The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1's Ending Explained

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Ending Explained

Netflix's dark new Archie Comics adaptation The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a wild ride of dream demons, Satanic rituals, evil curses and botched necromancy - and it all spins towards a dramatic ending with the town of Greendale under siege from an Angel of Death. The series begins with Sabrina on the verge of her sixteenth birthday, faced with the difficult decision of whether to receive her Dark Baptism and leave the mortal world behind, or embrace her mortal side and miss out on slowed ageing and immense power.

Sabrina decides to run away from her Dark Baptism after the promise of free will turns out to be false advertising. However, the Mother of Demons - in disguise as Sabrina's teacher, Ms. Wardwell - secretly plots to sabotage Sabrina's life and drive her to the dark side. Ultimately this effort proves successful, and the season ends with Sabrina forced to leave her mortal friends and school behind. However, that doesn't mean that all hope is lost.

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Meanwhile, Aunt Zelda makes the impulse decision to take Father Blackwood's newborn daughter away, fearing that he would have the baby girl killed so that his son could be his heir. However, this only deepens Father Blackwood's belief that the Church of Night has become too progressive, and he pledges - to a group of male students - that they will restore the old ways. All that and more happens in Sabrina's shocking finale - so let's break down the major events and what they mean.

What Happens in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Finale

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Episode 10 ending

As the season finale begins, Ms. Wardwell runs down a list of omens, all of which tie into a some kind of prophecy about Sabrina - a half-witch/half-mortal, with immense potential power. When Sabrina's friends have decide to stick by her side, even after finding out that she's a witch, Ms. Wardwell hatches a new plan to sever Sabrina's attachments to the mortal realm. She summons the ghosts of the thirteen witches who were hanged in Greendale, and abandoned to their fate by the Church of Night. The witches unleash their wrath upon the town, summoning the Red Angel of Death, who will ride through the town killing every firstborn.

The witches attack Ambrose and Luke in the woods, telling them to take a warning to the Church of Night. When the coven gathers, they decide they will hide in the Academy of Unseen Arts, using their collective magic to hold off the undead witches and the Angel of Death. However, Sabrina, Ambrose, Hilda and Zelda decide to stay behind and protect the mortals, and summon a tornado to force the whole town to gather in the school's basement.

The plan quickly goes awry. Father Blackwood forcibly summons Zelda to attend to his wife's birth, and Luke teleports Ambrose to the Academy as well. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina that her friends aren't at the school, and that a more aggressive approach is needed to stop the Angel of Death. Sabrina leaves with Ms. Wardwell, leaving Hilda behind to defend the school alone. Meanwhile Nick Scratch - at Sabrina's behest - goes to Harvey's house to protect him, and Susie and Roz decide to stay and try to protect Roz's grandmother.

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Ms. Wardwell takes Sabrina to the woods, where there is a lectern surrounded by candles with the Dark Lord's book on it. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina that the only way to save the town is to sign the book and receive her full powers. Sabrina reluctantly agrees, signing the book in her own blood, and uses her newfound power to burn the undead witches with Hellfire - releasing their souls, ridding the world of their wrath, and sending the Angel of Death away. Afterwards, Sabrina astral projects into Harvey's room for one last goodbye, and then leaves the mortal world behind. The season ends with Nick seeing Sabrina at the Academy, having now become one of the Weird Sisters.

Can Sabrina Ever Rejoin The Mortal World?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 finale ending

The Sabrina we see in the final moments of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 doesn't appear to be too grief-stricken about leaving her mortal life behind. In fact, she looks comfortable marching along with the other Weird Sisters, and even smiles and winks at the camera. It's possible that this was just down for the purposes of style, but it also seems like Sabrina may have already been somewhat corrupted by the power she received from the Dark Lord.

As part of the deal she made, if Satan calls upon Sabrina she has to respond and bend to his will. However, it's unclear if the outcome of Sabrina's trial earlier in the season - when she was given permission to keep one foot in the mortal realm - still applies, or whether it's been overwritten by her signing the book (she should probably have talked to her lawyer first). Either way, Sabrina's plan to defeat the Dark Lord seems to have been thoroughly scuppered... but there is still hope. Finding loopholes in demonic deals is possible (just ask John Constantine), so it's possible that Sabrina might still get her friends back in season 2.

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