Is SAG Still Planning A Strike?

No, this isn't old news. Just when we thought the potential for a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike was over, now there's word that they're moving... to vote for a strike!  Oh crap, why?!  As if we need something like this now.

It all started when SAG sent a letter to top Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) to re-start negotiations to get a contract hammered out, but without changing their position on the issues.  AMPTP rejected the offer, saying they want a similar deal with SAG that they have with the Writers Guild of America (the WGA, who went on strike in late 2007) and the Directors Guild of America (DGA).

AMPTP and SAG haven't had a formal contract since late June 2008, and film and television work has continued while negotiations keep getting stalled over both parties' terms.  I really think and hope that SAG and the AMPTP can come together and hammer out a deal.

A strike will affect all our favorite shows and movies (except reality, *groan*) that feature actors in SAG, which is virtually all of them are in (except indie films, whose producers worked out a deal with SAG).  What could happen to upcoming movies like Iron Man 2 and more?

We'll have more details as they arise.  But I'll say this again, please, SAG and AMPTP!  Please come back to the negotiations table and hammer out a deal everyone will agree on.  A strike will paralyze the industry, and no one wins.

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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