Sacha Baron Cohen Teases Trump University Movie Coming Soon?

Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen posted a mysterious video teasing something having to do with U.S. President Donald Trump and his for-profit education initiative Trump University. What exactly does Cohen have in store for Trump that he's trying to tease in this video? That's anyone's guess.

Cohen and the current president do of course already have some history together. In 2003, Cohen had a memorable run-in with Trump during an episode of his satiric series Da Ali G Show. Under the guise of Ali G, the self-proclaimed "voice of da yoof," Cohen would interview unsuspecting celebrities and often catch them saying embarrassing things. In his talk with Trump, Cohen tried to sell the future president on a ridiculous product called "ice cream gloves," that would protect wearers' hands from melting ice cream. Trump quickly realized he was being taken and ended the interview after just a short time.

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Now, it appears Sacha Baron Cohen is ready to go another round with the current United States president. On July 4th, Cohen's Twitter account posted a teaser featuring old video of a pre-presidential Trump berating the Ali G comedian and urging him to "go to school" to learn about being funny. After the footage of Trump attacking Cohen (the origins of which are as mysterious as anything in the tweet), the video cuts to a shot of an American flag with the text "Sacha graduates. Soon," followed by the Trump University logo. See the video below:

Trump University, which also went by the names Trump Wealth Institute and Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC, was a for-profit education company that ran a real estate program from 2005 through 2010. After numerous lawsuits, some charging the program with defrauding students, Trump University was shut down. Trump was forced to settle the suits for $25 million shortly before being elected president in 2016.

Now, it appears Cohen means to resurrect the Trump University issue, though the teaser gives no real clues as to the exact nature of the apparent project. Cohen of course has never shied away from wading into political waters with his comedy. On several occasions he's duped politicians by interviewing them in one of his various guises, most memorably in his movie Bruno when he tricked Congressman Ron Paul. Politics also plays heavily, though on quite an absurd level, into his movies Borat and The Dictator. Cohen also included a controversial Trump AIDS joke in his critically panned comedy The Brothers Grimsby.

Trump of course has become a major target for comedians during his presidency, coming under fire from every late night host, while being skewered on an almost weekly basis by Alec Baldwin and SNL. The otherwise apolitical summer action smash Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom even took a few vague potshots at the president. It seems Cohen will now lend his own unique voice to the chorus of anti-Trump comedians. At this point, it's fair to question what there is left to say about Trump, one of the most widely lampooned figures in history. Fans will just have to wait and see what Cohen has up his sleeve.

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