15The Sailor Quartet

The Sailor Quartet, also known as the Asteroid Scouts, represent four of the asteroids in the Solar System's asteroid belt. Their names are Sailor Vesta, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Ceres, and Sailor Juno.

The four of them will serve as the Scout team for Sailor Moon's daughter in the future. If you

are not familiar with them, it is because they have only appeared in the manga and musicals.

They appeared in the anime, but were not Sailor Scouts. The quartet were sealed into Amazon stones to sleep until it was time to protect Sailor Mini Moon. They were released early and corrupted by Queen Nehellenia of the Dead Moon Circus.

After the Dead Moon Circus is defeated, their true forms are revealed and they are sealed back into their stones. While the scouts are powerful, fans barely get the chance to know them. Also, their hair is very weird...

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