Ryan Reynolds Calls 'Green Lantern' the New Star Wars [Updated]

Green Lantern is just two months away from its release date, and the studios are scrambling to make its CGI as convincing as it is bright green. Nine million additional dollars later, and people are still wondering if Hal Jordan’s mask will finally look like something real instead of something made in MS Paint.

Recently, star Ryan Reynolds and director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) talked about the size, scope, and style of Green Lantern, calling it the new Star Wars, and Reynolds' character – Hal Jordan – the Han Solo/Indiana Jones of the modern era.

When Hero Complex asked Reynolds what convinced hgim to sign on for Green Lantern, he said:

"I wandered through the art department, and that's what sold me, seeing this universe that's created and the scale of it all. They're taking the Green Lantern canon from the comics and they're extending it out into this new medium. Our goal is to make the first superhero who really goes on a Star Wars kind of epic journey, and this mythology goes back a lot further than Star Wars."

Reynolds then discussed fans’ concern with the seemingly overly humorous tone of the first Green Lantern trailer:

"Tone was the biggest concern going in and then it almost became a contagion, and it became the concern of everyone and with me just harping on it. And now I feel that it's the most exciting discovery as we kept going. No, it's not dark like Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, but it isn't very light like you saw some of the [1980s] Superman movies get. The character is somewhere in the middle. He's a classic male. Han Solo, who was witty but not really funny, was one of the touchstones."

I don’t know; I think Han Solo was pretty hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds continued:

“It’s about courage versus fearlessness and the power of willpower and the need for sacrifice and service. This is not a comedy film but like Han Solo or […] Indiana Jones, there are moments where you smile and the hero can trades lines with anybody.”

Hero Complex then talked to Martin Campbell about what made him want to take on DC Comics’ most science-fiction-based superhero, to which he said:

"This was a chance to do some things I've never done before. We have a story that is very human and very much about human emotions, but what's within that story takes us off-world and into some alien settings that are extraordinary."

It's debatable whether or not Green Lantern is Star Wars: The New Class (yeah, that’s right, that’s a Saved by the Bell reference right there), but it couldn’t hurt if that ended up being the case. And any time Ryan Reynolds emulates even a little bit of what made Han Solo and Indiana Jones so special, we, the fans, can only benefit from it.

That said, one of the reasons the original Star Wars trilogy – and the Indiana Jones films that came out prior to 1990 – were so incredibly successful as opposed to their later prequels (and sequel), was that they were so lived-in and real. All the effects were practical and physical and dirty and awesome – not fuzzy and glowing and semi-ethereal. Visually-speaking, Green Lantern seems to have more in common with Attack of the Clones (CG suits and all) than The Empire Strikes Back.

The good news, in my opinion, is that Green Lantern is looking better and better with every new trailer and image release. Not just visually, but also in terms of content. While, personally, it’s not the film I’m looking forward to most this summer, it's definitely near the top, and I can promise you I’ll be there opening night – at midnight. And, you know, probably wearing all of my Green Lantern rings, too.

UPDATE: Well, if Green Lantern is the new Star Wars, then I guess these guys are the new Jedi Knights. Take a look at hi-res banner featuring some of the fan-favorite aliens from the Green Latern Corps!



The Green Lantern Corps movie version


Green Lantern, starring Reynolds, Mark Strong, Blake Lively, Michael Clarke Duncan, Peter Sarsgaard, and Geoffrey Rush, hits theaters June 17th, 2011.

Source: Hero Complex

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