Ryan Reynolds Defends 'Green Lantern' Costume, Says 'Deadpool' Still Alive

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Ryan Reynolds may be one of the hardest-working stars in Hollywood right now, but that doesn't mean he isn't taking time to consider fan reactions to early Green Lantern footage - or that he's forgotten about the seemingly stagnant Deadpool movie, which he remains attached to (if only in spirit).

The first Green Lantern trailer provided an early look at Reynolds' CGI outfit and, admittedly, the costume could stand some improvement. A number of fans are just against the idea of a digitally-created suit on principle, and it's on that point that Reynolds disagrees.

Reynolds had the following to offer The Daily Blam!, on the topic of Hal Jordan's costume in the Green Lantern movie:

"It has to be virtual rather than spandex. This is a suit from an alien planet. It's not 'The Dark Knight' - I don't put the suit on and my voice drops several octaves. The suit is powered specifically on [Hal's] will, his emotion, his creativity and his imagination. I love that.

"Everything Hal creates are images from his childhood. Or things fueled specifically from his own mind."

Passing over Reynold's little jab at Christian Bale's Batman (yeah, we've all heard that one before), he is right to call attention to the fact that Hal's own personality affects his extraterrestrial suit and abilities. The costume is also a construct projected by the Lantern's ring, which allows some leeway in terms of how "realistic" it ought to look.

A second Green Lantern trailer should be released in the near future, complete with improved F/X shots. If Reynolds' face mask and costume still look as though they were pasted onto his body at that point, then perhaps it'll be more fair to criticize the choice to produce the Lantern's outfit via digital, rather than practical, means.



Deadpool movie director Robert Rodriguez Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds played the "Merc With The Mouth" in the Wolverine origins movie, and most fans have been excited to see him reprise the role onscreen ever since. The Deadpool script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick has earned lots of early positive buzz, but Reynold's currently jam-packed schedule and the seeming departure of director Robert Rodriguez has left the project in a stasis.

Despite all that, Reynolds insisted to Empire that a Deadpool movie will actually be realized - though he admits "I'm not sure how it logistically works in terms of scheduling, but yeah, I want it to happen."

2011 is pretty much all booked up for Reynolds, seeing as that he's currently filming Safe House, and will be appearing in R.I.P.D. shortly thereafter. That's not to mention all the promotional work he has to do for Green Lantern and this summer's comedy release, The Change-Up. So unless someone other than Reynolds becomes a candidate for the title role, Deadpool won't be beginning production for a while now.

Would it be problematic for Reynolds to headline two comic book franchises? He doesn't think so:

"[The 'Deadpool' and 'Green Lantern'] universes are completely different. Superhero movies are so pervasive in pop culture. I don't look at them as superhero roles as much as just roles. They're such different people. 'Deadpool' is about a guy in a highly militarized shame spiral, 'Green Lantern' is more universally themed."

Green Lantern Deadpool movies Ryan Reynolds

Green Lantern and Deadpool as about as different from one another as costumed heroes ever get, so Reynolds has a point in that regard. Now everyone just has to wait for the latter to actually move forward out of development limbo - and unfortunately, that could take a while.

Green Lantern, however, is due out in theaters this summer on June 17th. We'll keep you posted on Deadpool's progress.

Source: The Daily Blam!, Empire

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