12Toy Story 3 (2010)

Toy Story 3 Incinerator Scene

Toy Story 3 is a film so packed with nostalgia and "feels" that we can barely see the happy ending through our bittersweet tears. The film centers on a case of mistaken identity— or rather, mistaken purpose. Andy's toys attempt to move on with their lives as

Woody tries to make them realize they were taken to the garbage by mistake. Andy is now 17 and gearing up for college. He's clearly too old to be playing with toys, though he still shares an affinity for Woody (Tom Hanks).

Complicating Woody's mission, Buzz (Tim Allen) loses his memory and is enlisted as a heavy in the other toys' new home, Sunnyside Daycare, where they are roughly treated by the toddlers. Their escape and Woody's continued pursuit leads to a pivotal scene where Buzz's memory is restored along with his friendship to Woody just as the incinerator threatens to claim them as victims. Thankfully, Pixar, who can be some child-hating bastards when it comes to splicing in adult themes — see: the first few minutes of Up — spare us any deaths; however, they do yank a few tears out of our heads as we watch Andy leave his toys with Bonnie, saying goodbye to such a magical chapter of his life and his very first best friends forever.

Hopefully, the in-production Toy Story 4 won't tug so hard on the heartstrings.

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