Ryan Reynolds Promises 'Crazy Reaction' If Deadpool Nominated For Oscars

Ryan Reynolds discusses Deadpool's chances of earning a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, teasing a 'crazy reaction video' if that happens.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for GQ

Deadpool is a movie that has delivered one surprise after another. After blasting its way through the box office and becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all-time, the film has become something of a dark horse on the awards circuit. It began when Deadpool and star Ryan Reynolds picked up key nominations at the Golden Globes and the accolades haven't stopped since. In the past few weeks, Deadpool has been recognized by the Writers Guild (Best Adapted Screenplay) and the Producers Guild (Best Picture), becoming the most critically-acclaimed comic book adaptation since The Dark Knight. After all Reynolds and the team went through to get Deadpool made, this is sweet vindication.

The movie's emergence as an awards contender has some hoping that Deadpool can go all the way and earn a Best Picture nomination at this year's Academy Awards. Though the chances of that happening are low, there's no denying that the film has found a great deal of support within the industry, and it could very well break through in a few categories. Should Academy members need any inspiration to cast a vote for the Merc With a Mouth, Reynolds has something very special planned in the event Deadpool is in the running for the top prize.

While on THR's Awards Chatter podcast, Reynolds discussed Deadpool's Oscar chances and how he would celebrate should it find a way to break through:

If it does end up in that category [Best Picture], I think that’s kind of a cool moment, for not just us, but for everybody — for the people that went to see the movie, the people that made the movie, the studio, even the Academy. I don’t think that any superhero film has ever really broken that glass ceiling, so it would be nice to see one like Deadpool do it. And I can certainly promise one f---ing crazy reaction video online. In the Deadpool suit. Guaranteed.

Deadpool Oscar

In the previous 88 years of the Oscars, no superhero film has been nominated for Best Picture. Even the best ones have struggled to find any love outside of the usual technical categories that tentpoles typically dominate. One of the few exceptions was the aforementioned Dark Knight, which earned Heath Ledger a slew of posthumous Best Supporting Actor awards - but still came up short in Best Picture. The Oscars can now nominate as many as 10 films in the category, but as Reynolds says, that glass ceiling remains intact waiting for the one that can smash through. People have been underestimating Deadpool since it was first announced, so it would only be fitting if it broke new ground for the industry.

Reynolds stopped short of saying what his reaction video would entail, obviously saving it as a surprise for everyone. Hopefully he gets a chance to share it with the world, and if Deadpool manages any nominations, fans should expect Wade Wilson to weigh in on the turn of events (even if it goes home empty-handed in Best Picture). Fox has done their part campaigning, placing Deadpool at the top of their For Your Consideration page online. The onus is now on the Academy members, who could very well surprise. After all, who thought Mad Max: Fury Road was going to be their cup of tea last year?

Source: THR

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