Ryan Reynolds' Josh Brolin Birthday Celebration Is Classic Deadpool

As Josh Brolin's muscular Cable prepares to butt heads with the sass-mouthed Deadpool in Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds is celebrating his costar's 50th birthday in true Wade Wilson style.

The great casting race to see who could be playing the time-traveling Cable was one of the hottest in Hollywood. However, beating the likes of Brad Pitt, Stephen Lang, and Michael Shannon, Brolin is the one sticking on a mechanical arm to suit up for David Leitch's sequel. With the likes of Leitch himself praising Brolin's performance as Cable, his arrival on our screens is one of the most anticipated comic book movie roles in recent memory. As a battle of the egos, fans can't wait to see Cable and the titular Deadpool team up in movie form, but it appears that behind-the-scenes, Brolin and Reynolds are more than just colleagues.

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Taking to Instagram, Reynolds is celebrating Brolin's birthday as only the Merc with the Mouth could. You may remember that Bob Ross-inspired teaser for Deadpool 2; well, it looks like Reynolds is back to show off his artistic flair again:

Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don’t taste a day over 40.

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Featuring a fresh look at Cable, Deadpool's creative interpretation looks like the ultimate throwback to celebrate 50 years of Brolin. For those who don't get the connection, the painting is Brolin's legendary role in Richard Donner's The Goonies from 1985. As Brolin's first screen credit, his performance as Brandon "Brand" Walsh cemented him as a Hollywood tough guy that he has clearly taken with him into later life.

In addition to providing a new look at Cable, Reynolds' post could also have another meaning. Captioning the picture “Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don’t taste a day over 40," the "Bright Eye" moniker could be Deadpool's new nickname for Cable in the sequel due to his cybernetic eye. Deadpool himself is known for his comedic style and breaking the fourth wall, so it looks like a little of him has leaked through into Reynolds' day-to-day life. Both actors have a tit-for-tat relationship, with Brolin recently mocking Reynolds' physique as Deadpool 2 heads back for reshoots.

Cable and Deadpool share a particularly complex relationship in the comics, so it is unclear how/if they will become friends during Deadpool 2. Even after the action-packed Deadpool, Meet Cable trailer, the plot of the sequel remains largely under wraps. However, we have gotten a tease of Cable setting up his Six Pack and the X-Force spin-off movie, as well as a clever jibe at Brolin playing Thanos in the MCU. Even with Deadpool and Cable being best-known as frenemies on the page, we're sure that a blossoming bromance akin to Reynolds and Brolin's will have formed by the time the credits roll.

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