Sailor Moon: The 15 Most Powerful Characters Of All Time (And The 5 Weakest)

Sailor Moon is a series of manga and anime that has transcended beyond its country of origin to become a worldwide phenomenon, and its characters beloved icons. The series follows the exploits of a middle school student called Usagi/Serena Tsukino, who befriends a strange talking cat called Luna. Soon, she is given a special brooch that empowers her to become the magical soldier, Sailor Moon (the soldier of love and justice) - Earth's protector against the many cosmic forces of evil.

Along with the rest of the Sailor Scouts, who get recruited along the way, the kind, bubbly Sailor Moon battles against many colorful foes. In a universe as vast and bizarre as this, the characters of the series come in a wide range of power sets and skills. While everybody, good and bad, has their own strengths and weaknesses, some are inherently stronger than others.

In this list, we will be taking a look at a wide selection of the Sailor Moon players, mostly focussing on the anime series. The following list is not strictly ordered.

Here are the 15 Most Powerful Characters Of All Time (And The 5 Weakest) - Sailor Moon.

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20 Powerful: Germatoid

Germatoid is a daimon who once possessed the innocent Professor Tomoe so that he could oversee the dastardly operations of the group known as the Death Busters (which is sometimes also called the Bureau of Bad Behavior) and their efforts to bring the evil Pharaoh 90 to Earth.

When Germatoid eventually releases Professor Tomoe, he appears as a plant-like creature. He goes after Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, and though he is initially defeated, he enters into several more monsters, meaning that he cannot simply be eliminated. Though not unbeatable, being able to continue on after being blown to pieces says a lot about the strength of this ferocious minion.

19 Weak: Sailor Quartet

Named after four of the major asteroids in our solar system, the Sailor Quartet is made up of Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Vesta. Originally, they were corrupted and released prematurely by Queen Nehellenia. Under her influence, they fought as the Amazoness Quartet, but when Nehellenia was defeated, the Quartet was released and became good again, revealing themselves as Sailor Senshi. On the side of good or evil, the quartet is a powerful enough group when they are all working together - but the threat they posed was never major, marking them as probably the weakest of all the Sailor Scouts.

That said, they function well as bodyguards for Chibiusa, meaning they aren't always entirely useless.

18 Powerful: Tuxedo Mask

Tuxedo Mask Glowing Smile

Introduced almost immediately into both the anime series and manga of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask (also known as Mamoru Chiba) is a handsome and confident high school student and major ally to the team of Sailor Scouts. He also acts as the primary love interest to Sailor Moon herself.

Tuxedo Mask is the de facto 'Sailor Earth', an intelligent and composed protector with psychic powers and martial arts skills. Though he can be a little inconsistent at times, he is always strong and ready for a fight. Even more, he never fails to provide excellent support for the Scouts, his reliability in battle making him a powerful character to be on the side of good.

17 Powerful: Sailor Uranus

One of the four Outer Senshi of our solar system, Haruka Tenou - otherwise known as Sailor Uranus - is one of the older Scouts and the protective lover of Sailor Neptune. An aggressive and courageous fighter, Haruka Tenou possesses many impressive attack moves, often bolstered by her wielding of the Space Sword.

At times morally ambiguous and acting more as an anti-hero, Sailor Uranus is far from predictable. This ultimately adds to her power, as she is often willing to go the extra mile in a battle when her fellow Scouts will not. This may sometimes put her at odds with the rest of the group, but it makes her a character that you can always count on to turn the tides of a battle one way or another.

16 Powerful: Mistress 9

Mistress 9 is an evil figure from the Tau Ceti Star System. As a hint of her true darkness and anger, she is also known as the Dark Messiah and the Messiah of Silence. Working for her master, Pharaoh 90, she comes to Earth in order to open a gateway for him. Taking over the body of a young girl, Hotaru, Mistress 9 morphs her host form beyond recognition and immediately displays an immense power. When she transforms herself, her secondary form is that of a huge, monster with an eerie head and a ghostly body.

Mistress 9's powers are many - including telekinesis, healing, possession, and illusions. As Pharaoh 90's right-hand woman, Mistress 9 becomes the secondary antagonist of the series Sailor Moon S, making her a formidable and dangerous opponent.

15 Weak: Queen Beryl

Sailor Moon - Queen Beryl

Queen Beryl is the commander of the Dark Kingdom, and with a title like that, you would assume that she might be one of the most powerful foes that Sailor Moon and the other Scouts have come across. Unfortunately for her, this is not quite the case. At one time, she managed to launch an attack on the Moon Kingdom and cause the loss of many lives, making her a major villain for the Sailor Scouts to face. Still, the deaths were reversed, and Sailor Moon was later able to remove the queen's brainwashing hold on Mamoru, showing that her powers could definitely be weakened.

When it came down to the final battle, it didn't even take the whole group of Scouts to beat her; becoming 'Super Beryl', she faced off against Sailor Moon (as Princess Serenity) and was soundly defeated.

14 Powerful: Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Attack Sailor Jupiter

"Agent of Love and Courage, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Jupiter! I'll make you feel so much regret, it'll leave you numb!"

The fourth Sailor Scout introduced into the anime, Sailor Jupiter is one of the inner Senshi whose power set is based around electricity and nature. Some of her attacks include Supreme Thunder and Sparkling Wide Pressure, where she hurls white bolts of lightning at her enemies.

Jupiter (aka Makoto Kino) is not all-powerful, though - for example, Sailor Moon could definitely beat her when she is transformed into one of her more evolved forms - but Sailor Jupiter is also a fierce martial artist, so she is more than capable of dominating any battle that depends more than just magic.

13 Powerful: Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus attack in Sailor Moon

Minako Aino, aka Sailor Venus, is one of the original Solar System Sailor Senshi and, later on, a guardian for Princess Serenity. The leader of the inner Senshi, Venus' powers are based around love and light, making her both a strong warrior in the traditional, aggressor sense, as well as a compassionate and kind teammate to her fellow magical girls.

Because her powers are rooted in love, Sailor Venus is able to target and manipulate the emotions of her enemies. This makes her a surprising force in battle, as it can be easy for the Sailor Scouts' foes to underestimate her. Just don't forget - she is, in reality, the strongest of the inner Senshi.

12 Powerful: Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto is a tall, imposing fighter renowned for her ethereal beauty. First appearing in the anime's second season, Pluto is able to use her powers to travel into the dreams of others, as well as to manipulate space and time. She has a vastly extended lifespan and uses this to guard the mystical Space-Time door. At one point, Sailor Pluto even has to fight off Sailor Moon herself when she is trying to use the door, showing that Pluto is truly capable of holding her own.

Pluto's abilities are not 100% perfect. She is constrained by certain rules that mean she cannot use her power to stop time without losing her life and being born again, so that stops her from going higher up the ranks.

11 Weak: Four Kings of Heaven

Kings of Heaven Kunzite Zoisite Jadeite and Nephrite in Sailor Moon Crystal

Queen Beryl may be one of the weaker foes that Sailor Moon and the Scouts have come across, but even weaker than the queen are her minions from season one of the anime series, the Four Kings of Heaven. This group comprises Jadeite, Nephlite, Zoisite, and Malachite. Although the perfect foes for the Sailor Scouts when they were all still starting out - learning, figuring out their powers and who they could be - looking back, the Four Kings of Heaven really didn't have much to offer.

Their convictions were weak enough that one of them (Nephlite) became good, while the other three were eventually defeated by Sailor Moon and the others. This means that, even though the girls were new at this whole business, they were still able to defeat this lackluster quartet.

10 Powerful: Sailor Moon

"For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon I will punish you!"

The de facto leader of the Sailor Scouts, Sailor Moon arguably has the most to overcome in her transformation from a naive middle school student to a soldier who regularly saves the cosmos and beyond. At first, relentlessly cheery and a bit of a crybaby, Sailor Moon grows not only as a fighter, but as a person. Her powers include many strong attacks with her tiara, supersonic waves, and even a magical kiss - but what makes Sailor Moon truly stand out is her sheer potential. As we find out through the story's progression, Usagi has many further forms to become, meaning that she will only continue to get stronger.

9 Powerful: Queen Nehelenia

The main villain of the fourth season of the Sailor Moon anime, Queen Nehelenia is the leader of the vicious Dead Moon Circus (also called the Dark Moon Circus). Sealed in a mirror, the queen escapes and seeks revenge on Sailor Moon. Hoping to find the Golden Crystal and take over the Earth, as well as find a means to keep herself young and beautiful for all eternity, Nehelenia was a true foe. Thanks to her impressive wielding of magic, it took more than just Sailor Moon to defeat this wicked queen. In fact, it was only the combination of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask - and the power of their true love - that finally beat her in the end.

8 Powerful: Neo Queen Serenity

A future form of Sailor Moon, Neo Queen Serenity is the benevolent co-ruler of Earth in the 30th century, with her central hub being in the utopian city of Crystal Tokyo. Residing over the planet with her husband, King Endymion, Neo Queen Serenity is renowned for curing the world of all known evil and sickness. Because of this, she is referred to as the "Messiah of Peace" by Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Although her portrayal in the anime is relatively minor, it can be construed that Neo Queen Serenity has all of Sailor Moon's powers and then some. In the manga, it is clear that she has greater strength over the Silver Crystal than her younger self, and can even create weapons and other items out of thin air, beyond her restorative abilities.

7 Weak: Esmeraude/Emerald

A member of the Black Moon Clan - one of the many antagonist groups to face off against the Sailor Scouts - Esmeraude (known in the DiC dub of the anime as Emerald) is a sinister femme fatale whose main weapon is a razor-sharp fan; this allows her to carry it on her at all times without raising suspicions, allowing her to make stealth attacks if necessary.

Esmeraude could prove to be a very dangerous enemy for the Sailor Scouts at times, but what makes her fall into the 'weak' section of this list is the fact that she was ultimately defeated by Tuxedo Mask and one of his simpler attacks - Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber - in the Crystal anime series.

6 Powerful: Sailor Saturn

"My guardian deity is the Planet of Ruin. I am the Guardian of Death and Rebirth, Sailor Saturn!"

Sailor Saturn is the tenth and last Sailor Scout, a being unlike many of the other girls because of how her powers may be construed as inherently negative. Her abilities are similar to the concepts of Ragnarok from Norse mythology, tearing everything down so that life can begin anew. This even includes her, as she is physically born again. Her powers are so extreme that she was put into a kind of stasis by Queen Serenity to keep her safe from herself and others. She is not trapped forever, though; Sailor Saturn will always be awoken in times of hopelessness, in order to wipe the slate clean and bring forth new life.

5 Powerful: Pharaoh 90

Pharaoh 90 is a universal entity of great power and infinite evil, a near shapeless mass of pure energy. Although 'he' has no dialogue in the original anime (or one line in some versions), Pharaoh 90 is the supreme ruler and mastermind of the Death Busters - including Mistress 9 and Germatoid, previously on this list.

Most of Pharaoh 90's abilities come from his prowess at manipulating others. He predominantly works through his many colorful minions to achieve his dastardly plans - and because of this, he is able to keep himself safe and away from the front lines most of the time. However, even when it comes down to the real final battle, Pharaoh 90 is only destroyed when Sailor Moon enters him and transform with all the powers of Scouts, tearing him apart at last.

4 Powerful: Sailor Chibi Chibi

Not to be confused with Sailor Chibi Moon, this hot pink, cake-loving little girl is a real force to be reckoned with in the Sailor Moon universe. At first seeming to be a normal child who stumbles upon Serena by accident one day, Chibi Chibi's impressive true nature is soon revealed.

Due to her age, it is easy to underestimate this Scout, but that would be a mistake. Her powers are vast and strong already, even though she is just a toddler, meaning that she has plenty of room to grow and gain more abilities. As it stands, she can teleport large groups of people for vast distances and even amplify the powers of others, making her an important ally.

3 Powerful: Sailor Galaxia

The main villain of the final season of the anime, Sailor Galaxia is the self-proclaimed "Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica" and by far the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the galaxy.

At one time, she was a mighty hero, but the terrible entity Chaos took her over and turned her to the side of evil, amplifying her powers and turning her against Sailor Moon and the other Scouts.

In her quest to obtain Star Seeds, she wiped out planets with a flick of her wrist and had an endless ambition for power. In the end, Sailor Galaxia could only be 'defeated' when her soul was returned to her, expelling the Chaos entity from her body once and for all.

2 Weak: Luna

The mystical talking cat who originally awakens Usagi/Serena as Sailor Moon, Luna is an adorable feline with a crescent emblem on her forehead. She guides the magical girls with her wise advise and helps to ground them through the crazier moments throughout their many cosmic adventures.

In spite of her ability to speak and act as a guardian for the Sailor Scouts, Luna is - in essence - little more than a regular cat. So, while she may be able to scratch and bite, she would almost no use in a proper battle against one of the girls' many enemies - especially not when it comes to some of the universe-leveling beings elsewhere on this list.

1 Powerful: Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos in the Sailor Moon Manga Illustrations

Coming from the distant future, this mysterious being does not make an appearance in the first anime series, but has significant meaning for the manga and the Sailor Moon franchise as a whole. Coming from a world where everything was destroyed due to a battle with Chaos, Sailor Cosmos fled into the past, becoming Chibi Chibi.

As with the entry for Sailor Chibi Chibi, Cosmos has many powers, such as precognition and throwing up barriers. It makes sense, as she is Chibi Chibi's most evolved form, and even heavily implied to be the ultimate form of Sailor Moon herself. Don't worry - it's complicated. Either way, Cosmos is a powerful force, and well deserving of the number one spot on this list.


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