'Safe House' Sequel in Development - Will Washington & Reynolds Return?

Reynolds and Washington in 'Safe House'

With an unimpressive 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems that popular opinion on Denzel Washington’s latest action-thrillerSafe House is decidedly mixed (read our review). However, the film – no doubt bolstered by the box appeal of Washington and co-star Ryan Reynolds – managed to rein in $202 million worldwide against an $85 million production budget. So, naturally, here comes the sequel.

David Guggenheim (who penned Safe House) has reportedly signed on to write the untitled sequel. Directed by Daniel Espinosa, the original film follows CIA Agent Matt Weston (Reynolds) who’s assigned to protect a rogue agent (Washington) within the confines of a safe house in South Africa.

At this point, neither Reynolds nor Washington has been confirmed to return for the sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Given the way the first film concluded, it’s unknown how large a role Washington’s character will have in the script, though the actor’s star power means the studio is interested in including him.

Reynolds in 'Safe House'

Both actors are juggling busy schedules, with numerous projects in various states of development. Washington – who will next be seen in Robert Zemeckis’ Flight is attached to The Equalizer (an adaptation of the 1980s television series) and is considering a part in Stephen Gaghan’s crime thriller Candy Store, possibly alongside Brad Pitt. Meanwhile, Reynolds stars in next year’s comic book adaptation R.I.P.D. and may still be called upon to reprise his role as Green Lantern in the Justice League film.

Regardless, the Safe House sequel seems like it would be a slam-dunk for Universal, the studio distributing the film - especially if they manage to lock Washington down for an appearance. Otherwise, perhaps Reynolds could be assigned to protect another high-profile actor, since his presence alone isn’t exactly a reliable box office draw just yet.

Check back to Screen Rant for details on the Safe House sequel.

Source: THR

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