Ryan Reynolds Says Pikachu Would Beat Deadpool In A Fight

Detective Pikachu and Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds, was asked who would win in a fight between the cute little electric-type mouse and Marvel's potty-mouthed mercenary - and Pikachu, he chose you! Based on the 3DS video game of the same name, the hotly-anticipated Detective Pikachu is due for release next month, and marks the Pokemon franchise's first foray into the world of live-action after two decades of animated movie releases. Reynolds will be portraying the coffee-fueled title character, with supporting turns from the likes of Justice Smith, Bill Nighy, Rita Ora and Kathryn Newton.

Of course, Reynolds is still riding the wave of the success created by two highly lucrative and critically praised Deadpool movies. Proving that there was a sizeable market for R-rated superhero fare, the Deadpool series was commended for its no-holds-barred, self-referential humor, and Reynolds' performance in particular was highlighted as the driving force behind the films' success. Next on the slate for Mr. Pool is likely X-Force, and despite Disney's recent acquisition of the rights to the Deadpool character, the studio has suggested that they'll continue with the established mature tone.

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Until then, Reynolds will be focusing fully on his Pokemon adventure, and while on promotional rounds for Detective Pikachu, was asked by MTV who would win in a fight between his two most popular characters. Interestingly, Reynolds opted for Pikachu, stating:

"Oooh, that's a tough one. I kinda feel like Pikachu might, you know. Even though he doesn't swear, he's very powerful, he could create some actual superpowers, whereas Deadpool's just mostly sarcastic."

Assuming Reynolds isn't just putting his money on Pikachu because that's the film he's supposed to be promoting at present, the choice is certain to prove controversial. On one hand, Pikachu has been known to take out two fully-grown humans and a talking cat with minimal effort but, mostly fights for sport, rather than out of life or death necessity. Deadpool, on the other hand, has made a career out of beating people up and also possesses unrivaled regenerative powers but, as Reynolds points out, is prone to a sarcastic quip at the wrong moment.

Some might fall into the trap of thinking about this fantasy match-up in far too much detail. However, even the most casual Pokemon and Deadpool fan would know that Pikachu could avoid 'Pool's attacks with his Agility power and keep him at distance using thunder-based attacks. Deadpool would, however, constantly recover from the continuous electric onslaught until Pikachu finally runs out of both stamina and PP, rendering him virtually useless and vulnerable to being sliced in two by Deadpool's dual katana - thus allowing the mercenary to pick up the hard-fought victory. Unfortunately, the matter is unlikely to be cleared up in Detective Pikachu.

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Source: MTV

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