Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool' Not Connected to 'X-Men Origins'; Talks 'Green Lantern 2'

deadpool no longer connected to x-men wolverine origins

The cinematic adaptation of Marvel's Deadpool has been stuck in development hell for some time now, a situation that doesn't seem likely to immediately improve now that the character's intense popularity has begun to wear off.

Still, Ryan Reynolds (who has been doing the rounds for Safe House) is optimistic that it'll get made eventually.

In a recent interview, he talked about the proposed film -- which apparently no longer has any connection to X-Men Origins: Wolverine – and discussed whether or not we'll see a sequel to 2011's greatest superhero flop, Green Lantern.

On the quality of Deadpool's current screenplay, courtesy of IGN, Reynolds said:

"The script, I think, is fantastic. It has been developed even further in the last three months or so. The film has to be rated R, and it has to be done a certain way, it has to do all these things that I am sure can worrisome for the guys cutting the checks for it. So if it's going to be done, it needs to be done right."

The Cast of X-Men Origins Wolverine

On Deadpool's connection (or lack thereof) to the much maligned Wolverine origin:

"[Deadpool] will actually have no connection to the one that was in Wolverine."

Reynolds didn't expand on why there will be no connection to Wolverine, but savvy fans can probably figure it out on their own: 1) Despite making bank, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not considered by many to be a beloved film (which is probably why The Wolverine has tried to distance itself as much as possible) and 2) the Deadpool that featured in the film was almost nothing like the comic book character that inspired him.

On the chances of Green Lantern 2 coming to fruition:

"I have no idea [about the chances of a 'Green Lantern 2']. Those movies have huge scale budgets and those kinds of things. Working in budget world like that is not fun, because you have a lot of investment and outcome. But if we end up doing a 'Deadpool' movie that could be a lot of fun."

It sounds like Reynolds has already gone through the five stages of grief with regard to Green Lantern.  Also, his talk of "huge scale budgets" and "investment" implies he knows more than he's telling, and it doesn't bode well for the chances of a sequel anytime soon.

Lastly, on Deadpool's rating, when/if it ever gets made, Ryan Reynolds said:

"Having the opportunity to do it rated R would be the budget would have to be down enough where you can afford to take big risks and do most things that superhero movies can't do yet."

Blade proved that R-rated action-superhero films can be successful, so hopefully the filmmakers will take a similar route.

Safe House is in theaters now. Stay tuned for more Deadpool and Green Lantern 2 news as it develops.


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Source: IGN

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