Sailor Moon: 10 Characters Weaker Than Tuxedo Mask (And 16 Who Are Way Stronger)

Sailor Moon has brought iconic storylines, outfits, and characters into the world of anime, like Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Luna ,and Artemis.

It also featured some of the strongest women to ever grace the animated world. Many young girls look up to the Sailor Scouts and their adventures, as they save the galaxy from the forces of evil. This tradition of girl-power has only continued with the recent syndication of Sailor Moon Crystal.

However, just as iconically, Sailor Moon's love interest, Tuxedo Mask, is known for his weaknesses. While encouraging and brave, the masked hero plays damsel in distress far more often than anyone else on the show. It's one of the earliest, most popular version of flipping the popular hero trope on its head.

Tuxedo Mask isn't useless, though, despite the fact that he's become a popular meme online because of this. There are several characters weaker than him in all of Sailor Moon's arcs. After all, he has to rule side-by-side with the strongest being in the universe one day.

Of course, there still are a lot of characters who are way, way stronger than him.

With that said, here are the 10 Characters Weaker Than Tuxedo Mask (And 16 Who Are Way Stronger).

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26 Weaker: Queen Beryl

While Queen Beryl is no baddie to scoff at, she does have a major weakness against Tuxedo Mask - her love for him.

Saying that, Beryl is hardly weak. She's powerful, devious, and has an entire organization at her back.

This queen is more than willing to decimate almost anyone in her path, be it a Sailor Scout, innocent civilian, or the entire Moon Kingdom.

Tuxedo Mask is stronger than her, though, because of the simple fact she will not harm him.

Even when she brainwashed him, she was so overjoyed with having him that she missed the warning signs of his dissent.

Her weakness for him gives the masked guardian an extreme advantage over her.

25 Stronger: Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia is someone who few people stand a chance against, let alone Tuxedo Mask. Her powers of destruction have been influenced by Chaos and the pain and hatred of her war-torn home planet.

Her Sapphire Crystal gives her the ability to point at a star and destroy it.

Sailor Moon has to use all of her strongest abilities to put up a fighting chance against this evil Sailor Scout. She also destroys Sailor Mars and Jupiter in an instant just to get their power crystals.

Rose-throwing Tuxedo Mask would be a mosquito to her.

Next to one another, Galaxia is infinitely stronger. Tuxedo Mask would be decimated.

24 Stronger: Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto guards time and space, and particularly the Gates of Time. Her job is to never let anyone use the gates for their own goals.

She follows rules by the letter and doesn't tolerate people who disobey them.

Powerful and dedicated, Sailor Pluto is a force to be reckoned with.

If that's not enough, her father is Chronus, who she refers to as the "almighty god of time." While all of the other Sailor Scouts had powerful heritages, this means that Pluto is technically a demigod. This makes her pretty powerful regardless of her Sailor status.

Against a near-divine protector of time, Tuxedo Mask doesn't stand a stance.

23 Weaker: Luna and Artemis

Luna and Artemis are beloved members of the Sailor Scouts' group. They guide the girls with wisdom, friendship, and love.

Without them, the Sailor Scouts never would have come together.

However, this doesn't mean that the cat duo is exactly strong.

Artemis and Luna have been able to cause a couple distractions, devise a few plans, and claw a few faces, but they hardly act as the muscle behind the operation. They would not do well fighting on their own.

While Tuxedo Mask has his flaws, he definitely could win in a fight against these felines.

22 Stronger: Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars does have a bit of a weakness for Tuxedo Mask. Back in the earlier episodes of Sailor Moon, she dated his day-time counterpart, Mamoru Chibi.

She also, alongside Usagi, found Tuxedo Mask attractive. However, Rei never was one to let a boy get in the way of her goals.

While Rei had feelings for Tuxedo Mask, she doesn't let her crushes get in the way of her goals and friendships.

After all, she broke it off with Mamoru for Usagi.

Also, of course, Sailor Mars is the Sailor Scouts' second in command and a wielder of fire.

Of course she can kick some butt, even Tuxedo Mask's.

21 Stronger: Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Ami as Sailor Mercury

In terms of power, Sailor Mercury is one of the weakest Sailor Scouts. She has abilities and some sweet moves, but her power lies most in her intelligence.

Ami is the one who the Scouts go to for ideas, plans, information, and the like. She is a vital member of their team, as she's the one who intelligently organizes their attacks.

Tuxedo Mask might be able to overpower Sailor Mercury, but he definitely couldn't outsmart her.

Ultimately, this gives her way too much of an advantage to overlook.

Ami's genius brain is not one to be messed with.

20 Weaker: Jadeite

As the first evil general who the Sailor Scouts encounter, Jadeite is the weakest in plots and power.

He wants to absorb the energy of humans in order to awaken Queen Metalia, the ruler of Dark Kingdom. He often tricked humans into buying jewelry or other goods that were charged with dark energy.

While he might appear menacing, he's actually the weakest of the four Shitennou.

At one point, he forced a fight against Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Mercury at an airport. Unfortunately for him, he lost. However, this happened particularly because of Tuxedo Mask, who arrived at the scene and took down Jadeite.

While many Scouts overpower Tuxedo Mask, many of his previous generals aren't quite powerful enough to destroy him.

19 Stronger: Kunzite

Kunzite is intelligent, powerful, and most frightening of all: caring. He loved Zoisite, and Zoisite's ultimate demise gave him more fuel to do everything he could to destroy the Sailor Scouts, including Tuxedo Mask.

Unlike his predecessors, he didn't use monsters or tricks to try to attack the group. He just fought them head on.

Tuxedo Mask had to sacrifice his health to save Sailor Moon.

While initially successful, he was eventually defeated by all of the Sailor Scouts working together to use Sailor Planet Attack.

If he had been more ruthless, he could have destroyed the Sailor Scouts before they became stronger - but Tuxedo Mask? He defeated him once before, and he probably could again.

18 Weaker: Sailor Quartet

The Sailor Quartet are a group of four Sailor Scouts who protect different asteroids. They were corrupted by evil, but their memories eventually supersede their brainwashing.

Then they were trapped back in stones, only to be re-awakened much later.

Though they aren't particularly strong, they are known as bodyguards for Chibiusa and do work well as a team.

However, evil or not, they rarely posed much of a threat. While still Sailor Scouts, the Sailor Quartet are likely the weakest.

Even an inconsistent hero like Tuxedo Mask could likely take them on and win.

17 Stronger: Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Attacks Sailor Jupiter

As far as toughness goes, Sailor Jupiter is one of the best. Her teammates get to know her when she's the new girl known for getting into fights.

She doesn't stand for injustice and, even before powers, she uses her fists to make things right.

This makes it hard for her to make normal friends, but that sacrifice is one that she's willing to make.

Then, as Sailor Jupiter, she becomes even stronger, as she can now add lightning to her arsenal.

Makoto Kino is no one to underestimate. With her friends or all on her own, she's a fierce combatant.

Tuxedo Mask wouldn't stand a chance.

16 Stronger: Sailor Venus

Venus Rolling Heart Vibration attack from Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18

Before the Sailor Scouts started assembling in Tokyo, Sailor Venus was already making a name for herself as a hero.

She's athletic, powerful, and devoted to the Sailor Scout mission. Because of how well-put together she is, her teammates first suspect her to be Princess Serenity, even though the true princess is Usagi.

Furthermore, unlike the others, she never had to share her feline friend's wisdom. Artemis and her worked alone for a very long time, unlike Luna, who had four Scouts to look after.

Sailor Venus is one of the strongest of the core Sailor Scouts.

Tuxedo Mask would be helpless against her.

15 Weaker: Sailor Mini Moon

Chibiusa isn't terribly weak, she's just terribly young. She's the child of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon, so of course she'd have a lot of power in her bones.

Sometimes during battle, she can be a great help, alongside her kitten Diana.

However, she also can get emotional, stressed out, and sometimes do absolutely nothing to help.

She has some serious strength in her, but she just doesn't always do well in tapping into it.

Sailor Mini Moon is sweet and well-meaning, but she is only a kid.

Until she grows up and her powers get more consistent, Tuxedo Mask remains stronger.

14 Stronger: Black Lady

In a dark timeline, the young and innocent Chibiusa becomes the evil Black Lady.

A malevolent Wiseman tricks her into following his wisdom when she tries to go back to her own time. Older and far more powerful from his influence, Black Lady proceeds to hypnotize Tuxedo Mask and terrorize the Sailor Scouts.

Black Lady is so powerful that it took combining a future and past crystal and the passing of a dear friend to reawaken Chibiusa.

It was a traumatizing reawakening, as she had hurt people she loved and gotten her close friend, Sailor Pluto, destroyed.

When Black Lady was around, Tuxedo Mask could do nothing but be a hypnotized pawn.

She overpowers him easily.

13 Weaker:  Helios

Helios is the guardian of the Golden Crystal, as well as a high-priest of Elysion. However, he was easily defeated and cursed by Queen Nehellenia. Her curse forces him to spend his life as a Pegasus.

In the past, he was very close to Tuxedo Mask's Moon Kingdom counterpart, Prince Endymion.

Through his connection to him, Helios is able to alert Mask's daughter, Chibiusa, of the danger happening on Elysion.

From then on, he and Chibiusa share a close bond, which at times turns romantic.

While protective, Helios is more kind than he is combative.

Helios is a good person, but Tuxedo Mask could definitely defeat him if he ever fell to evil.

12 Stronger: Sailor Cosmos

One of the most powerful beings ever is easily the older, more powerful Sailor Moon and the future Queen of Crystal Tokyo: Sailor Cosmos.

She is an immortal being who lives as a benevolent ruler of the entire galaxy.

Understandably, she's immensely strong and intimidating for any foe.

The Sailor Scouts only meet her briefly, but they are in awe of her power and beauty.

Tuxedo Mask, next to his future wife, couldn't even get a scratch on her. Even then, it's doubtful he'd ever want to, as he loves Usagi.

11 Stronger: Queen Nehellenia

Queen Nehelenia in Original Sailor Moon Anime

Once, Queen Nehellenia was a beloved, benevolent ruler. However, her obsession with eternal beauty warped her kind heart into something cruel and wicked.

Queen Serenity kept her evil deeds at bay, but when she was gone and Elysion became weak, she was able to reawaken and try to take power.

Nehellenia is able to corrupt, curse, and afflict black magic on others. She has cursed Elysium, Helios, Earth, Usagi, and Mamoru.

She has these powers because her vanity turned her into an incarnation of Chaos.

Tuxedo Mask is a strong fighter, but only the Sailor Scouts can face a villain like Nehellenia.

10 Weaker: Sailor Kakyuu

Princess Kakyuu, while useful and inspiring, is more of a leader and protector than a fighter.

She was the Sailor Guardian of her planet, Kinmoku, but her planet was destroyed by Galaxia. The Sailor Starlights call for her because of her healing powers.

Galaxia slays her mercilessly, and Kakyuu only returns when Galaxia's heart is free of darkness.

Kakyuu is a vital guardian because she has exponential healing powers and shielding abilities.

While most Sailor Scouts are warriors, Kakyuu plays a supportive role for her fellow soldiers.

On her own, she's quite weak - weaker than Tuxedo Mask, at least. However, with others around her, she can make them into an unstoppable force.

9 Stronger: Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity was the good force protecting the Moon Kingdom and the galaxy from danger for many years. She was a loving mother, adored leader, and powerful wielder of magic.

In the battle to save the Moon Kingdom, nearly everyone was lost. Effectively, the Dark Kingdom won. Serenity herself survived, though.

A life without her daughter and her kingdom, though, was unbearable.

She used all of her magic to resurrect her daughter, Prince Endymion, and the other inner Sailor Scouts and send them to be reborn in the future.

Tuxedo Mask would be helpless next to such a selfless, powerful queen.

8 Weaker: Sailor Starlights

The Sailor Starlights came to Earth trying to find their leader, Princess Kakyuu. Somehow, that led to them forming a band and becoming quite popular.

They come to Sailor Moon's aid during battle and have helped to turn the tide of many fights.

Eventually, the Sailor Starlights are sacrificed by the enemy to increase their own power.

A formidable trio, the group does falter whenever they are apart. They all work in tandem to be a strong unit.

While the main group of Sailor Scouts work best together, the Sailor Starlights are quite debilitated if one of them falls.

Defeat one, and the rest will fall - even Tuxedo Mask could handle that.

7 Stronger: Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon Attack Space Sword Blaster by Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus is unique in the fact that her abilities are centered around energy. Uranus is able to shake the E arth, shoot energy from her blade, emit a powerful turbulence attack, and she is proficient with a sword.

Haruka becomes a vital ally to the Sailor Scouts. She is powerful, brave, and strong regardless of her Sailor status.

She always comes with the beautiful and fierce Sailor Neptune, as well.

Other members of the Scouts are intimidated by her confidence and strength, and they are some of the strongest beings in the galaxy.

Tuxedo Mask is inevitably weaker than her.

6 Stronger:  Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune

Unsurprisingly, Sailor Neptune gains power from the seas. However, she also has some premonition powers, as she's able to feel the aura of a situation before it happens.

When evil is afoot, she can tell that "the sea is stormy."

Despite her quieter, calmer nature, her abilities are explosive. The raging waters she expels on enemies could terrify any foe.

Her mirror helps hone not only her connection to the sea, but also her precognitive powers.

Fighting a psychic with a strong mind and the sea at her back is daunting for anyone.

If she were to battle Tuxedo Mask, he would hardly be able to move before she would have drowned him in her fierce waves.

5 Weaker: Nephrite

Nephrite, like Jadeite, relied heavily on others to fulfill his plans. Unlike his predecessor, though, Nephrite possess a single person and drains their energy instead of many.

This way, his evil was less noticeable, but he still never escaped the Sailor Scouts.

He did achieve more by nearly capturing the Silver Crystal, but he ultimately failed because Sailor Moon and friends interfered.

Sailor Jupiter was the one to finish him off when he attacked the Sailor Scouts too head on, possessing Minako.

Tuxedo Mask may be known for his weaknesses, but he could easily defeat such a reckless, headstrong entity of evil.

4 Stronger: Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn is one of the most destructive forces of the universe, second only to Galaxia. Her glaive is a weapon of pure destruction and reaping, earning her the title of the "Grim Reaper" Sailor Scout by some.

Hotaru is the "forbidden" warrior of the Milky Way, as she exists as the last line of defense when no other option is possible.

Her powers are so detrimental that she's a secret weapon. Saturn is only awakened when all hope is lost.

She appears because Sailor Moon had fallen, and Sailor Saturn's purpose is to stop evil at all costs.

If Sailor Scouts are frightened by her strength, Tuxedo Mask certainly should be too.

3 Stronger: Queen Metalia

Queen Metalia is a dark mass of evil that was formed from the sun's radiation. She corrupted Beryl, who was at the time only a lovestruck sorceress, to betray the Moon Kingdom in hopes of obtaining Prince Endymion for herself.

She also corrupted Endymion's four generals, turning them against the Moon Kingdom.

Metalia was locked away in the North Pole for her crimes.

In the 20th century, the Sailor Scouts returned and she awakened.

She got Beryl to brainwash Tuxedo Mask so that Metalia could use him as a host.

Defeating Metalia destroys Mamoru, too. He returns later, though.

Tuxedo Mask is helpless to her powers. He's painfully weaker and should stay far away.

2 Weaker: Zoisite

Though Endymion's generals are corrupted for evil, Zoisite is a dark leader who many fans love.

Though Zoisite still avidly tries to defeat the Sailor Scouts, he's humanized. Zoisite's love for Kunzite shines through to show that even these corrupted characters can feel sympathetic emotions.

However, his humanity doesn't help his strength. Zoisite is angry, impulsive, and overconfident.

Despite Kunzite's warning for Zoisite to use his head and be careful, he's defeated in his recklessness by Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask.

Though strong, Zoisite's determination and fury quickly get the best of him, and these are weaknesses that Tuxedo Mask can easily overpower.

1 Stronger: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal - Usagi

Usagi is the love of Mamoru's life, but in a fight, she could utterly destroy him. Usagi not only leads to Sailor Scouts, but she's also a Moon Kingdom Princess and one of the strongest beings in the universe.

She's one of the weakest Sailor Scouts when they start, but she progressively becomes more and more powerful than everyone else.

Sailor Moon gains new levels of her crystal and her abilities that elevates her into a force of nature.

Throughout the show, she slowly earns how to be a leader.

Early Usagi could have lost to Tuxedo Mask, but by the end of the anime, she could easily blow him away.


Do you know of any other characters who are weaker or stronger than Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon? Let us know in the comments!

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