'Safe' Trailer: Jason Statham vs. the World

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There now seems to be an unofficial rule that at least a handful of action-packed flicks that star Jason Statham (or feature him in some capacity) must be released on an annual basis.

Case in point: this year, the brawny star appeared in The Mechanic, Blitz, and Killer Elite. In 2012, he is slated to show up in Parker, Echelon, The Expendables 2 and Safe, another hyper-kinetic shoot-em-up romp that features Statham playing (what else) a virtually invincible modern-day warrior.

Statham stars in Safe as Luke Wright, a former elite agent who haphazardly encounters a young Chinese girl named Mei (Catherine Chan) when she is pursued by a pack of thugs on the New York subway. After rescuing Mei, Wright discovers that she is a prodigy who has discovered and memorized a secret code wanted by not only the Triads, but also the Russian Mafia and several corrupt NYC government officials. Thus, he takes it upon himself to protect the girl at all costs.

In other words: plot-wise, Safe is a semi-direct variation on the 1998 Bruce Willis thriller, Mercury Rising. However, this time around, the protagonist is played by Statham, who must confront just about every sort of criminal, deadly assassin, and corrupt cop known to mankind, in order to protect a child with intimate knowledge of the film's MacGuffin highly coveted and valuable information.

Get an early look at the film by watching the Safe trailer below:

While Safe stars a handful of familiar faces like Chris Sarandon (The Princess Bride, Fright Night) and Robert John Burke (Rescue Me) in supporting roles, this is clearly Statham's show first and foremost. The actor looks to basically portray the same unstoppable loner type that... well, that he seems to play around 95% of the time. So, those who can never get enough of Statham plowing his way through criminals as easily as others stroll down the street: Safe should satisfy, in that regard.

Whether the movie will be anything but a fun mindless thrill ride is another matter. Safe was written and directed by Boaz Yakin, whose previous directorial efforts have ranged from well-received (Fresh, Remember the Titans) to not-so-well-received (Uptown Girls, Death in Love). The same goes for his scripting resume, which also includes disliked titles such as Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights and Prince of Persia.

Statham's character does (technically) have a weakness in Safe - namely, both Mei and his concern for the little girl. So, maybe that element will add a little more depth to the actor's on-screen counterpart than his previous ones generally had... maybe.


Look for Safe to hit theaters around the U.S. on March 2nd, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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