Ryan Reynolds Surprises Korean Audience As A Singing Unicorn

In light of the upcoming theatrical debut of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds sings live at a South Korean TV show wearing a colorful unicorn costume. Directed by John Wick co-director David Leitch, who took over the sequel from original Deadpool helmer Tim Miller, the followup movie will see the return of the Merc With A Mouth, this time with a slew of brand new allies that will become his own squad moving forward. Story details for the film are still tightly-kept under wraps but besides the much-anticipated debut of Cable and Domino, the sequel appears to revolve around Julian Dennison's mutant character named Russell Collins aka. Firefist.

Compared to the first movie, Deadpool 2 didn't have the luxury to run a long promotional campaign considering that it's sandwiched by two other tentpole movies, Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War and Lucasfilm's Solo: A Star Wars Story. That being said, Reynolds and his crew are doing their best to market the film the most effective ways possible but also still maintaining the playful tone and vibe that the character has been known for. This time, he makes a shocking appearance on a South Korean TV show wearing a unicorn onesie.

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Reynolds, who was in the East Asian country to promote Deadpool 2, appeared in a popular song show, King of Masked Singer, dressed as a unicorn where he sang "Tomorrow" from the hit Broadway musical, Annie. For context, the program is a variety show on MBC where masked singers step on stage and perform, while a guest celebrity panel, as well as the audience, try to the guess who the person behind the mask is just by listening to him/her. The series mainly features local artists, so it was a shock to everyone when it was revealed who the guy wearing the silly unicorn costume was. Veteran comedian Shin Bong Sun was even seen panicking as she asked her fellow panelists to take a photo of her with the Canadian actor. After his performance, Reynolds greeted everyone in the venue and hilariously apologized for butchering such an iconic song. Watch how it all went down below (as posted on YouTube):

Despite his short stint in the show, Reynolds actually agreeing to appear in a variety show as such is proof of his dedication to making sure that Deadpool 2 is marketed as effectively as possible. While interviews and junkets are fun and also effective, him actually partaking on a local show and even stepping in to become a contestant is an efficient way to tap into the South Korean movie-going market. As explained later on, the actor was on a tight schedule in the country but was still able to secretly prepare for his surprising gig endearing him more to the crowd. That said, at the end of it all, it seemed like even Reynolds had a blast doing the guesting.

Comic book films have a large fan base in the country. Just last month, Infinity War broke box office records that led to lawmakers changing film distribution laws to avoid another monopoly of screens for a single film. Deadpool 2 may not be like the Marvel Studios juggernaut but after this, more people will undoubtedly more interested in seeing the sequel when it hit theaters this week, especially since initial buzz from the film has been generally positive.

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