Sailor Moon: Every Sailor Scout Ranked Worst To Best

Sailor Moon tells the story of a team of magical soldiers who each represent a plant in the Solar System. They are led by the princess of the Moon Kingdom.

Together, they protect the Solar System from evil and injustice. The manga debuted in the early 1990s and was later adapted into two anime series, three animated movies, a live-action television show, and even a musical. The series is one of the most popular in the world and a hit with critics.

The Sailor Scouts are a diverse group of girls, with each character brining their own uniqueness to the story. The variety of characters in the series shows that girl power can take many forms.

However, let's be real-- we all have our favorite. Fans have strong opinions over which Sailor Scout is the best. Since the series premiered, we have all debated over which one is the strongest, who has the best attacks and other powers, who has the most interesting backstory, who is the most annoying, who is the prettiest, and even who has the best hair.

Taking into account factors like their powers, personalities, character development, and popularity with fans, here is our list of Every Sailor Scout Ranked Worst To Best.

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15 The Sailor Quartet

The Sailor Quartet, also known as the Asteroid Scouts, represent four of the asteroids in the Solar System's asteroid belt. Their names are Sailor Vesta, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Ceres, and Sailor Juno.

The four of them will serve as the Scout team for Sailor Moon's daughter in the future. If you are not familiar with them, it is because they have only appeared in the manga and musicals.

They appeared in the anime, but were not Sailor Scouts. The quartet were sealed into Amazon stones to sleep until it was time to protect Sailor Mini Moon. They were released early and corrupted by Queen Nehellenia of the Dead Moon Circus.

After the Dead Moon Circus is defeated, their true forms are revealed and they are sealed back into their stones. While the scouts are powerful, fans barely get the chance to know them. Also, their hair is very weird...

14 Tuxedo Mask

Have you ever wondered why there is no Sailor Earth? That is because, technically, Tuxedo Mask serves the role as protector of Earth. He possesses the Golden Crystal, which is the Earth's equivalent of Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal.

Every Sailor Scout posses a Sailor Crystal representing their own planet. Tuxedo Mask is the only known male character to have one. In the manga and Crystal anime, he has a magic attack like the Sailor Scouts called Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber, which blasts energy out of his hands.

The Golden Crystal is supposedly equal in power to Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal. However, it seems like most of the time he throws rose petals, looks dreamy, gets kidnapped, and waits for the girls to rescue him.

13 Sailor Mini Moon

Sailor Mini Moon often gets criticized by Western audiences for being annoying and weak in battle. She is Sailor Moon's daughter from the future. Her powers did not awaken in her timeline for hundreds of years and she was only able to transform into her warrior form after traveling to the past.

Since she is the youngest, she is still technically a Sailor in training. Her main attack, Pink Sugar Heart Attack, is also unreliable and relatively weak range in the original anime.

However, the attack is stronger is the manga. Personality wise, some fans do not like how sassy she is to her mother and see it as disrespectful. However, as the series progresses, she grows into a more mature person and a powerful warrior.

12 Sailor Mercury

Ami With the Sailor Mercury Symbol

Sailor Mercury was consistently the most popular character among Japanese audiences. Sometimes, she was even more popular than the titular character herself.

Many believe this is because she represents the type of student that Japanese culture values. Sailor Mercury serves a very valuable role as the brains and strategist of the inner Scout team and offers technological skills as well.

However, on her own she is not the strongest warrior. The majority of her moves, which are based on ice and water, are defensive rather than offensive. While this helps protect her teammates and stalls the enemy, it means that she rarely seriously wounds or defeats a foe on her own.

Furthermore, it seems like her personality is defined by being the smartest one in the group.

11 The Sailor Starlights

The Sailor Starlights are a team of Sailor Scouts from the planet Kinmoku in another solar system. Their names are Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer.

In the manga, they cross-dress as men in their civilian forms and in the anime they can switch genders. They come into contact with the Sailor Scouts while they are tracking down the ruler of their solar system, Princess Kakyuu.

They are considered unwelcome intruders on Earth, particularly by the Sailor Scouts of the Outer Solar System. The scouts are powerful enough to survive several battles with the most powerful Sailor Scout in the galaxy and later help Sailor Moon defeat Chaos.

However, they are killed in this battle and it is unclear if they are revived. While they are strong and certainly interesting characters, they are not given much time to develop in the series.

10 Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Attacks Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter is the most physically powerful of the Sailor Scouts of the Inner Solar System-- strong enough to pick up and slam a Youma to the ground before she even transformed into her Scout form.

She is also trained in martial arts and is the hand-to-hand combatant of the Inner Scout team. In addition to her combat strength, she has powerful and unique magical attacks based around thunder and nature.

Sailor Jupiter is a developed and relatable character. She was bullied in school for her curly hair and her height and had a reputation of being rough around the edges.

However, her personality is actually very gentle. She often stand up to bullies for other girls. She also enjoys things like cooking and gardening, and dreams of starting a family one day.

9 Sailor Chibi chibi/Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos appears in the final arc of the manga. She comes from a far away future where she is engaged in an endless battle with the entity Chaos-- the source of all evil and darkness in the galaxy.

She returns to the past in the form of a toddler, who is named Sailor Chibi Chibi, to convince Sailor Moon to destroy Chaos. At this point, Sailor Mini Moon had gone back to her timeline and Tuxedo Mask has gone to study abroad, so she is very lonely and Chibi Chibi provides a great comfort.

Her magical strength appears to be limitless. She is able to block an attack from the most powerful Sailor Scout in the galaxy. The details of Sailor Cosmos' life are left ambiguous.

8 Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune is the only Sailor Scout who awakened on Earth without the help of a guardian cat or another Scout. She was able to awaken herself due to her strong psychic powers.

Her magical attacks are based on the sea. All three Sailor Scouts of the Outer Solar System possess an ancient Talisman. Hers is the Deep Aqua Mirror, which is used to perform the attack Submarine Reflection and to reveal the truth and the locations of enemies.

In her civilian form, she is known for being very artistic and a skilled cello player. She is portrayed as more of an antihero compared to other Scouts. Her sophisticated personality can seem a bit cold and distant at times. Plus, her backstory remains shrouded in mystery.

7 Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars has quite an interesting background. In addition to being a magical guardian of the Solar System, she is also a Shinto shrine maiden. Her spiritual training gives her precognitive abilities and the power to exorcise evil spirits before she even awakened as a Sailor Scout.

She is one of the few characters in the series to have powers in her civilian form. Once she transforms into Sailor Mars, she gains powerful magical attacks based on fire, including the very powerful move Mars Flame Sniper.

She is also the second in command of the Inner Sailor Scout team after Sailor Venus. Though she often butts heads with Sailor Moon, particularly in the original anime, she cares for her friends deeply. She even swore a vow of chastity to Princess Serenity.

6 6.Sailor Pluto

Sailor Moon Attack Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto serves as the Guardian of the Space-Time Door, the gateway to the Fourth Dimension. It is a very important and very lonely duty that she dedicates her life to.

She is so isolated that the other Sailor Scouts were not sure she existed. She takes her duty very seriously and vows to kill anyone who attempts to violate the underworld.

As a Sailor Scout of the Outer Solar System, Pluto possess an ancient talisman. She wields The Garnet Orb within her Garnet Rod weapon. Her attacks are based on space, time, the underworld, darkness, and death.

One of her offensive attacks, Dead Scream, is extremely powerful and destructive. She has the power to stop time, but she is forbidden to use this power. In the Black Moon Arc she uses the forbidden power to save the Solar System, at the cost of her life.

5 Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia appears as the main villain in the final arc of the series. She is the most powerful Sailor Scout in the entire galaxy, other than Sailor Moon herself. Unfortunately, she uses her powers for evil.

She possess the Sapphire Crystal, which is the source of destruction in the universe. The crystal seems to give her the ability to store and fire energy blasts. She is driven by arrogance and steals the crystals from other Sailor Scouts to make herself stronger.

Sailor Galaxia can fire one energy orb from her bracelet and remove a Sailor Scout's crystal. She is a worthy opponent for Sailor Moon who is so powerful that she nearly defeats the Moon Princess. In the end, Galaxia gives up fighting after she witnesses Sailor Moon's love and purity.

4 Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon Attack Space Sword Blaster by Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus is one of the most unique characters in the series. She is more masculine compared to the other girls, even being mistaken for a boy on a few occasions, and her personality is guarded yet caring.

She is also one of the strongest Sailor Scouts in the Solar System. As one of the Sailor Scouts of the Outer Solar System, she posses one of the three ancient talismans. Her talisman is a sword which helps her perform her strongest attack-- Space Sword Blaster.

Otherwise, her powers are based around the sky, wind, and earth. She also has a form of precognition; she can sense the supernatural activity in the shifting winds. In addition to her Sailor powers, she has powerful physical strength and speed.

3 Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus attack in Sailor Moon

Before there was Sailor Moon, there was the manga series Codename: Sailor V. Sailor Venus is the first Sailor Scout to awaken with the help of her guardian cat Artemis.

The series followed her adventures before all of the other Sailor Scouts awakened on Earth. She manages to battle several villains on her own and gains local popularity. Even Sailor Moon was a big fan of her.

She then remembers her past life and realizes she needs to find the other Sailor Scouts to protect the princess. She does not hesitate to leave her Sailor V identity behind and assume her role as Sailor Venus. In the manga, she is the one to kill Queen Beryl.

She is arguably the most dedicated to protecting Sailor Moon and she serves as the leader of the inner Sailor Scout team.

2 Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal - Fight

Sailor Moon can be a lazy crybaby at times. Many fans found this off-putting in the beginning of the series. However, in the end, she is destined to become the elegant and powerful Neo Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.

As the main character, she represents hope and rebirth. It is also said that she has the purest heart and holds the power of love. Since she is a member of the Moon Kingdom dynasty, she has the ability to wield the Silver Crystal.

This is the strongest magical artifact in the universe and is supposedly the source of absolute and limitless power. It even has the ability to revive an entire planet and its inhabitants. However, the strain of performing this feat can cause her death.

1 Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn is one of the strongest beings in the universe. Using her weapon, the Silence Glaive, she can turn an entire planet to dust and reset the evolution of its civilization to zero without saying a word. She can even destroy a whole star system. The glaive can also create a protective shield and a disorienting mist.

After the Silver Millennium was destroyed, Sailor Saturn destroyed the Solar System and caused all of the characters to be reborn-- including herself. When she first awakened, the other Sailor Scouts were initially scared of her.

Nevertheless, she comes to their aid in a seemingly hopeless battle. She sacrifices herself and is reborn again for the greater good. Unlike the other Scouts, she does not get to enjoy a life of her own for much of the series. Her powers may be terrifying and destructive, but she is a selfless hero.


Do you agree with our list? Who do you think is the best Sailor Scout? Sound off in the comments!

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