Ryan Reynolds Joins Michael Bay & Netflix's Six Underground

Ryan Reynolds is joining forces with director Michael Bay for Six Underground, an action movie that Bay is making for Skydance Media and Netflix. Now that Bay's Transformers days are finally behind him (for real this time), the filmmaker is getting back to making the sort of genre blending action movies that he originally made his name with back in the 1990s. Bay is currently gearing up to begin shooting Six Underground this summer, but already has a followup in mind in the form of the onetime Steven Spielberg project Robopocalypse, a film based on Daniel Wilson's 2011 novel about (this time, non-alien) robots wreaking havoc on humankind.

Six Underground reunites Reynolds with his Deadpool 1 & 2 screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick; the same duo that wrote last year's not-a-Venom prequel Life (which Reynolds appeared in) and are developing Fox's Clue board game movie, with Reynolds attached as a cast member. Following Reese and Wernick's recent tease that Zombieland 2 will be ready by 2019, it appears the duo could have a pair of movies hitting the scene next year, between their zombie action/comedy sequel and Bay's Netflix venture.

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According to THR, Reese and Wernick's Six Underground script revolves around six billionaires who, for reasons that have yet to be revealed, decide to fake their deaths and form an "elite" team to battle evil-doers. Reynolds is expected to play one of the half-dozen rich guys turned vigilantes in the film, which Skydance and Netflix have confirmed they will begin streaming sometime in 2019. Six Underground will further be the largest production for Netflix since they joined forces with David Ayer on his buddy cop-meets fantasy action/thriller, Bright.

Michael Bay on the Transformers: The Last Knight set

Skydance is already in the Netlix TV business and produces two very different series for the streaming giant; Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin's Grace and Frankie and futuristic sci-fi noir Altered Carbon. Six Underground is one of only two movies that Skydance has in development right now that isn't based on some pre-established IP, with Ang Lee's sci-fi assassin thriller Gemini Man being the other. However, it sounds like the plan is for Six Underground to potentially launch a franchise, with Netflix even describing the movie as "an event level feature film" in its official press release.

Bright did well enough in terms of viewership for Netflix to green-light a sequel, so the streaming service has already enjoyed some success in the realm of nine-digit tentpoles ahead of Six Underground starting production. Reynolds and Bay are a pretty marketable pairing on paper too, especially with Reynolds coming off the runaway commercial and critical success of Deadpool 2 this month. It remains to be seen if Six Underground fares any better with critics than either Bright or most of Bay's previous films have, but with the trifecta of Reese, Wernick, and Reynolds in his corner, the filmmaker may yet manage to surprise in that respect.

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We will bring you more details on Six Underground as they become available.

Source: Netflix, THR

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