Ryan Reynolds Promises an 'Epic Cable' in Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds is convinced after filming with Josh Brolin in the past week that his co-star is "going to be an epic Cable." Perhaps the character fans are anticipating more than the titular character in the Deadpool sequel is Cable, especially since Brolin has been hyping his forthcoming turn as the character ever since he was cast in the coveted role in April.

Documenting his transformation to the famed Marvel character through several social media posts, Brolin has even gone so far as to playfully strip down to nothing to show off the chiseled physique he's bringing to the set every day.

Apparently Brolin's intense physical and mental preparation is paying off, and it's being felt by Reynolds during filming. In an interview with Fandango for his upcoming action comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Reynolds gave an update on Deadpool and Cable's head-to-head encounters on-set, where the famed comic book frenemies are apparently matching both wits and muscle. Reynolds says:

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“I think it’s going to be very interesting. I’ve spent this last week on the business end of many Josh Brolin punches. Both verbal and physical and literal and it’s going to be pretty fantastic. He’s going to be epic. He’s going to be an epic Cable.”

It's obviously great news to hear that Reynolds is happy with Brolin's portrayal of Cable, and his encouraging words about his co-star cleary echoes the sentiments of Deadpool 2 director David Leitch – who said in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con that he "couldn't be happier" with what Brolin has brought to the film in the few weeks he's been on the production. There's a good reason Leitch should be enthusiastic about Brolin: He's clearly one of the most buzzed about actors in the business right now, especially given the fact that he's also playing the pivotal role of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

Of course, the next big step for all parties involved will be the actual reveal of Cable, which fans have to believe is shortly on the horizon after Reynolds introduced Zazie Beetz in costume as Domino in an online post on Monday.

Featuring Beetz's Domino casually laying on a "red carpet" (actually, an empty Deadpool suit), it will be interesting to see what sort of creative way Reynolds will cook up to to reveal Brolin in the guise of Cable. However long it may be, the long-anticipated Cable photo is sure to stir up another online frenzy among fans as they wait for the release of Deadpool 2, which is still 10 months away.

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Source: Fandango

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