felt about one of her closest friends and transforms her back into Mini Moon.

This was the third rule broken by Sailor Pluto: she stopped time to prevent the two Silver Crystals from coming into contact and destroying the world. This not only brought Mini Moon back, but also triggered her own Sailor Scout powers and she became Sailor Mini Moon.

5 When Mini Moon gets older, the Sailor Scouts mistake her for Black Lady

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon switched ages

In the Sailor Moon manga, Mini Moon got another chance at growing up a little faster than is normal. In Act 39, PallaPalla switches the ages between Sailor Moon and Mini Moon so that Sailor Moon is Mini Moon's age and Mini Moon is Sailor Moon's age.

When the other Sailor Scouts see Mini Moon all grown up again, they immediately freak out because they still remember how awful Black Lady was. 

They assume that Mini Moon has actually become Black Lady again. Although they eventually learn the truth, it still makes things extremely awkward for everyone involved. Tuxedo Mask must deal with the fact that his future wife is now a child and his child is now a teenager. Diana, though, still comments on what a lovely young lady Mini Moon has become, in spite of the fact that she is only a young lady because of a spell.

After Mercury sends out an alert for help, though, the two transform into their new Sailor Scouts forms, which breaks the spell that had them switch ages. They return to normal and all is well with the world again. They destroy the enemy threatening Mercury and save the day.

4 Black Lady's feelings about Luna-P

Wicked Lady and Luna-P

It's kind of interesting trying to figure out why there are some differences in the anime vs. the manga. Why did the original anime series take such a wide departure on certain stories and plots?

One of those differences that is most perplexing is how the anime treated Luna-P. Luna-P was a sort of magical ball that Mini Moon kept around as a child, as her only link with the world of Crystal Tokyo. Through Luna-P, she had some small powers and the ball also served as a communication device with Sailor Pluto in the future.

In the anime, Black Lady still seems to have an affinity for Luna-P, and she even uses it in her attacks. The ball never leaves her side. This differs greatly from the manga: in that version, Black Lady makes a point of saying that she has no need of Luna-P again because it is a childish thing that she has outgrown. She called it a "stupid toy" and ignored it.

Why the anime series decided to go in a different direction with the ball is anyone's guess, but perhaps they wanted to show that there was still some of Mini Moon inside the very grown up body of Black Lady.

3 In the original anime, she was known as Wicked Lady

Wicked Lady

As previously pointed out, there are some major differences between the original anime series and the manga. Although Sailor Moon Crystal seeks to serve as an adaptation much closer to the original source, the original anime series still seems as popular as ever, even with the changes it made from the initial story. Sometimes those changes were pretty huge: entire plot points got changed or outright deleted. Other changes were a little more subtle and involved the names of the characters.

In the manga, Chibiusa transformed into the villain Black Lady. In the original anime series, though, she became Wicked Lady.

The character is essentially the same: a brainwashed and grown up version of Mini Moon, a villain who served Wiseman to act as a human form for negative energy.

Why the anime series decided to go with a different name is anyone's guess, although perhaps it felt it made it more clear that she was a villain by using the name "Wicked Lady" over "Black Lady." She became Black Lady again in Sailor Moon Crystal, though, so that is probably the name she is most widely known as. Still, the alias "Wicked Lady" often gets used when referring to her.

2 Her powers allowed her to control energy waves and teleport

Black Lady

Although Chibusa had no powers beyond the small ones granted to her by having Luna-P, when she became Black Lady, that all changed. Because Wiseman filled her with his dark negative energy, she became a very powerful foe for the Sailor Scouts.

Of course, that made things difficult, because although she did not hesitate in attacking those people who were once her friends and family, they did not want to attack her because they still cared for her and knew that she was under the influence of Wiseman's spell.

Wicked Lady not only had the power to teleport to any location that she wanted, but she also had attack powers that proved devastating.

Her powers allowed her to control dark energy waves and use them against those she deemed her enemies - like the Sailor Scouts.

Although she used Luna-P to help her powers in the original anime series, in the manga, she relied solely on her new powers to attack. In the Sailor Moon musicals, she has two very specific attacks, given names by the scripts: Dark Break and Dark Power. In the video games, her powers were Genkaku, Dokugiri and Kamaitachi. Whatever their names, though, they all came from the dark energy given to her by Wiseman.

1 She could not use the power of the Silver Crystal in her Black Lady form

Chibusa and the Silver Crystal

The Silver Crystal is probably one of the most powerful items in all the Sailor Moon universe and lies behind much of the power held by Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the Sailor Scouts. It has the power to transform brainwashed humans back into themselves, as well as the power as to turn monsters and villains to dust.

The Silver Crystal is even so powerful that if its future and past self merged, it would destroy the universe - something Demande attempted before being thwarted by Sailor Pluto. This was a power that was always with Mini Moon as princess of Queen Serenity, the original holder of the Silver Crystal. However, although Mini Moon had this power inside of her all along, she could not use it when she was Black Lady.

This is never explained, but it was probably because the negative energy inside of Black Lady prevented it or even canceled it out.

Or perhaps it is because only the pure of heart could use the Silver Crystal (which explains why Sailor Moon can use it easily). However, once Black Lady became Mini Moon again, the Silver Crystal's power became available to her and even helped her find her Sailor Scout self, Sailor Mini Moon.


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