Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Will Smash The Fourth Wall

The folks over at Empire caught up with Canadian star Ryan Reynolds at the London press event for his recent comedy The Proposal where he stars alongside Sandra Bullock and got a little update on his Deadpool project.

Deadpool, the quickly greenlit spinoff to this summer’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine is Ryan Reynolds’ dream project where he can finally make what he wished for leading up to his on-screen debut in character as Wade Wilson.

Unfortunately, the character he finally got to play was completely misused by the filmmakers to the dismay of comic fans everywhere but Reynolds was incredible in the few scenes he had as Wade Wilson (the man who later becomes Deadpool).

As you no doubt already know, Reynolds was happy at the opportunity to play the character even though he and the fans knew he wasn’t being utilized well in the movie - this was evident in his many interviews leading up to the film's release. The good news though is that it led to him getting his own spinoff where he could finally bring to the screen what he and Deadpool fans love about the comics.

He's already stated that we'll be seeing the true and complete Deadpool costume from the comics and that the movie will be heavily based on how the character is portrayed in the books. Today, we can report that he’s gone another step forward and confirmed that he will in fact be breaking the fourth wall in the movie.

“Break the fourth wall? Oh yeah, he’s got to. I want to see him break the Great Wall."

In the books, the mostly-insane Deadpool knows full well that he is a character in the comic book and he communicates directly to them throughout the stories in his infamous yellow dialogue boxes. The “fourth wall” terminology originates from old stage shows where it refers to the imaginary wall facing the audience.

Now we know for sure that in the movie, Reynolds will be talking to us who are watching in our theater seats.

Good! I love the guy and I want him to talk to me. Many others seemingly do as well since Deadpool was voted as the most wanted spinoff/sequel to the Wolverine origins film in a recent poll by MTV. Continue to Page 2 for the second half of this article...

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