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We here at Screen Rant are big supporters of the Deadpool movie, which has been in the works for awhile now, and we were extremely happy when our friends over at Cinema Blend recently reviewed the script for Deadpool and came back saying that the movie was going to have all the violence, laughs and 4th wall-breaking antics fans of the Merc With a Mouth have always been demanding from a cinematic adaptation of the character.

Ryan Reynolds - the man who is widely regarded as THE guy to play Deadpool - recently opened up to Total Film Magazine about the Deadpool script, and echoed the very same praise for the movie which has been circling the Net.

Check out the quotes from Reynolds:

"The script is going to be a little harder. If you were going to assign a rating, the comic books at PG-13, the script right now is walking a tightrope between that and a R rating."

The fourth wall is broken many times in the movie-- and it's important that we do so. I can't emphasize enough how closely the tone of the comic is being followed in the film script. But it's a nasty piece of work and that's what's important."

All good stuff that basically echoes what was described in the Deadpool script review (which, by the way, you need to check out if you haven't already). It seems that screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) are truly distilling the core essence of what made Deadpool such a cult-fave among comic book fanboys.  It's also good to see that - despite the fact that a Deadpool movie is risky venture from a box office $tandpoint - the creative forces behind the film are hedging their bets that an authentic take on character could be just as popular as the alternative.

However, if there is one thing that I take away from this latest update on Deadpool, it's a sense of cautious optimism: hearing Ryan Reynolds talk about the quality of the script tells me that he's still very much invested (or at least interested) in the project, which is extremely good, since I consider myself to be in the camp of those who believe that it has to be Reynolds who dons the iconic red and black eye mask to crack wise while killing the bad (and good) guys.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool Reboot

Of course, Reynolds is now locked into Warner Bros.' Green Lantern franchise so his ability to add Deadpool to his schedule is going to be a tricky tightrope to walk. After all, Green Lantern isn't going to jet set around the world promoting itself..

Still, true fans of the Merc With a Mouth are holding out hope that this latest script gets the go-ahead, that Reynolds manages to hop onboard, and that a visionary genre film director like Robert Rodriguez is seated in the director's chair. Fingers crossed.

No word yet on if and when Deadpool will start shooting, or when it's aiming to hit theaters. We'll keep you updated.

Source: Total Film via Cinema Blend

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