Ryan Reynolds Promotes Hugh Jackman's Front Runner With Joke Voter Ad

Ryan Reynolds is promoting the release of Hugh Jackman's new film The Front Runner with a joke voter ad that reveals "the truth" about the fan-favorite (former) Wolverine actor. The Twitter clip is but the latest in a series of exchanges between Reynolds and Jackman on social media recently, leading some fans to speculate that the pair are hinting at a long-awaited Deadpool/Wolverine project being in the works.

Between Jackman having retired his version of Wolverine in last year's film Logan and Disney's ongoing acquisition of Fox and the X-Men brand (Deadpool included), the odds don't seem to be in favor of a proper Deadpool/Wolverine team-up movie happening at this stage. As such, it's possible that what Jackman and Reynolds are really hinting at is the former making a cameo as Wolvie in this December's untitled PG-13 version of Deadpool 2. It's been confirmed that the PG-13 Deadpool sequel includes brand-new scenes that were shot a couple months ago, so an appearance by Jackman certainly shouldn't be ruled out just yet.

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In the meantime, Jackman has a movie to promote (this month's The Front Runner) and Reynolds has lent a helping hand by releasing a fake awards season ad for the film. The video comes complete with cheeky narration from Reynolds (as he claims that Reynolds isn't the cheery Australian performer he claims to be), along with a series of equally tongue in cheek disclaimers that the ad was "paid for by not Ryan Reynolds". Take a look, below.

The Front Runner tells the true story of how U.S. Senator Gary Hart (Jackman) went from being a front runner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination to dropping out of the campaign altogether, after he became ensconced in a scandal involving an extramarital love affair. Early critical word of mouth around the movie (following its run on the festival circuit) is mixed to positive, but Jackman has been picking up a good deal of praise for his performance as Senator Hart and may yet land some major awards show nominations for his efforts... that is, assuming that Reynolds' searching expose on the actor's real name and country of origin doesn't derail his own campaign.

All joking aside, it would be fun to see Reynolds and Jackman share the screen again in the X-Men universe. The extended version of Deadpool 2 that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con this past summer - aka. Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut - even included an altered post-credits scene that hinted at Wolverine's return, sometime down the line. The PG-13 Deadpool 2 cut would be the logical place for that to happen, so keep your eyes peeled for additional news updates on that front (maybe even around the time The Front Runner actually hits theaters later this month).

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