Sailor Moon: Every Major Villain Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful

Sailor Moon Villains Queen Beryl Black Lady Mistress 9 Queen Nehelenia and Sailor Galaxia

Nearly 30 years ago, Naoko Takeuchi’s manga Codename: Sailor V debuted. That book spun out into a franchise for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

In addition to the 18 volumes of manga produced, Sailor Moon characters also appeared in original short stories, a Japanese anime series, animated movies, live musicals, live action series, and video games. Decades later in 2014 a new version of the anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted.

Needless to say, Sailor Moon and the “magical girl” genre of stories have serious staying power.

It isn’t just the title character that causes people to fall in love with the franchise. Sure, Usagi Tsukino, clumsy and prone to emotional outbursts, makes everyone feel like they could be a hero too.

A compelling heroine is only a small part of the equation, though. Stories also need stand out supporting characters and some truly interesting villains.

Sailor Moon has those in spades, especially where villains are concerned. Every single arc of her story features monsters of the week who are overseen by a team a villains, who are then overseen by a leader, who is ultimately doing the work of an even bigger bad.

These hierarchies of villains produce fascinating layers of story to flesh out character backstories and make many of the bad guys operate in shades of grey.

We’ve assembled the best of the best with Every Major Sailor Moon Villain Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful.

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Doctor Tomoe in Sailor Moon Crystal
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25 Doctor Tomoe

Doctor Tomoe in Sailor Moon Crystal

We have to lead off with Doctor Tomoe for one major reason: he’s not really the villain of his time in Sailor Moon’s story. Instead, a Daimon, the alien creatures that take up much of his story arc, takes over his body.

He does still land on this list because he was the go-between for the big boss of his arc and the monsters of the week.

Souichi Tomoe was a well respected scientist and father. Though he didn’t get a ton of backstory in the original anime, the manga revealed that he completed some questionable experiments (one of which killed his wife).

The scientific community ostracized him. When he discovered the eggs that created Daimons, he thought he’d found the perfect way to create stronger humans.

He used the eggs to not only save his daughter, but to do some new experiments. Tomoe ended up creating new “monsters” and doing work for another villain.

He also became infected by a Daimon and it was that monster that actually took over and had special abilities, not Tomoe himself.

In the long run, Tomoe doesn’t have any of his own powers. His power lies in his intelligence, but he allows the bad guys to use him instead of striking out for his own gain.

24 Fiore and the Xenian Flower

Unlike most of the villains here, Fiore didn’t appear in the manga first. Instead, he was created to be the primary antagonist for the movie Sailor Moon R. His turn as a villain allowed audiences to learn more about the life of Tuxedo Mask.

Fiore was actually friends with Mamoru as a child. He even knew Mamoru before the death of the latter’s parents, something not true of anyone else in the Sailor Moon stories.

With a great fondness for plants, Fiore promised to return to visit Mamoru after he moved away as a child. He also promised to bring back the greatest flower ever seen when he did . The “greatest flower” turned out to be the Xenian Flower.

While Fiore appears to be the villain when he returns to Earth as he attempts to rid the world of Usagi, he isn’t really.

Instead, the Xenian Flower, which is a parasitic species, controls him and takes advantage of his jealousy of Usagi’s relationship with Mamoru. The Xenian Flower absorbed energy, like many of the early villains of the series.

All it took to defeat Fiore’s controller though was for him to realize how much love existed between Usagi and Mamoru. Realizing that love triumphed over hate was enough to break the hold on him and disintegrate the Xenian Flower altogether.

That’s one easy defeat.

23 Vampir and Dracul

Vampir in Sailor Moon Sera Myu Musical

Sailor Moon typically spends her time facing off against aliens, beings from other dimensions, or threats from the future. The live musicals produced in Japan in the early 2000s took a different route. The Sailor Senshi took on vampires and demons.

Vampir was the daughter of the famous Dracul. She wanted revenge against the Sailor Senshi because she believed the group took her father’s life. In reality, he was still alive, and would become the primary villain of the musical when Vampir changed sides.

Vampir, though, spent much of the musical in revenge mode. She had all the abilities of a vampire thanks to her father, but because her mother was human, she wasn’t burdened with the need for human blood.

As a bonus, she had the nifty ability to change vampires back into humans if she so chose.

Vampir, despite being fairly strong and a compelling character, doesn’t rank higher on the list because she isn’t truly a villain. She’s a young woman who misses her family. (She hopes to use Sailor Moon’s Silver Crystal to bring her mother back to life.)

She isn’t able to defeat the Senshi on her own and initially allies with demons. When she discovers that her father lied to her and is the true villain, she decides to form an alliance with the Sailor Senshi instead.

Likewise, we don’t get to see much of what Dracul can truly do as a villain, so we can’t say he outranks some of the more iconic villains.

22 Brainwashed Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask Brainwashed in Sailor Moon Crystal

There are times in the manga and the anime where Tuxedo Mask doesn’t actually know who he is. Sometimes, that’s a result of actual memory loss, and other times it’s the result of him being brainwashed.

When Mamoru suffers memory loss in the anime, he takes on a new heroic persona known as the Moonlight Knight. When that memory loss is the result of brainwashing though, he works for the enemy of the Sailor Senshi instead.

In some instances the brainwashing is something simple, like his being convinced that he’s another person. In Sailor Moon Crystal, he took on the identity of one of the oldest friends of Motoki, the young man working at the arcade.

That’s harmless enough on the surface. It caused emotional strain on Sailor Moon when Usagi realized what was going on, but it didn’t physically harm her.

When Queen Beryl revealed that she had complete control over Tuxedo Mask though, that was another matter entirely

. It didn’t just cause a little emotional distress for Sailor Moon; it also meant that she was nearly ready to throw in the towel and make sure both she and Mamoru ended up destroyed so they could be “free” to be together.

Tuxedo Mask might not have had a lot of abilities to use against Sailor Moon, but the emotional manipulation of her was enough to make this version of the character a major villain.

21 Ail And An

Ail and An in Sailor Moon Anime Season 3

Ail and An, whose names were a play on the word “alien,” were the only major antagonists for Sailor Moon who were created exclusively for the anime. The two were from a distant planet and the only survivors of their people. The population declined as their Tree of Life became ill.

Ail and An believed that they needed the energy of humans to feed their tree, which in turn gave them energy to sustain life on Earth.

Ail created special monsters called Cardians from a deck resembling tarot cards. They didn’t target the Sailor Senshi specifically until the women got in their way.

Because the two were simply trying to keep their way of life alive, it’s easy to have sympathy for them. When they discovered that the tree that gave them life was “sick” because of the energy they fed it, they attempted to change.

What the tree really needed was love, something they were able to do once they stopped acting as the villains of the story.

Though the English dub of the series made them connected to the Negaverse and Queen Beryl, the original Japanese anime did not. The original Japanese story made it clear that the two weren’t intentionally evil.

20 Sailor Animamates

The Sailor Animamates in Sailor Moon Stars

This special brand of Sailor Senshi appear in three different versions of Sailor Moon’s story: the manga, the original anime, and the live musicals.

Rather than being named after their protective planet, they were named for metals and animals. Their particular power level varies depending on which story you know.

The musicals took inspiration from the anime -- having the Sailor Animamates working for Sailor Galaxia, but ultimately being ineffective in their quests for Star Seeds.

In fact, in the anime, the group of Sailor Senshi rarely succeeded in the missions set to them by Galaxia. For the series, they were Sailor Senshi whose planets Galaxia had conquered. She forced them to help her expand her empire.

The manga had a different, and darker, approach. The manga saw the Sailor Animamates choose to work with Galaxia. Many of them were not originally Sailor Senshi, but instead, defeated the Sailor Senshi of their own planets and stole their Star Seeds in order to gain their power.

The Sailor Animamates of the manga were ruthless. Aluminum Siren took out Sailors Venus and Jupiter. Sailor Tin Nyanko destroyed the Sailor Senshi companions Luna, Artemis, and Diana.

While those two might have been effective, Sailor Iron Mouse and Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon both failed in their quests, making the power levels of the group uneven and landing them a lower slot on this list.

19 Amazon Trio

Amazon Trio Hawks Eye Tigers Eye and Fish Eye In Original Sailor Moon Anime

Though this trio of villains only appeared briefly in the manga, they got new life in the anime. Appearing in 22 episodes of the SuperS anime, they were actually the longest running henchmen for the series!

Despite their longevity, they really weren’t very effective, though that’s likely a result of them not originally being villains.

Hawk’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, and Fish Eye were all originally the animals from which their names stem. A magic ball turned them into humans with special abilities. The trio fell in love with life as humans, not wanting to go back to being their animal selves.

During their arc, known as the “Dream Arc,” the trio searched for the Dream Mirror that contained the enemy of Queen Nehelenia -- Pegasus. Fish Eye was actually effective in that he discovered that Chibiusa held it, but his superiors didn’t really listen to him, targeting Usagi instead.

Ultimately, the trio saved Usagi from a horrible fate when her Dream Mirror was stolen and destroyed. They sacrificed the magic that made them human, funneling it to Usagi to restore her Dream Mirror. Appreciating their selfless act, Pegasus (or Helios) made them truly human.

Since so much of their power came from somewhere else, and because they weren’t actually interested in being villains, we really can’t rank them any higher.

18 Kaolinite

Kaolinite in Sailor Moon Crystal

Kaolinite (sometimes called Kaorinite to go with her civilian guise as Kaori) is a servant of Pharaoh 90. She’s a Magus, which means she should be more powerful than her underlings, but that’s not necessarily the case. Some of her teammates might even appear higher on this list.

Kaolinite has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Not only does she have some magical abilities, but she can communicate with her master through a magic fountain.

She also is able to resurrect her subordinates, the Witches 5, after they are defeated by the Sailor Senshi. In the original anime series, she can also use her hair as a weapon. All of that makes her sound pretty unbeatable, but she’s no match for Sailor Moon.

While facing off against Sailor Senshi, Kaolinite actually evolves into her Daimon form. It’s in the monstrous form that she goes up against Sailor Mooni.

Sailor Moon isn’t cowed by the villain though. Instead, the fight actually allowed Sailor Moon to level up to her own next form: Super Sailor Moon. Kaolinite was then easily defeated.

Despite her title of Magus, Kaolinite desired more power. She also wanted to be the partner to Pharaoh 90, but that position was already filled.

17 Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9

Mistress 9 in Sailor Moon Crystal

Pharaoh 90 is the big bad during the “Infinity” arc of the Sailor Moon stories. Mistress 9 is his loyal partner. The arc occurs in the manga, the original anime, and the latest Sailor Moon Crystal.

Though the two are the villains in the shadows, they don’t get a ton of screen time compared to some of the other villains in the same arc.

It’s Pharaoh 90 who gives Kaolinite her powers and influences Doctor Tomoe’s life for the worse. Pharaoh 90, however, spends much of his time as a villain as something of an undefined cloud with glowing eyes.

He gives so many people more power, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time exerting his own. When he finally attempts to, Pharaoh 90 becomes more liquid-like, trying to surround the planet and absorb its energy, though it doesn’t work with Sailor Saturn awakened.

Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90 are inevitably tied together as Mistress 9 is supposed to be his second in command. With her Daimon egg spending so long incubating in Hotaru though, we don’t actually see much of her in action.

Most of her abilities are the same as that of Kaolinite, though she does appear to edge her out in the strength department.

Mistress 9 takes over Hotaru’s body and manages to get the souls of the Inner Sailor Senshi. It’s only Hotaru’s pure determination that stops her from winning.

16 Mio Kuroki

Kuroki Mio in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

If you haven’t heard of Mio Kuroki, that doesn’t make you a bad Sailor Moon fan. It just means you might not have had access to the live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

The series still hasn’t made its way all over the world and it debuted on Japanese television in 2003.

Mio Kuroki was created exclusively for the live action series. She was actually the shadow of a villain everyone will recognize: Queen Beryl. Queen Beryl created this shadow of herself to get to Sailor Moon in her everyday life.

As a result, Mio became a teen pop idol overnight and befriended Usagi while competing with her friend Minako.

The other Sailor Senshi saw through Mio’s act as the young woman repeatedly made Usagi miserable.

She blamed everything on coincidence or accidents, but when she kidnapped Mamoru, Sailor Mars confronted her.

This villain has a portion of Queen Beryl’s power, like being able to brainwash Mamoru, but she doesn’t have all of it simply because she’s a shadow part of the real queen.

Her power really comes from her ability to make Usagi miserable in her civilian life. She’s particularly creative in her endeavors, even if she doesn’t win in the end.

15 Ayakashi Sisters

Ayakashi Sisters in Sailor Moon Crystal

Since their debut in the manga, the Ayakashi sisters have had a lot of different names. The original anime referred to them as the Negamoon Sisters, then later dubs named them The Four Sisters of Deception, The Spectre Sisters, and The Phantom Sisters.

No matter what you call them, this foursome made an impression.

The original anime series had the group working for the Black Moon Clan, with each of the sisters trying to impress Rubeus, which was ultimately their downfall. They spent so much time trying to outdo one another when they should have been working together.

Sailor Moon Crystal took the girls back to their manga roots. Each of the sisters targeted one of the Inner Sailor Senshi specifically. They were each powerful enough to capture one of the Senshi.

Unfortunately, this is a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts as each capture of a Sailor Senshi also meant the defeat of an Ayakashi Sister.

Koan is a master of dark fire, Berthier commands dark water, Calaveras can summon spirits and control minds, and Petz can control lightning and thunder. Each of the Sisters took on the Senshi with the closest power set to their own.

If the group had been smarter, they might have switched things up and won their fight.

14 Black Moon Clan and Wiseman

Black Moon Clan Prince Demande Saphir Rubeus and Emeraude

Though the Black Moon Clan employed Ayakashi Sisters, plenty more members filled the ranks. Prince Demande, Saphir, Esmeraude, and Rubeus made up the Clan. Behind the scenes, it was Wiseman who pulled all the strings.

In addition to being in charge of the Ayakashi Sisters, Rubeus is also telepathic, has control over fire, and can jump so high that it’s almost like flying.

Just like the Sisters he used to do his bidding though, he didn’t see the bigger picture until it was too late.

The youngest of the Black Moon Clan, we don’t get to see much of Saphir in any incarnation. He’s tech savvy and suspicious of Wiseman, but of anyone, he’s the weak link since we never see him put any powers to use.

Of the group, Emeraude might be the biggest threat as she seeks out new powers to use, taking the abilities offered her by Wiseman, and not just sending her underlings into the fight. She attempts to get things done herself, though she never succeeds.

Prince Demande, aka Prince Diamond, is the leader of the foursome, though he also allows himself to be manipulated into doing the dirty work of Wiseman. He uses his third eye to attack people himself and he’s got a creepy obsession with Neo Queen Serenity to boot.

While Wiseman is the big bad behind everything, his real power appears to be manipulation as he gets so many others to do all of his work.

13 Queen Badiane

Queen Badiane in Sailor Moon Super S the Movie

For the movie Sailor Moon SuperS, the story needed a suitably scary villain. Inspired by the tale of Hansel and Gretel, Queen Badiane took the cake, so to speak.

Queen Badiane, also called Badiyanu, was an evil queen who came to Earth from another world. Her entire goal was to absorb energy from children’s dreams to increase her own power. She didn’t just send out monsters to absorb energy like so many of the villains in the series did though.

Instead, she kidnapped children, bringing them to Marzipan Castle, and kept them alive in “dream coffins” where they could dream until all of their energy was spent.

It’s her Marzipan Castle that might remind viewers of the witch living in a gingerbread house in fairy tales. All of her minions are also named after French words for different types of sweets.

Much of her weaponry also resembled sweets. That all makes her visually appealing, but it doesn’t take away from her bring one of the most frightening villains in the 90s.

It took powerful characters like Sailor Pluto to help bring her down once Queen Badiane targeted Chibiusa, so you know the Queen meant business.

Interestingly, Queen Badiane’s story doesn’t really fit in the normal continuity of the anime series, unlike the villains of the other movies. Characters appear in her movie, like Sailor Pluto, who hadn’t yet appeared in the anime series.

12 Dark Mercury

Dark Mercury and Sailor Venus Sword Fight in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Many times in the manga and anime when one of the heroes is brainwashed by an enemy, the effect is temporary. Like Tuxedo Mask, who spent different arcs across the many story interpretations with no memory or thinking he was someone else completely, Sailor Mercury spent some time with the bad guys.

In the live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Ami is exactly the same as her manga and anime counterparts. Relatively quiet and focused, she spends most of her time studying when she’s not saving the world.

Unique to the show, though, is that fact that one of the former Kings of Heaven, usually seen as Queen Beryl’s generals, was able to catch and corrupt her to work for them!

Kunzite caught Ami when she was feeling vulnerable and lonely and filled her with dark energy. It took awhile for the dark energy to take Ami over completely, but once it did, she blacked out and went to Kunzite, transforming into a different version of her Sailor Senshi.

At least he did it with style -- Kunzite appeared to her in a swirl of dark rose petals.

As Dark Mercury, not only did Ami hit the Sailor Senshi emotionally because they had to fight one of their own, but she also took them all on at once, proving how strong she really was.

She even had a neat trick where she turned an icicle into a sword.

Sailor Mercury also went dark in the manga while under Galaxia’s control!

11 Amazoness Quartet

The Amazoness Quartet AKA The Asteroid Sailor Senshi

The Amazoness Quartet has essentially the same power set in both the manga and original series, but their backstory differs greatly between the two. The four young women, VesVes, CereCere, JunJun, and PallaPalla, are part of Queen Nehelenia’s Dead Moon Circus.

Technically, this group outranks the Amazon Trio as the ladies actually command the trio in the manga. In the anime, they’re brought in to find the Dream Mirror that holds Pegasus after the Amazon Trio failed.

In the anime, they also have magical stones that allow them to retain their youth forever -- though the stones also allow them to be controlled by the Dead Moon Circus.

While the anime has the foursome simply found by Queen Nehelenia in the Amazon, the manga reveals why they’re actually so powerful; the group are destined to become Sailor Senshi.

They’re supposed to become Sailor Chibi Moon’s own team, the Asteroid Sailor Senshi. In the manga, they were in a deep sleep in the Amazon, waiting to be called to duty, before they were turned into evil beings by Nehelenia.

Both versions of the story involve the Quartet “healed" and repenting. Of course, in the manga, when they return to the story again as Chibi Moon’s team, they’ve been influenced by evil yet again.

It seems this group is destined to play both sides of the conflict.

10 The Kings of Heaven

Kings of Heaven Kunzite Zoisite Jadeite and Nephrite in Sailor Moon Crystal

While Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite are always the first group of antagonists for the Sailor Senshi, their connection to the group changes in different adaptations.

The '90s anime series only revealed the Kings of Heaven as Queen Beryl’s Generals, beings from the “Negaverse” that came to Earth. That wasn’t always the case.

The manga, and later Sailor Moon Crystal, revealed that this group included the protectors of Prince Endymion in their previous life. They also all fell in love with the Inner Sailor Senshi, making their targeting the women for Queen Beryl all the more tragic.

Jadeite is the least competent of the group. No matter the story version, he is the first to fail in his mission, replaced by Nephrite. Sometimes, Queen Beryl simply disposes of him, other times he lives to see the final battle.

Nephrite is always the most conflicted of the group, falling in love with a civilian or befriending the Sailor Senshi when he realizes he’s being controlled. He’s also one of the most effective, learning their civilian identities and using his shadow self to attack.

Zoisite is the least consistent across the stories. Sometimes, he’s portrayed as Kunzite’s partner, and was adapted as female in the English dub. He does manage to injure a few of the Senshi and Prince Endymion in different versions.

As the leader, Kunzite is definitely the most powerful.

Unfortunately, that means Queen Beryl makes sure to keep him tightly under her control for most of the stories.

9 Witches 5

Witches 5 Ptitol Cyprine Eudial Viluy Mimete Tellu in Sailor Moon Crystal

Though their names claims there are only five of them, there are technically six. Eudial, Mimete, Tellu, Viluy, and Cyprine make up the primary Witches 5, but Cyprine actually shares her body with a sixth - Ptilol. The Witches 5 appear as part of the Infinity Arc and are “perfect Daimons” created by Professor Tomoe’s experiments.

Of the group, Eudial is the only one who doesn’t rely primarily on magic, especially in the original anime. Instead, she uses her own inventions to extract souls and battle the Sailor Senshi, making her quite the unique villain.

Like many of the other groups of villains on the show, the Witches all work separately to go after the Sailor Senshi. In the original anime, that’s definitely detrimental to them as they also sabotage one another when they do.

They each want to be ranked higher in their organization and become a Magus, causing them to strike out at one another. If they had banded together instead of allowing their own greed to overcome them, they might have one.

In fact, when Kaolinite resurrects them all in Sailor Moon Crystal, the audience sees a great example of what could happen if they worked together.

The Witches 5 are able to capture all of the Inner Sailor Senshi and force Sailor Moon to face off against them on her own.

If the Outer Sailor Senshi weren’t introduced, Sailor Moon wouldn’t have stood a chance.

8 Queen Metalia

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask Against Metaria in Sailor Moon Crystal

Often called Queen Metaria depending on the translation, she was actually created in the sun that orbits Earth. While she’s referred to as a demon, she was created by radiation before she left the sun and came to Earth.

When she first came to Earth, she allied herself with a peasant girl named Beryl, promising the young woman that if she helped destroy the Moon Kingdom, Beryl could have the love of her life, Prince Endymion, all to herself. Much of Beryl’s magic and influence came from Metalia.

Of course, Queen Serenity was still able to defeat Metalia, but what she did was seal the entity away on Earth’s North Pole, where she remained for centuries.

When Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Senshi awakened in their reincarnated lives, so did Metalia, though she was still trapped as a cloud of energy at the North Pole. She once again corrupted Beryl, getting her to gather more and more energy in hopes of releasing her from her prison.

Metalia left on her own isn’t nearly as powerful as she thinks. Because of the imprisonment, she needs others to work for her and gather energy.

The more energy fed to her, the more powerful she becomes and the more humans she can influence. If left unchecked, she could have corrupted the entire planet.

7 Princess Snow Kaguya

Princess Snow Kaguya in Sailor Moon S the Movie

Inspired by a short story that appeared in the manga, the Sailor Moon S movie featured a villain similar to the fairy tale classic Snow Queen. Princess Snow Kaguya was very much in favor of the longest winter.

The short story in the manga actually featured Luna falling for an astronomer that saved her, and it was that astronomer who provided the jumping off point for the movie.

He found a comet shard and kept it in his lab. For some reason, the shard connected to his life force, draining him as it boosted its own power. That shard was actually part of Kaguya’s comet, which would increase her own abilities, and she came to reclaim it.

Kaguya had a lot of abilities, but they all stemmed from her power to control the cold. She could control ice, snow, sleet, hail, and flurries for starters.

Her powers also included blizzards and blasts of energy from her hands. That alone made her a formidable opponent, but she wasn’t out to just make a few snow storms here and there.

Instead, Kaguya’s aim was actually to blanket the entire planet in ice. She already had a collection of ice planets and wanted to add Earth to the mix. If she had succeeded, most life on Earth would have vanished during a new Ice Age.

6 DD Girls

DD Girls In Original Sailor Moon Anime

Also called the Doom and Gloom Girls, the DD Girls are the only “monster of the week” to land on this list of powerful villains. Everyone else is a major villain, recurring in the stories of the Sailor Senshi to threaten them repeatedly. The DD girls only make an appearance in the finale of the first anime arc, but they pack quite a punch.

One of the few monsters created exclusively for the anime, the DD Girls volunteer to destroy the enemy when Queen Beryl knows that the Sailor Senshi are on their way to her. She asks if anyone wants to go down in Dark Kingdom history, and the DD Girls jump at the chance to prove themselves.

Up until that point, the Sailor Senshi had been fighting monsters of the week in every episode and proving that they had what it takes to bring the Dark Kingdom down. They hadn’t yet fought a unified force like the DD Girls, though.

Unlike the teams of women that would follow them in other story arcs, the DD Girls weren’t trying to one-up one another and no single one of them was out for the glory.

They were also all willing to sacrifice themselves for the win.

With nothing to lose, they picked the Sailor Senshi off one by one, though Sailors Jupiter and Mars each managed to take two down with them and Sailor Mercury even took one out on her own.

5 Black Lady

Chibiusa Becomes Black Lady in Sailor Moon Crystal

What’s more powerful than a member of the Moon Kingdom’s royal family and future Sailor Senshi? Not much as it turns out. That’s what makes Chibiusa turning to the dark side so frightening.

During the Black Moon story arc that saw Prince Demande obsessed with the future Queen Serenity, there was some interesting time travel going on. Chibiusa, also known a Small Lady, time traveled to the past in an effort to find a way to save her mother -- Neo Queen Serenity -- in the future.

Actually hundreds of years old, Chibiusa’s growth was stunted so she appeared as an innocent child. When the villain Wiseman saw her loneliness, he exploited it, convincing her that no one in her life actually cared about her.

Once Wiseman infected Chibiusa with a dark crystal, she matured to an adult with full command of the powers at her disposal. Her abilities were as corrupted as her personality, so she couldn’t use the typical Sailor Senshi weapons, but she still maintained her own agility, strength, and the added benefit of the powers the black crystal gave her.

Chibiusa kidnapped her own father, deeming him “the only man [she] ever loved,” and was willing to destroy the world as long as she got to keep him.

She even kissed him to prove to Sailor Moon that she meant business, making her one of the creepiest villains. Eventually redeemed Chibiusa remembered her friends and family, throwing off Wiseman’s influence.

4 Queen Nehelenia

Queen Nehelenia in Original Sailor Moon Anime

Queen Nehelenia provides the Sailor Moon mythology with its own twisted take on Sleeping Beauty. Nehelenia is the queen of the Dead Moon, a dark mirror version of Queen Serenity, and ultimately, the cause of many of the Moon Kingdom’s problems.

When Princess Serenity was born, Queen Nehelenia was envious of the beauty and prosperity of the Moon Kingdom. She wanted to preserve her youth forever, and she stole the dreams of her own people to do it.

She visited the Moon Kingdom after the princess was born, but Queen Serenity saw Nehelenia for the evil she was and sealed her away. Queen Serenity wasn’t able to seal her away before Nehelenia cursed the Moon Kingdom, promising that it would fall before the princess was ever able to rule.

Of course, her curse came to fruition when Metalia and Beryl came to power and Princess Serenity was eventually reincarnated as Usagi Tsukino on Earth.

Nehelenia was released from her prison and set out to get revenge on those who had wronged her so long ago, creating the Dead Moon Circus to do her bidding.

The anime saw slight differences to her story as Sailor Moon was eventually able to heal Nehelenia’s cold heart and offer her forgiveness for what she had done. In the manga, Sailor Moon instead sealed Nehelenia away just like her mother did.

3 Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl Controls Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon Crystal

You might be wondering just how Queen Beryl could rank so high in power level above Queen Metalia when the latter gave the former her magical abilities. The truth is that without Beryl, Metalia would never have achieved so much.

Queen Beryl wasn’t always royalty. Instead, she was a peasant girl on the Earth who was learning to be a sorcerer. She fell in love with Prince Endymion and watched him from afar, but found that he had already fallen for Princess Serenity in the Moon Kingdom.

Beryl allowed Metalia to corrupt her with dark magic as long as she was promised Prince Endymion. It was then Beryl that led people of Earth against the Moon Kingdom and took Endymion’s life herself.

Like the Sailor Senshi, Beryl was reincarnated. She again gave into Queen Metalia’s power, becoming the Queen of the Dark Kingdom herself and sending monsters after the Sailor Senshi.

Her goal was to gather more and more human energy to feed to Metalia. Without Beryl, her army of monsters, and her influence over the Kings of Heaven, Metallia’s power never would have grown.

Queen Beryl has become the most iconic of the Sailor Moon villains, appearing in every single incarnation of the story, including the live action series, the musicals, and the video games.

There are still a few villains that hold more power than her.

2 Princess Sailor Moon

Princess Sailor Moon

For a lot of fans, it’s strange to think of Sailor Moon as the villain. After all, we’re watching her story unfold as she saves the world from outside threats over and over again. Sometimes though, that threat comes from within.

When Usagi Tsukino becomes Sailor Moon in every version of the story, she slowly remembers her past life as Princess Serenity. That creates dual memories of her experiences, and though it doesn’t cause conflict for her in the anime, it does create a problem in the live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

In the series, there’s a difference between Usagi’s Sailor Moon and Princess Sailor Moon. Princess Sailor Moon comes to power when Princess Serenity takes over Usagi’s body in a fight. The princess is definitely more powerful than your average Sailor Moon interpretation, and she’s got more experience wielding her abilities than Usagi does. That makes her formidable enough.

Princess Sailor Moon doesn’t have the same warmth as Usagi, making her more accepting of collateral damage and unworried about the consequences of her actions.

It’s revealed that in her past life, her own grief at the loss of her prince caused her to destroy the entire world. As similar events play out in her reincarnated life, she chooses to destroy the world again.

While Princess Serenity eventually experiences remorse and reverses what she did, her decision to hurt people, while Usagi fights for control of her own body, makes her a huge threat!

1 Sailor Galaxia and Chaos

Sailor Galaxia Influenced By Chaos In Sailor Moon Stars

Could any other villain top a list of Sailor Moon baddies? Sailor Galaxia is one of the most powerful enemies the Sailor Senshi ever face. She can only be topped by Chaos, and their stories are very much tied together.

In the anime, Galaxia was once a powerful Sailor Scout. During an intense battle against Chaos, Galaxia sacrificed herself in order to stop the entity. She trapped Chaos inside herself, sealing the creature off, but causing her own identity to be fused with it.

The manga made Galaxia much less sympathetic. In the original story, she was born on a nothing planet, destined to be a Sailor Senshi, but that power wasn’t enough for her. Instead, she wanted the power of Chaos.

She made her homebase in the part of space where all stars were born and began systematically ending Sailor Senshi all over the universe, taking their Sailor Crystals. Her goal was to get Chaos and Sailor Moon to fight one another so she could steal their power.

It was in the manga that she actually succeeded in destroying all of the Inner Sailor Senshi and Prince Endymion - after making him kiss her boots. Destroying Endymion also meant Galaxia caused Sailor Chibi Moon to fade from existence, leaving Sailor Moon completely alone to face her.

The manga also revealed that all of Sailor Moon’s toughest villains to that point - Queen Nehelenia, Pharaoh 90, Queen Metallia, and Wiseman - were all parts of Chaos.


Who do you think was the biggest threat to Sailor Moon and her Sailor Senshi? Did we get the ranking right? Or were we way off the mark? Let us know in the comments!

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