How Sabrina's Holiday Special Sets Up Season 2

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Holiday Special Season 2

While we wait for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2, which is set to arrive on Netflix in April 2019, Sabrina Spellman has returned for a holiday special, "A Midwinter's Tale," that sets the stage for what's to come. The season 1 finale saw Sabrina finally pushed to sign her name in the book of the beast, thereby committing herself to obey when the Dark Lord calls her, but also giving her the power to save her home town of Greendale from a massacre.

Now, Sabrina faces the continued struggle between the mortal and magical sides of her life, while the cunning Mother of Demons (in disguise as Sabrina's teacher, Ms. Wardwell) continues to sabotage her from behind the scenes. In "A Midwinter's Tale," much of the ongoing drama is set aside for a standalone story about a demonic Santa Claus, Sabrina's efforts to contact her dead mother, and the Spellman mortuary falling under siege by a naughty pack of impish child spirits.

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Here's what happens in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's holiday special, and how it sets up things to come in season 2.

Sabrina Is Still Attending Two High Schools

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Holiday Special

While The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1 finale heavily implied that Sabrina would be leaving her mortal school and friends behind and attending the Academy of Unseen Arts full-time, "A Midwinter's Tale" somewhat backtracks from this. Despite her new hair color, it seems like not much has actually changed for Sabrina after signing her name in the book of the beast. She's still at her mortal high school, and is still friends with Susie and Roz. Presumably this means that, even after signing her name, Sabrina's original deal with Father Blackwood - to be able to live with one foot in the mortal world and one in the magical world - still stands. Unfortunately, there is one mortal relationship that Sabrina couldn't repair.

Sabrina & Harvey Really Are Broken Up

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Sabrina and Harvey

Sabrina and her mortal beau Harvey Kinkle were sweethearts for much of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 1, but Harvey broke things off after Sabrina's magical meddling led to his brother, Tommy, being resurrected without a soul, and Harvey being forced to kill him all over again. In "A Midwinter's Tale," Sabrina tries to use magic to heal the broken romance between herself and Harvey - first gifting him a set of enchanted pencils whose tips never wear down, and then brewing some enchanted eggnog that cures Harvey's father of his alcoholism. However, while Harvey thanks Sabrina for helping his father, he then pleads with her never to use magic to try to help him again. It looks like the formerly happy couple won't be brought back together easily in season 2.

Sabrina Frees Her Mother From Limbo

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Sabrinas Mother

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina got pretty dark in its first season, and one of its darkest moments was when Sabrina tried to retrieve the soul of Harvey's brother, Tommy, from Limbo - only for poor Tommy to get eaten by a supernatural monster that feasts on lost souls. While in Limbo, Sabrina was reunited with her mortal mother, and was understandably distressed to find out that her mother had been stuck in Limbo for all those years. In "A Midwinter's Tale," Sabrina manages to summon her mother's spirit from Limbo, and Diana Spellman is finally able to move on when she sees that her daughter has people in her life to love and protect her. This doesn't really set up season 2, but it does close a chapter from season 1 - allowing Sabrina to move on.

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