SAG and AMPTP Have Reached A Deal

After months of waiting, wondering, and worrying about another Hollywood strike, it looks like SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) have reached a deal.  It's tentative for now, at least that's what other news outlets are calling it, but it's a deal!

Close to a year after SAG and AMPTP's contract expired, it seemed that a deal may not be coming anytime soon, but news broke that they have indeed reached that tentative deal.  According to Variety, some "back-channel" dealings between major studio and SAG players may have helped things along.

No word on the details of the deal yet, but once it's officially agreed upon this weekend by the SAG higher-ups, and ratified by its 120,000 members, I'm sure we'll hear more and Screen Rant will let you know the specifics.

I posted an update on the potential SAG strike nearly a month ago saying that there hadn't been much movement in negotiations other than plenty of high-profile members not wanting to see a strike.  The WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike ultimately cost Hollywood approx 2.5 billion dollars in lost income, business, etc., and quite a few shows were canceled and some movies even permanently shelved.  It makes sense that so many SAG and AMPTP members wanted to reach a deal, especially in this tough economic climate (Has The Recession Impacted Hollywood?).

So a tentative deal between SAG and AMPTP has been reached, and that's great news indeed!

How do you feel about SAG and AMPTP shaking hands and making nice?

Source: Variety

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