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MTV Splashpage just put up another Ryan Reynolds interview segment continuing off of the Deadoool update post we put up yesterday. All of these updates seem to be from the same interview a while back, divided into a bunch of separate news items. Yesterday's talked about Reynolds' wishful hopes of someone like Quentin Tarantino helming the Deadpool flick and we also spoke about the rumor of Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick possibly taking over the scriptwriting duties for Fox.

In today's update, Reynolds talks about how the Deadpool trailer must play out, the costume of the "Merc with a Mouth" and the challenges of finding the right story for a full length feature film adapation.

To start, Reynolds admits that he’s not tried on a Deadpool suit, nor is there one created for him to wear just yet (unlike with Green Lantern). He loves the costume and thinks that might be one of the easiest creative aspects of the project and that the real challenge comes with adapting his scattered history into a feature film with a sensible story.

"You want to find the best version of what's in the comic books, but like a lot of [characters], Deadpool has one of the more inconsistent narratives… It's tough, because the series has been dropped and reopened so many times. You really have to pick and choose so many of the best elements and cobble those together and create the movie of your dreams."

As for the plan for the trailer, Reynolds has a pretty unique idea for what that should consist of, which demonstrates his true passion for this character and film.

"I've told Fox already that the only way there's ever gong to be a 'Deadpool' trailer is if Deadpool makes his own trailer… He needs to be talking to the movie audience ... with the movie trailer voice: 'In a world... gone mad... one man... must stand alone...'"

This may be difficult to pull off but if someone must break the fourth wall as a comedic live-action comic book character, Reynolds is the right man for the job. He is really destined to play Wade Wilson and I hope the complex character is done justice by Fox and the creative team.

To see the rest of this one part of MTV’s segmented interview with the Canadian star, head over to MTV Splashpage where he also discusses playing Green Lantern in addition to this role.

Would a trailer like Reynolds' idea work? Should Deadpool's costume stay true to the Marvel Comics?

Source: MTV Splashpage

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