Ryan Reynolds Offers 'Green Lantern 2' & 'Deadpool' Updates

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Those who didn't get their Ryan Reynolds fix from Green Lantern can amend the situation by checking him (and the movie) out in The Change-Up this Friday (look for our review later this week).

Comic book fans are likely more interested in hearing about two upcoming Reynolds-centric projects - Green Lantern 2 and Deadpool. According to the actor, he's still hopeful about getting to play Wade Wilson onscreen (again), but doesn't know yet whether he'll be donning CGI green duds as Hal Jordan for a second time.

Next on the agenda for Reynolds is the Dark Horse comic book adaptation, R.I.P.D. Afterwards, he may be teaming up with visual effects artist-turned-director Tim Miller on Deadpool, which will be a "total reboot" of the title character, following his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Reynolds told MTV that the Deadpool movie is still "in development," but that he doesn't expect to have to choose between starring in that or the R.I.P.D. adaptation. Even if that were the case, it's pretty obvious which flick most fans would want Reynolds to move forward with.

(Hint: It's not the one with undead cops and evil Kevin Bacon, as much fun as that sounds).

Zombieland duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are scripting the Deadpool movie, which is expected to retain the same elements (4th wall-breaking humor, graphic violence, etc.) that have earned the anti-hero a strong following from comic book readers. Miller is an untested talent in the area of directing, but his technical expertise should ensure that Deadpool will at least look and sound up to scratch.

Green Lantern 2

Ryan Reynolds is Sad in Green Lantern

Despite recent word from Warner Bros. studio heads about a darker and edgier Green Lantern 2 being in development, Reynolds isn't so sure he'll be reprising his turn as daredevil test pilot-turned-intergalactic defender of justice, Hal Jordan, in the followup. Here's what he told MTV, specifically:

"I have no idea, that's not up to me. I don't write those checks. And if I did I certainly wouldn't be standing on a red carpet, I would be sunning myself somewhere... There are infinite [possibilities for a Green Lantern sequel]. 70 years of history there, you could go anywhere."

A mid-credits scene in Green Lantern set the stage for a sequel that revolves around Sinestro (Mark Strong), but it's possible the next Lantern pic will ignore that plot thread - and end up being a partial franchise reboot, along the lines of next year's Ghost Rider 2. Heck, for all we know at this point, it could even end up featuring one of the other human Green Lanterns (like Alan Scott or Kyle Rayner) as its protagonist!

Arguably, though, the problems with the Hal Jordan character in Green Lantern had less to do with how Reynolds played him and more with how he was (poorly) written. So long as the screenplay for the sequel does a much-improved job of encompassing the Lantern mythology (among other things) there's no reason why Reynolds shouldn't be brought back.


We'll keep you posted on the status of both Deadpool and Green Lantern 2, as more information is released.

Source: MTV

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