'S. Darko' Trailer = Awful

Not that long after it was revealed that the sequel to the cult film Donnie Darko called S. Darko is heading straight to DVD shelves, we now have the trailer to finally give us a full feel of just what this pointless sequel is going to be like.

There's no doubt that they are going to try and capitalize on the quirky, cult-ish nature of the first film by attempting to replicate it in this one. And I hope you'll join me joyous unison in saying that they have failed...

Check out the trailer below:

Before I get onto how the movie looks I will say wow, is that really the girl who played Donnie's kid sister in the first film?! Man, she has grown quickly and is no longer as sweet and innocent as Darko fans remember her being.

Now onto the trailer....

Wow, does it look awful. It looks like they've watched Donnie Darko multiple times and thought, "Okay - how can we make another one of those?" It basically looks like Donnie Darko sans the charm, humor, iconic nature and heck, even the original main character.

What's with what appears to be a meteor strike? The special powers (fire conjuring)? The attempt to use the countdown to the end of the world thing from the first film just comes off as completely lame, and as for the appearance of the Frank rabbit about eye-rolling.

The only reason I think anyone will give this film the time of day is out of morbid curiosity - just how bad will this be? Or will the final film prove all of us wrong and actually be worthwhile? I suspect the former but we won't know until the DVD hits shelves.

S. Darko is set to come out on DVD on April 28th.

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