Ryan Reynolds Sends Hugh Jackman Profanity-Laced Birthday Message

Ryan Reynolds is keeping his love-hate relationship alive with Hugh Jackman as he sends the Australian actor a curse-laden Happy Birthday message. For years now, the two actors have traded jabs at each other, prominently started several years ago at the height of Reynolds' debut as Deadpool. Prior to the release of the smash hit, fans were hoping that Jackman would appear in the movie as Wolverine. Sadly, that wasn't the case, but that doesn't mean that he didn't have a cameo in the movie as the Canadian actor took the opportunity make fun of Oscar-nominated thespian while sporting a make-shift mask of his face.

Since them, the pair continue to troll each other - sometimes as themselves, other instances as their superhero alter-egos, particularly Reynolds as Wade Wilson. This is despite the fact that Jackman is already retired as the beloved Canadian mutant, further slimming the chance of Wolverine popping out in future Deadpool movies. So, while the two have yet to star in a project together, they've been continuously associated with each other, with a few shades thrown here and there. The latest from this pranking war came during Jackman's birthday after Reynolds hilarious message to the actor.

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Taking it to his official Instagram account, Jackman shared a video of Reynolds trying to wish him a happy birthday. Complete with a party hat on, Reynolds started singing the "Happy Birthday" song in a pretty impressive way. Once that's done, he goes into an epic rant about not being professionally trained which is apparently a respond to a jab Jackman made while on the road for his The Man. The Music. The Show world tour, making fun of Reynolds' singing abilities. In the caption, Jackman admitted to his sins, and said he might have to apologize for poking fun of Reynolds. Watch the hilarious video below:

Seeing Jackman and Reynolds go back and forth with these types of trolling are fun to watch. In some ways, they're reminiscent of the staged feud with Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon, which has been going on for years. And while fans know that they're friends in real life, there's still something entertaining seeing them rib each other every time they get the chance to. This schtick with Jackman and Reynolds hasn't lasted very long, but it appears like it's going to continue into the foreseeable future. There's no rhyme or reason why they're doing this since there's no general schedule for these instances, so it appears like they just want to do it, but this long-running gag can also be an effective form of marketing for their respective projects. Fans have seen this happen a few times while the actors promote their respective projects.

No word yet if there's any proper collaboration from Jackman and Reynolds down the road, but seeing them finally share the screen together for a film (it doesn't have to be comic book-inspired) again after working in X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be a treat. But more than the movie itself, fans would more likely be excited to see them on the press tour considering the great rapport they have with each other.

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